Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       7 Ik, 15 Mac, 12 Manik        

Greetings, dear Hearts! We arrive again with more to discuss with you. At present, your world is on the verge of a 'quiet revolution' that will push your last dark cabal from power. This operation is approaching its point of manifestation. Meanwhile, some major changes are close to happening in your solar system. It is important to view what is now occurring to your reality as being part of a greater process. Heaven and the divine plan are subtly directing this 'greater process'. Your solar system remains unique. It once had four water worlds, each containing complex and highly diversified ecosystems. Your planet, Mother Earth, is now the only one left with this wondrous ecosystem still largely intact. Our task has been to return these planets to their former states. Mars, the furthest along, has vast inner-world oceans and seas teeming with life. And its remaining primitive atmosphere is still able to support certain life forms on its surface. When appropriate, our science teams can easily restore her surface oceans and seas and a dense, vibrant atmosphere to her external world.

      Venus, like Mars, has a subterranean world. Remember that all planets are hollow with their own central sun at their core. This means that Venus' ecosystem is still vibrant and many unusual life forms can be found within her. Unlike Mars, however, the process for terra-forming your sister world is a little more complicated. Our scientists assure us, nonetheless, that this procedure can be accomplished quite swiftly. A key determinant in these operations is your Sun whose present prolonged hyperactivity is caused by the need to re-calibrate your solar system to much higher frequencies. As her re-balancing proceeds, it alters her three remaining water worlds, causing an increase in quakes and volcanism and changing the circulation pattern of each planet's atmosphere. This re-balancing is also forming new alignments between the various asteroid fragments-the remains of the forth water world-that comprise the Asteroid Belt. In short, your four water worlds are beginning to be returned to their original, pristine states.

      Our mission on your world is to watch over a variety of events now clandestinely underway. Your last cabal is a complex monster. It has tentacles and spies everywhere. Its ability to counter many past strategies by our Earth allies has led to the present state of high secrecy. Ultimately this illegal regime will fall. The final steps required are currently underway. This joint financial, governmental, and military operation is very intricate. Coordinating its vast, global resources has been difficult for our Earth allies. Hence, we greatly appreciate their willingness to avail themselves of our 'good offices'. Our diplomatic and liaison teams are very busy making sure that this event comes off as planned. Yet, many of you wonder why all this is taking so long to implement. To begin with, it required many years to develop the requisite trust between various governments in order to create a new world banking system. The stage is presently set for a new system to arise out of the disaster that is now your international banking system.

      An equal time-span was required to shepherd the many abundance programs to their present pre-distribution mode. The security of these programs is ultimately the responsibility of both this newly formed banking system and those sections of the military assigned to these tasks. Once again, our assistance was needed to bring these elements together in order to formulate a workable strategy. This also required the approval of the many international jurists assigned to the proper implementation of the 1998 Agreements. This need for proper legal procedure inevitably produced delays. Another vital requirement is the restoration of the unalienable rights of your world's citizens. This process likewise is lengthy and filled with numerous sudden 'surprises'. These endeavors put all of us to the test and proved the enormous dedication of each contingent of our Earth allies. We gratefully acknowledge the courage and perseverance of all concerned, as well as their great commitment to our joint success.

      The process of ousting this dark cabal from power has needed a long incubation period. Many military and governmental elements, which had pledged themselves to this operation required time to build mutual trust and believe that such desperate undertakings were indeed necessary. The unrelenting and ill-advised aggressive stance of this cabal in the Middle East and its continual over-extending of its armed forces made the military contingent quite leery of this cabal. But, it was the unconscionable actions of this regime carried out against its own citizens during the events called 9/11 that convinced our military allies of the indisputable need to push them from power. As these coalitions came together an overall strategy became vital. Many planning sessions ensued where options were endlessly debated and then changed. This prolonged this operation's completion. Now, we have reached a point where a final series of sessions is occurring; and we are very close to making history.

      Furthermore, a special global committee is being created to enact a number of important humanitarian programs. These will clear developing countries of their increasing burdens of debt and ensure that all their citizens are fed, clothed, properly housed, and educated. These programs are designed to bring these nations into alignment with a more humanitarian global community and to set up the conditions that assure all the world's citizens of their basic, unalienable rights. This group, like the others we described, has also had great difficulty in seeing its goals successfully implemented. International debt forgiveness and a dedication to basic, unalienable human rights is vital to our success. We are happy that substantial progress is now being made.

      One final aspect of all this is most dear to our hearts: the formal announcement ending the so-called 'UFO cover-up'. We will at last receive recognition and be allowed to make known the whole truth about what has been happening. We will be able to explain the great shift in consciousness that you are going through. We can then reveal the time frame given to us by Heaven and become part of the program that will be set up by the Ascended Masters. They are ready to implement a program, provided for them by Heaven that can restore you rapidly to full consciousness. This will take place once the restoration of your environment has been successfully completed. We know that your period of getting to know one another and the undertaking of your Earth stewardship will be most enlightening for you all. Then comes the Joy of full consciousness.

      As you can see, much is happening on your world and much is being planned. The critical element is for you to remain fully focused upon a triumphant outcome. Know that many groups and individuals are working together for your success. This will bring with it many responsibilities and a high level of activity. Use the present to prepare each other to act once the above events take place. It is important, dear Hearts, to be emotionally and mentally prepared. Be ever grateful to those Beings both on the Earth plane and in the surrounding dimensions who are fully dedicated to your success. We thank all of you for your continued patience. Remember, Together We are Victorious!

      Today, we have described some of what is happening on your world and in this solar system. We ask you to stay committed to this noble cause. Know that numerous events are close. The time for our great celebration swiftly draws near. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)