9D Perspective on Election 2004 and Beyond
by Jelaila Starr
written September 10, 2004

A few nights ago, as I sat watching news footage of the Republican convention, I was saddened and angered to see people being escorted in handcuffs out of the convention hall for protesting President Bush's candidacy, and to hear that over a thousand people had been arrested.  One would think that this happened because they broke the rules of legal protest, but the sad reality is that people are being prevented from expressing their first amendment rights even when they have observed public protesting guidelines. I've received personal accounts from individuals in the trenches letting me know that they have followed protocol as spelled out to them by officials at these events and still they have been hauled away. In the past people would be detained and fined, but now they are being arrested, fingerprinted and criminally booked for expressing their views.

Then, seeing the battalions of police outside the convention hall...a greater number than in previous electoral events, was quite unsettling.  I've done my research thanks to the Internet and to hearing personal accounts from those involved in these proceedings and I can see the writing on the wall. Watching the televised happenings at the Republican convention only served to confirm what I'd learned.

Our country, though not officially declared as such, has become a police state via the establishment of the Homeland Security office post the incident on 9/11.  We have not only lost many of our rights, thanks to the passing of the Patriot Act, but can now be detained indefinitely without a trial if we are suspected of being a "threat" to national security. In addition, this act further threatens our civil liberties by granting government access to personal information for the same cause. On the surface it may appear that it is to our benefit, but it doesn't take much to imagine how decreased privacy of personal information can be misused to encroach on the civil rights of each individual.

Along with this trend to "protect" our nation, budgets have increased for the implementation of HAARP, the scalar or ELF wave technology project that even now is being used over large areas of our country. One of the possible uses of this scalar technology, besides that of affecting weather patterns and decimation of organic life when used in combat, is mind control of the masses. Scalar has the ability to manipulate electromagnetic and biochemical fields in the environment to the point where it can influence the masses into collective feelings of depression, apathy, complacency and subsequent mindless consumption. This technology has the potential ability to turn us into unquestioning robots.

Just the thought of it all strikes terror in my heart. It appears that we are repeating the past all over again but through the added dehumanization and infiltration of our increased technology  Yes, there are those who say this is not so, but all we have to do is open our eyes.  The evidence and effects of nefarious use of technology are all around us, as well as the fact that those in control are making questionable decisions when it concerns the public's well being. What is wrong with this picture?

Homeland Security a recreation of the German 3rd Reich Gestapo?

If we continue to keep our heads down in fear, too busy struggling in our personal and financial affairs to notice the staggeringly increasing governmental control, then we can guarantee the rise of another reich or reign of terror. If we follow the pattern that we are leading right now, at the onset of another extreme event, such as a terrorist attack, it's not hard to imagine that the remainder of our freedoms will be revoked and martial law will ensue under the guise of ensuring our "protection." We will see the rise of the 4th Reich and this will, thanks to the discovery of scalar wave technology (HAARP), be much worse.  And though, unlike the German people in the late 1930s, we have the Internet to inform us, that knowledge will not help us when we are mind-controlled to obey, or too emotionally drained to care, which is what scalar technology can do.

Perhaps the reason why people don't do the research is because once they discover that a plan has been in place to eventually turn Earth's population into an enslaved race, linked into a master computer, our future looks pretty bleak with no way out. We, the people, are hopelessly outmanned and outgunned, so to speak, by those who control this country and our world or are we?

The Higher Perspective

If we can step back, or up in this case, and observe our world from a higher perspective, we will see that all these events, a policed election, the loss of our rights, and HAARP, are all part of a greater plan at work. We are at the end of a grand cycle of evolution where we must make a choice.  We either move up to the next level through ascending our consciousness and our planet, or face destruction. It's at this point that things really heat up.  It's all part of the process of ascension and we, the people, are the co-creators. Through our choices, individually and collectively we bring forth increased amounts of Light, but, at the same time create more potent manifestations of the Dark. Now why would we want to increase the Dark on our world? That's where most of us have missed the boat. We have been taught that the Dark is bad and has no value but from the Higher Perspective, it does. We create the Dark manifestations in order to act as a catalyst to keep us moving forward. We learn through the pain, pain is the great teacher; it shows us what we want by experiencing the consequences of what we don't want.  Once we understand this universal principle, a principle of compassion, we can begin to change the reality that we now see.

