Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       9 Cauac, 12 Yax,12 Manik        

Greetings, dear Hearts! We come before you again! Your reality is, as always, in transition, and this is happening simultaneously on many levels: the seen and the unseen. The latter is by far the more important. Not only behind closed doors, but also deep within the tiniest structures of your body, immense changes are taking place. These alterations are mutating your physical body's base frequencies ever upward. Likewise, negotiations taking place behind closed doors around your globe are changing the way in which your society and its vast, accrued resources are to be restructured. Your world possesses sufficient resources, as well as secret, esoteric technologies to abundantly feed, house, and clothe every person on your planet. The fact that this is not being done is the legacy of those who have long ruled your world. This group of powerful persons, and the organizations that represent their interests, is now close to collapse. In a last effort to retain a slipping hold on the reins of power, they have set up a desperate stranglehold on your world's daily transference of funds and other needed resources.

      These obstacles were effected in order to demonstrate to all those working for their imminent demise that this last cabal still retains its power base. However, it rather served to demonstrate to large sections of the world's governments and many prominent and wealthy citizens who the 'terrorists' really are. The continuing, planet-wide struggle has thus been greatly intensified and therefore we would like, today, to examine this situation in more detail. To begin with, you need to understand the complex interactions of a large number of important groups and how they work either with, or against, each other. The crucial collective is the illuminoids, the Anunnaki's former Earth minions. This ruling caste was infiltrated many millennia ago by Heaven, who set up families-royal and non-royal-that were guided by the Light and wanted to see an end to their secret rule. As noted in a previous report, the Anunnaki's agenda was to perpetrate and encourage continuous infighting within the ranks. Despite these adverse conditions, many within these groups still secretly sought a way to unify themselves globally in order to defeat their off-world masters.

      Consequently, conspiracies were the order of the day in the bizarre, secret world of the Illuminoids. These long prevented a successful coup being attempted against their dark over-lords. It was only in the last two centuries that it appeared possible for such a dangerous rebellion to succeed. The new banking and monetary systems were making it necessary for the various illuminoid groups to cooperate on levels never before possible-or indeed allowed by the Anunnaki. This meant that liberation plots were better disguised and more fully implemented. The growing sense of rebellion was well hidden under the cover of apparent increasing support for the Anunnaki. Then the Light groups, long hidden within these interlocking nests of cruel vipers, got wind of these developments and created a plan to advance their own agenda. This was to remain hidden while sowing the seeds for a futile rebellion. This would be able to incur the savage revenge of the Anunnaki, giving Heaven and her Ascended Masters the chance to become more involved in deciding the fate of Mother Earth and her peoples.

     By the turn of the Twentieth Century, a covert struggle for ascendancy began between the many factions of the world's illuminoids. This struggle was underscored by two global conflicts and a great depression largely instigated to enrich their war chests and disguise the truth behind what was happening. Many leading illuminoid families were now breaking down into smaller groups and conspiracies for control of your major governments ensued. By 1945, these groups were able to realign into a few warring camps and begin a final struggle to unify their various global resources. This last prerequisite was accomplished in the 1950s with contact with a number of dark off-worlders. They seemed the ally needed for the success of their rebellion. Meanwhile, Heaven, as well as the Anunnaki, were closely observing what was going on.

      This coming Earth rebellion was covered up by means of a so-called 'cold war' that allowed many top-secret, military projects to be safely disguised and permitted the underlying cooperation between the major superpower's controlling families to be kept from the public. A number of important alliances were being formed to allow new, secret technologies to be tested and then formally stockpiled. Mind-control and other exotic weaponry were coming on line. By the early 1960s, it seemed clear that a timetable for this rebellion could at last be set up. These groups came together over the next decade to establish the final details for their plan of action. At the same time, the various Light-oriented families were formulating their own countermeasures.

      Over the same period, the Anunnaki were caught up in a vast struggle of their own for control of their ruling council. Direct interference by certain dark empires of the Anchara Alliance had brought a number of old issues to the forefront including the strategy of Anu and the various members of his family. The ruling council feared that, by permitting a more direct contact between the Anchara Alliance and the Earth illuminoids, an undesirable precedent was being set. It soon became clear that a new strategy was needed. The resulting questions pitted the many Anunnaki families against each other, and a mini rebellion was soon underway. It seemed that the Earth minions had indeed picked a most advantageous moment for their own rebellion.

      The Light-oriented illuminoid families devised a plan to set up a number of monetary programs, and to seek a more open alliance with the forces of Light. It was also decided to enlarge their membership. With this in mind, they approached those groups within the illuminoid families who seemed most likely to cooperate. This led to a broader coalition by the end of the 1970s. At the same time, this Light coalition was able to insert a number of "moles" into the darkest, illuminoid groups. This permitted them to learn about the schedule for the start of the rebellion. The 1980s and 1990s were the proposed timeframe. The first step was planned to coincide with the return of Halley's comet. It was to be a false 'alien invasion' done to provide a reason to set up global Marshal Law. But the intervention of the Galactic Federation scuttled these initial plans.

      As you view this brief history, it is important to understand that what is unfolding is taking place on many levels. These events dovetail with one another for a divine reason. The time has now come to transform your global reality and to set in motion events that permit each 'ruling' group to show its true colors. Hence, your society has undergone a series of important changes which acted as catalysts for what is now occurring. What is currently needed is a new operational paradigm for all concerned ? the secret ruling families as well as yourselves. You need to become truly sovereign and truly free in order to take on the many vital responsibilities necessary for reforming your society and taking care of Mother Earth. These responsibilities go beyond saving the environment or creating a harmonious world. They concern a huge shift in consciousness and the collective acceptance of a vastly expanded paradigm.

      Today, we discussed come of the ways in which you are being divinely prepared for your new reality. The historical events of your last two centuries will need to be re-evaluated in ways that may now seem to be absurd to you. It is vital that you are non-judgmental about what is transpiring around you. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)