<Rebecca> OK, fed & watered thanks, big screen & slightly raised vibration. Let's go...
<hugo> Oops, your back
<Mari-Elise> roger, space controll
<Rebecca> Over (but not out!)
<hugo> Over done?
<Mari-Elise> Universal heart meditation has already started
<Rebecca> VERY 0 charcoal fish - not good
<Mari-Elise> with coils this time again?
<hugo> That's what you get with those do-it-your-self diners
<hugo> Already got mine handy
<Rebecca> Speed is of the essence etc.... got my coil candle alight
<hugo> let's find something to focus on for a bit so we get synchronised
<Rebecca> OK, I asked for Ashtar to be present
<Mari-Elise> Do we like to invite more AM's?
<Rebecca> Why not. Jesus with me again
<hugo> Hi dad
<Rebecca> 4 Archangels
<Rebecca> Dad?
<Mari-Elise> wich one?
<hugo> Yep, as Immanuel
<hugo> Ladies present? Nada and mama ashtar invited by me
<Rebecca> Michael Uriel Gabriel
<Mari-Elise> Ariel
<hugo> Greetings all!
<Mari-Elise> As the vibration raises
<hugo> Compassion a good focus-point?
<Rebecca> Asia?
<Mari-Elise> the energies are anchoring to mother Earth
<hugo> Yes,, but also, more global, including after astral planes
<hugo> Good, let's consiously invite her and join with her
<Mari-Elise> Mother Earth please join us and tell us how we can help you in your process
<Rebecca> I can see DNA
<Mari-Elise> shivers
<hugo> reassurance and balancing help
<hugo> rebuild realign?
<Mari-Elise> projecting lightsymbole of mother earth (-hologram)
<hugo> focussing on crystaline heart
<hugo> feel unrest
<Mari-Elise> there is some hurt in it
<Mari-Elise> How is the DNA?
<hugo> smoothing is the key
<Rebecca> Rotating down into the earth & spreading - universal heart energy i think. we're conductors for balancing
<Rebecca> Rotating through us
<hugo> that's what I feel then
<Mari-Elise> asking Lady Nada to send her ray of love light to mother Earth.
<hugo> your very welcome mother
<Mari-Elise> I feel the energy flowing through my body
<Rebecca> It's not our DNA though it's coming through us - universal DNA?
<hugo> angels please give Light
<Mari-Elise> Earth DNA? needs changing too to more strands?
<hugo> Mother Earth's DNA. She's ascending
<hugo> re-activation just like with us
<Mari-Elise> Discription please, there is some weak spot in it what causes lots of pain and unbalances
<Rebecca> We are activating dormant 12 strand in us - so why not - wonder how many she has & needs to update?
<hugo> same I guess, doesn't matter. Technical detail.
<hugo> We need to hold the fort
<Mari-Elise> Changing the ray to the violet one
<hugo> suggestion: add
<Rebecca> Two spirals, as we usually see, but there are 10 strands in each - myulti-coloured
<hugo> I add gold
<hugo> ok
<Mari-Elise> I guess she needs to go to 24 in each spiral
<Rebecca> 24?
<hugo> Let's not loose touch with the feminine female energies here, I feel connection weakening
<hugo> drop tech-details
<hugo> centre on heart
<hugo> re-connect with invited guessts
<Rebecca> looks like a coil I saw last week. Heart, ok
<hugo> thanks
<hugo> I feel water moving, ocean
<hugo> up, down, some splashing of waves
<Rebecca> I'm part of spiral - going down
<Mari-Elise> I stay in the middle anchoring the energies, be the passing door of both earth energies and the universal energies
<Rebecca> Although the spiral moves, there are pulses in spirals
<Mari-Elise> time to add sparkling light to the rays
<hugo> That is the unrest
<Rebecca> Each strand has diff frequency / sound
<Mari-Elise> Quan Yin is invited
<hugo> heal and smooth out
<Rebecca> It's more like they have different jobs, quite beautiful
<hugo> enjoy
<hugo> I invite everyone of all realms to do their thing
<Mari-Elise> Creation is on sound, sound causes movement, movement causes time and distance, time and distance causes creation in matter. Ascending and creation of a new body is under way to manifestation
<hugo> clear
<hugo> let's keep those portals open for a while
<Mari-Elise> busy with it
<hugo> through the heart
<hugo> thanks
<Rebecca> Exactly. They move around a central core of crystalline light - it's moving faster
<hugo> emotion entering stage
<Mari-Elise> Is it already flowering?