The Inner Technology

The second thing we can do is learn how to use our Inner Technology and begin doing so now.  There is a saying, "We create our own reality." It is through our Inner Technology that we do so and now, thanks to recent breakthroughs, that can be medically and scientifically proven. It has been discovered that the heart has its own neural network. This neural net interfaces with our reality, i.e., the morphogenetic field or mass consciousness.  The morphogenetic field acts as a reflector or mirror that shows us what we think and feel. Quantum physicists have discovered that this neural network, rather than the one in the brain, is the real controlling factor in influencing the morphogenetic field.  In other words, the brain controls the thoughts but it is those in our heart that are reflected in the mirror.  Thus, what we feel in our hearts, our true intentions and motives, are reflected through the reality that we see. Hence the saying, "We are what we think and we create our own reality."  I can't emphasis that enough.

An example of this is the changes seen in the world when we do a global prayer.  Accidents reduce in number; people stop fighting, and there is more peace in the world as long as the prayer continues. What leader, amount of money, or technology could create that kind and degree of change all over the world in that short space of time? Do you begin to see the power of this Inner Technology that we each carry around inside of us? It's what the ancients have been trying to explain to us. They understood the spiritual and scientific mechanics that together create reality.

If we are willing to step out of our victimhood consciousness including using old ways of dealing with situations based on 3D beliefs, and embrace a higher way of doing things, we can render those in power ineffective. and do so without anger, without lifting a protest sign, or firing a gun.  In fact, we can totally change our world. It just takes going within and using the quantum technology that we have carried around with us since our creation technology intended to be used at this time in our evolution. 

There are those who say that electing Kerry will solve the problem and bring an end to the suffering that President Bush has brought to us, but I don't think it will change anything simply because we have chosen him to play his Dark role to assist us. Changing presidents will not change the mirror.  Kerry will step into that Dark role and continue to play it out on our behalf. Moreover, though I may get a lot of hate mail for saying this, I don't believe that protesting is the answer either.  The fact that more than a thousand people were illegally arrested verifies that. If we all were to decide today to use our Inner Technology and stop focusing on one man and see the bigger picture of our world, the mirror would change dramatically. If we decided to stop blaming our leaders for our co-created situation, and see the value of the roles they are playing to assist our collective ascension, roles that we on a soul level asked them to play, our world would change dramatically.  In a very short time Bush would cease his need for world domination. Homeland Security would be dismantled because there would no longer be a terrorist threat, and HAARP technology would no longer affect us because we would have ascended above it. Our DNA would turn more crystalline, and crystalline DNA is impervious to scalar waves. And finally, there would no longer be a threat of a 4th Reich. People would stop fighting and nations would learn to get along.

Now is the time to make our choice.  Haven't we had enough years, enough centuries to see that our current set of beliefs will only lead to a repeat of the same horrors?  It's time we took a different approach and stepped up to a higher, more integrated and compassionate way of dealing with our creations.  In the end the Dark always serves the Light.  Let's take this opportunity to use the challenges President Bush has given us and using our Inner Technology, change our reality and create the world we desire.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be writing a series of articles in which I will take these threats through the Formula of Compassion, a process that activates the Inner Technology.  I'll begin with President Bush.   You are welcome to pass them along.  If we can get people using them, we will begin seeing the changes.  Remember, our world is our mirror and we change what's in the mirror through our hearts, through the Inner Technology.

In Service,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council

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About the Author
Jelaila Starr messenger from the Galactic Federation?s Nibiruan Council.  She is a gifted channel, teacher and author of We are the Nibiruans and The 7 Multidimensional Keys of Compassion. Through her lectures, workshops, and widely published articles, Jelaila's message has touched the hearts of people around the globe providing hope, inspiration, and understanding.

As a psychic/intuitive counselor, Jelaila works with individuals to assist them with emotional clearing, healing relationships, and DNA Recoding. Jelaila's unique approach enables her clients to clearly discover who they are, what they came to do and how to achieve it.  Jelaila can be reached at (816) 444-4364.  Email: Jelaila@NibiruanCouncil.com - Website: www.nibiruancouncil.com