Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       1 Muluc, 2 Kank'in, 12 Manik        

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you. In the past few messages, we gave you some additional insights into the many secret events that are in the process of manifesting before you. Our Earth allies are a diverse coalition of groups and individuals from across the planet. The great amount of work needed to weld them into a formidable unit has indeed taken time. Another time-absorbing factor has been the challenge of the huge, slow, and creaky machinery of international finance. An enormous number of obstacles in this area were overcome. The greatest of which was the fact that the Anunnaki and their earthly minions made international money transfers a primary source of their income. They set up headquarters in major financial centers like London, New York, and Hong Kong to supervise and ensure that a maximum income was gleaned from these operations. They then intended to use this system at a given time to control and direct the operation of their 'one world order'.

      The multinational global economy first established in the late 1950s was manipulated by the Anunnaki's minions to support a number of key corporations. These companies' main purpose was to dovetail and thereby support and promote several carefully chosen, or 'preferred', technological discoveries. Each technology, whether applied in the agriculture, transportation, electronics, or petroleum industry, was inexorably bent to the will of a few secret rulers, the Anunnaki's earthly minions. These now-interlocking corporations ultimately were to be controlled by the reorganized, global financial and banking industry. This financial sector was therefore pivotal to the Anunnaki's plans for the creation, before the turn of the millennium, of a dictatorial one world order. However, the Anunnaki suddenly abandoned their dark projects in 1995 and decided to join the Light. They thereby short-circuited their earthly minions' plans to complete their part of this process by the end of 1996. Instead, a massive power-struggle arose, which is still reverberating across the globe.

      The crucial element in this clandestine struggle became the global banking and finance industry. Ironically, this was the same group charged long ago by Saint Germain with carrying out the last edicts of his world trust. Clearly, something had to give. Three major contestants vied for control of this industry during the last years of the 20th century: the two dominant remnants of the Anunnaki's earthly minions and a third element, consisting of groups dedicated to the Light and the liaison teams assigned to them by our First Contact Team. Our divine supervisors were the Ascended Masters. Working together, this Light group was able to gather enough 'converts' to deal a crippling blow to the dark plans of the two earthly minion cabals. Suddenly, the third group became a force to be reckoned with. As a result, and after the Agreements of 1998 were signed, a series of intense negotiations between the three groups began. By mid-2000, a general plan of action was for the most part agreed to by all sides. It seemed as if the victory clandestinely sought for the last two years was finally close at hand.

      This agreement was to go into effect by the spring of 2001. It allowed for the abundance programs to be distributed and thereby, signal an end to the creation of a one world order. The new global vision specified cooperation, peace, diversity, and above all sovereignty and the unalienable rights of every citizen. Unfortunately, one of the earthly minion's cabals centered in North America saw this as an opportunity to be exploited. Despite orally affirming and signing these agreements, they secretly decided to proceed with their scheme for world domination. The key was to capture the 2000 elections and use this cover to consolidate their plans for a one world order. At first, this cabal was successful, but the increasing numbers of adherents to the 1998 Agreements began to isolate them from their former allies. By the late summer of 2001, this growing group was prepared to oust this cabal from power. What this cabal needed was an incident so shocking it would provide the conditions necessary for it to regain its former supremacy.

      The terrible events of September 11th worked like a charm. The cabal's objectives were initially realized. Our Earth allies were stunned that this group actually went through with such a traitorous attack on its own citizens. Special Galactic Federation teams were assigned to monitor this event and ensure that the extent of this tragedy be somewhat limited. The Ascended Masters used their great abilities to create a huge reservoir of Love. This energy was picked up by you and enormously amplified. These global waves of Love stunned this dark cabal and gave our Earth allies the courage to regroup and continue on their path to victory. This Love energy permitted us to put a damper on this cabal's attempts to commit further acts of incomprehensible terrorism on its own people. This cabal's aggressive foreign policy aimed at world domination went forward. It backfired as a long list of former cohorts changed sides and joined the Light. Now a careful search for moles and quislings in the world financial community began at last.

      This investigation still continues. The financial community is now largely devoid of followers of this last cabal. Nonetheless, a number of moles are probably still undiscovered. Our Earth allies dearly wish to take full responsibility for this procedure which is why they have requested our help in only a few instances. Nevertheless, the status of the abundance programs is sound. Many years of seemingly unending paperwork have been completed. During this time, the abundance funds have grown and Saint Germain is confident that all is now ready. A few loose ends involving some requisite military and allied governmental operations are currently being tidied up. Soon, all will suddenly manifest before you, and we are looking forward to the great joy that these actions will bring.

      The last dark cabal in charge of the North American government is growing more and more desperate. Its leaders realize that their ability to fund its operations is decreasing by the day. A number of important groups within this cabal's core are abandoning the cause. The large number of immoral acts carried out by this cabal is finally taking its toll. Many of its former supporters have lost their zeal for what it will take to stay in power. Disclosures about what is truly happening overseas are starting to filter through and leave a bad taste in the mouth of many former influential supporters. These are now aiding our cause hastening the coming removal of this cabal from power. These events are an amazing example of how powerful the positive energies of the Light can be.

      As we await the final strokes leading us to victory, it is necessary to remain patient and committed to our joint success. Many groups are now planning to carry out the final actions. During this pivotal time, it is vital that you stay focused. Be ready to do what is necessary to ensure this victory achieves all of its noble purposes. This time is a most interesting and a most crucial moment in history. Brave men and women are preparing to complete a 'quiet revolution'. This revolution will have little meaning if you do not follow through on your determination to speak out and make sure that the first aspects of this enormous change in your global society is indeed successful. This success involves more than a change of government. It requires the spreading of Freedom, abundant Prosperity, and above all global Peace and Cooperation. Remember, Together We are Victorious!

      Today, we have looked at more of the history behind what is about to occur. This process is the first grand step in a transition between the world you currently inhabit and a new one starting to manifest before you. We ask you to discern these Truths and use these revelations to do your part in forging your grand destiny! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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