<hugo> it needs a Light flush-through
<Mari-Elise> invite one 
<hugo> that's what our beloved invited guestas are doing
<hugo> that's why we need to keep the door open for a bit
<hugo> free will
<Mari-Elise> you may choose what kind of light flush, free will matter
<hugo> I feel job done, thank you dear guests
<hugo> Rebecca, how are things down there?
<Mari-Elise> I got a projection in my third eye, did someone send anything?
<hugo> Not me
<Rebecca> Was given ok to enter core - put arm in & it kind of disintegrated into atoms - still there but non-physical. I'm going to put whole self in
<hugo> take care
<hugo> ME: what did you get?
<Mari-Elise>  okay clear with me, I keep the door open and send you the tools you need. This was what I needed to hear. 
<hugo> I'm putting in a big hug
<Mari-Elise> There is something dissolving, isn't it?
<hugo> becoming like butter
<hugo> Inviting Baba
<Mari-Elise> I am getting help of my father
<hugo> Aum shanti gave funny shivers
<hugo> thanx baba!
<hugo> Re-Back yet?
<Mari-Elise> almost I think
<hugo> got that idea too
<hugo> Take time to adjust
<Mari-Elise> Sitting in lotus posure at the door
<Rebecca> Wierd, like putting face in water. Everything in there was atom-like, including me. Able to manifest anything in there - just hink of something & the atoms pull together into that thing. Manifesting energy /light? maybe thats what mother earth needs - crystalline manifesting suff!
<hugo> Think you might be right.
<Rebecca> Sorry - stuff
<hugo> There should be a cubical computer there who has got our intention stuf
<Mari-Elise> How did you leave it in what kind of structure?
<hugo> Blue thing with an attitude
<Rebecca> Me?
<hugo> Guess so
<Rebecca> Just pulled back out. The light was rushing past me - asked to stay exactly there - didn't want to lose parts of me!
<Mari-Elise> The core, in what kind of structure did you left it? Or when you got out, what kind of structure took it form?
<hugo> asking computer god to connect to crystaline heart of gaia and provide nessesary instructions
<hugo> thank you
<Mari-Elise> not yet please
<hugo> he will know when to step in
<hugo> just putting things on stand-by
<Rebecca> No structure as such - imagine a vortex of light - not visible at first
<hugo> any predominant color?
<Mari-Elise> will it stay that way untill next manifestation of light? Or needs it proctection, guarding, nurturing?
<Rebecca> then sparkling. No solid edges. It's as though all the info comes from above through this, & the spirals hold the frequency
<Mari-Elise> or just hugs and love
<hugo> correct
<hugo> both
<hugo> computer: add: when recipient ready
<Rebecca> Predominantly white with slight blue tint. I was there as an observer - it doesn't need us to do anything, just allow it through maybe, to anchor
<hugo> pre-stages of birth
<Mari-Elise> be my guest
<hugo> or the other way around
<hugo> like dancing
<Rebecca> Sorry what are you adding?
<hugo> not for you. Something for the cube.
<Rebecca> OK
<hugo> This is high-tech stuff ladies. Good work!
<hugo> any loose ends?
<Rebecca> back to the feminine energies??
<Mari-Elise> yes please
<hugo> never left
<hugo> through the heart again
<hugo> maybe six point star hologram helps
<Rebecca> Can you focus on this DNA coming through you - feel it 
<Mari-Elise> okay
<hugo> unrest again
<hugo> lets call it motion
<Mari-Elise> it is motion
<hugo> unrest is emotional value
<hugo> I don't feel like giving direction yet
<hugo> just support and assist
<Rebecca> Best not to give direction - just allow - it has nothing to do with us - just passing through - I feel
<hugo> Has very much to do with the human race!
<Rebecca> Can you see (direct?) it going to the core of the earth? There aren't many of us, but ....
<hugo> enough ;)
<Rebecca> It reminds me of drilling for oil - but going really deep
<Mari-Elise> It is more like dancing
<hugo> lets put something in this time
<hugo> people are smiling
<Rebecca> Universal heart energy - can only help :-)
<Mari-Elise> start to become heavy the energy on my heart, I asked for help
<hugo> There has been created a room for new. This feels like a cold emptiness
<hugo> Breath fresh air into it
<Mari-Elise> the emtiness before a new dawn, the waiting before birth, the unknown before the first stroke of creation
<hugo> momentuos moment
<Rebecca> Emptiness of the heart?
<hugo> nope! Stillness of being
<Mari-Elise> the moment before the big bang, or something like that
<hugo> Before the aum
<hugo> where your own thoughts resound...
<Mari-Elise> time to let it take it own course
<Rebecca> Looks like like it's finished - it's passed through! leaving void
<hugo> Okidokee
<hugo> Thank you every One present for this gift to Mother
<Mari-Elise> Father what's next? Briefing?
<Rebecca> Cold void - filling with UH energy - & warmth!
<hugo> should be OK I guess...
<Rebecca> Thank you everyone for allowing us to be part of it
<hugo> I second that
<Mari-Elise> We were the ones who made it possible
<hugo> Please expand if applicable
<Rebecca> Yes, they thanks us for being part of it!
<hugo> And U2!
<Mari-Elise> With a big hug of mother Earth
<hugo> And one in return
<hugo> Are we complete?
<Rebecca> Actually she's sending us a big bolt of energy  - can you feel it, straight beck down the same 'drilled hole'
<Rebecca> that'll fill the void!! Thanks mother earth
<hugo> Nothing special here. Just a warm feeling.
<Mari-Elise> accepting gift with gratitude
<hugo> Sounds like ping-pong
<Mari-Elise> (I recieved it as a warm feeling, just like Hugo)
<hugo> Are we full-circle for now?
<Mari-Elise> Do you want to leave?
<Rebecca> Shall we ask our assembled guests if they have any other little 'jobs' for us or want to share some info with us on something else?
<hugo> Nope, but we need to close this up neatly
<Mari-Elise> Good idea, Rebecca, with accepting the gift of mother Earth we have closed it neatly and we have complete the circle of assiting and givingl.
<Mari-Elise> sorry for the mistakes
<hugo> Ariel needs his washing done...
<Mari-Elise> ;)
<hugo> Ashtar in?
<Mari-Elise> Still with us
<Rebecca> Nicely closed - getting the message nice work & we have changed as a result - DNA upgrade i guess
<hugo> Anything funny to add?
<hugo> Excellent
<hugo> or usefull, or...
<Mari-Elise> just it is as it is, ready for next time or next job, or what so ever
<hugo> clear as a crystal glass
<hugo> Of to the pub. A bottle of rum on the capt'n!
<Rebecca> Doesn't feel quite over.....
<hugo> What's still open?
<Mari-Elise> He only drinks water, you know.
<hugo> Can he take a yoke?
<Mari-Elise> So another job is waiting. Ariel and washing Hugo?
<hugo> I could do with a good rinsing
<hugo> Rebecca, what's up?
<Rebecca> Hmmm, i see masters leaving fast....! Maybe it is over
<hugo> They are off to the pub.
<Rebecca> Lets join them!
<Mari-Elise> ;0
<Mari-Elise> ;)
<Mari-Elise> sure
<hugo> Fine with me!
<Rebecca> Same time next week??
<Mari-Elise> We need to ask Robert if he wants to join or not. We have invited him for dinner at our house next week.
<hugo> He's working on the balance also
<Mari-Elise> Otherwise friday the 21th will do at the same time.
<Rebecca> Well, whenever. You spoke about inviting the group....there's only 4 spaces in chatroom, no?
<hugo> Just Robert
<hugo> And you are correct, 4's the limit
<Mari-Elise> We here occupy 2 places, this can be reduced when needed to one.
<Rebecca> OK, so not the whole group
<hugo> :(
<hugo> I feel we have a heart connection going anyway
<Rebecca> We 3 or whole group?
<hugo> Whole coil group. And us at the moment.
<Mari-Elise> I can check in time how the chat in the spoelengroep at yahoo works. I think it is possible to chat with more people
<hugo> So if we meditate like this the whole group is connected in the waves
<Rebecca> Have to let you know about 21st nearer the time. How many are in the whole group??
<Mari-Elise> Shall 23 something like that, with 3 times Jelle.
<hugo> Not aal will actively join
<hugo> all
<Rebecca> I have trouble keeping up with you 2 - no idea jhow I'll cope with more e.g. 6 conversations to follow at once!
<hugo> Think fast, type faster
<Mari-Elise> Shall we try first next week with Robert? DO you have a telephone number to call to give you the answer.
<hugo> Why not e-mail?
<Mari-Elise> Not that fast, a decision of the moment in the flow.
<hugo> ok
<Mari-Elise> I try the chat at the group, if it works that good as this one, we are able to invite others somewhere around the 25th of januari.
<Rebecca> 3 times jelle? Yes – <snip>. Need notice though - you see how tight my timeframe is!
<hugo> He's also under cover as an Indian guy
<Mari-Elise> Got it. 
<hugo> That's the phone number
<Rebecca> I'm disappopinted there's been no tears tonight though!
<Mari-Elise> HOw do you know? Mother Earth or somebeing could have been crying without us noticing it.
<Rebecca> You're right!! How foolish of me!
<hugo> Tears of hapiness
<Mari-Elise> I guess it would have been tears of gratitude, you type faster then me at this moment, Hugo
<Rebecca> Faster than me too!
<hugo> And I only use two fingers...
<Mari-Elise> :-P
<Rebecca> Me too!
<Mari-Elise> Yes, it works
<hugo> Your slow!
<Rebecca> How do you do that symbol?
<hugo> nOPE
<Mari-Elise> ;-P
<hugo> Type dubble dot P
<Mari-Elise> but then with the :
<hugo> thats what i mean
<Rebecca> Thanks
<Mari-Elise> :-8
<hugo> Try it!
<hugo> :8
<Rebecca> :-P
<Rebecca> :-)
<hugo> Brilliant!!!!!
<Mari-Elise> Big girl
<Rebecca> Growing by the minute!
<hugo> Going to be a big girl soon
<Mari-Elise> expansion is the limit, so there is none
<Rebecca> :-Q
<hugo> LOL!
<Rebecca> Didn't work
<Mari-Elise> :b
<hugo> Looks funny anyway
<hugo> |)
<hugo> no go either
<Rebecca> That doesn't look funny. Shall we sign off then?
<hugo> Yep! Nighty night!
<Mari-Elise> Still time left for a visit to Ashtar ship? Me to late, I guess
<hugo> We can do that in sleep time
<Rebecca> After all this gibberish? If you'd like to go - this is what I felt was unfinished...
<Mari-Elise> Rebecca, did you feel saturday evening something of the coils?
<hugo> Lets give it a try then
<hugo> Beam us up Scotty!
<Mari-Elise> I have introduced them to a broaden public at a spirit dance party.
<Rebecca> No, was very involved with old friend & almost born baby.
<hugo> tHINGS WENT ok?
<Rebecca> Well done
<hugo> Damn caps lock
<hugo> Good
<Rebecca> :-) You are funny
<Mari-Elise> I try to beam us up.
<hugo> And I'm not even drunk, yet...
<Mari-Elise> Rebecca is the universal heart still running?
<Rebecca> Yes
<Mari-Elise> Time to get some action. Please sit comfortable and active in your chair.
<Rebecca> Will it take long - time for toilet break?
<hugo> Go first
<Mari-Elise> Better do it first,
<Rebecca> OK Back
<Mari-Elise> I have checked, others cann't see us talking when they visit the chatpage
<Mari-Elise> you're fast
<hugo> We're in the reception ;obby. Rather empty
<hugo> l
<Rebecca> Being drawn up
<Mari-Elise> Let's start again
<Mari-Elise> take a deep breath
<Mari-Elise> Connect with your coil and us together
<Mari-Elise> join hands
<Mari-Elise> now let's go
<Mari-Elise> first scout ship
<Mari-Elise> research ship
<Mari-Elise> big mother ship, entrance door
<Mari-Elise> the next door is to a garden, 
<Mari-Elise> next door is the door to the meeting room
<Mari-Elise> Look who is there ..............................................
<Mari-Elise> I wont fill this in for you
<Mari-Elise> Start briefing
<hugo> Third eye communication.
<Mari-Elise> and heart to heart communication
<Mari-Elise> When you are finished, see me in the garden with my mother
<hugo> Only 1/10th of me there I guess
<Rebecca> 5 there + Ashtar. We sit around table
<Rebecca> See you there Hugo - all 3
<hugo> ok
<Mari-Elise> I cant put it into words, if someone of you are able to do it, yes please
<hugo> A sad rejoicing at a long overdue re-union
<Mari-Elise> Entering meeting room again
<hugo> Time dissolves when here
<Mari-Elise> time is the issue
<hugo> off...?
<Rebecca> They have a big book - story of Earth? Asia had vertical shift, see horizontal one west of asia.....
<hugo> mediterranean?
<Rebecca> thought - was this how the Mayans disappeared?
<Rebecca> The tsunami I mean
<hugo> Nope, spaniards
<Mari-Elise> both
<hugo> Got ya
<Mari-Elise> Another tsunami?
<hugo> Did we say goodbye?
<Mari-Elise> not yet
<hugo> OK
<Mari-Elise> Rebecca when you are ready I like to take you both to the university as next step
<hugo> OK
<Rebecca> ok, lets go
<Mari-Elise> Taking you both to the garden, next to the fountian.
<Mari-Elise> First giving you something to drink. VBS :)
<hugo> water no doubt
<Mari-Elise> of course, but what kind ...........
<Mari-Elise> To get serious again, joining hands please
<Rebecca> crytsal
<Mari-Elise> Here we go
<Mari-Elise> We are now in the main entrance of the university. YOu know both the way in this building.
<hugo> search me
<Rebecca> Already checked out the library
<Mari-Elise> See you on earth again, for you will know how to return on your own account.
<Mari-Elise> Take your time
<hugo> Back
<hugo> Did the trip on feeling.
<hugo> Mostly.
<hugo> Some image there. Not as clear as Rebecca though.
<Mari-Elise> I dont like to be back, so I am half there and half here.
<hugo> More peace and quiet there.
<hugo> Heart never leaves.
<Rebecca> back. No classrooms, only 'mad professors' wandering around working out theories etc. (Einstein?) Found book on energised clothes & stuff ( written by me :-) ). Absorbed all info contained & returned
<hugo> LOL!
<Mari-Elise> Hugo please come back, I like to take a walk and show you something.
<hugo> I'll try.
<hugo> Whjre? Fountain?
<hugo> where that is
<Mari-Elise> Forest university
<hugo> redwoods
<Mari-Elise> Rebecca come along too will you?
<Rebecca> OK
<Mari-Elise> Redwood is fine
<Rebecca> Beautiful
<hugo> roofed over, not so good
<Rebecca> Alive with fairies & pixies
<hugo> Ferns?
<hugo> Strawberry
<Mari-Elise> yes 
<Mari-Elise> fairies and pixies I mean
<hugo> what are pixies?
<Mari-Elise> My favorite time of the day sunset
<Mari-Elise> Fire and some company?
<Rebecca> Can see sun filtering through
<Mari-Elise> Friends of other galaxies are joing us
<Mari-Elise> Party time!
<hugo> Peter Pan on the flute
<Rebecca> Unicorn - been with me for a week or so
<hugo> Hand driums with bells
<Mari-Elise> Smile I knew he was here, there are more of them living here
<hugo> All of them more or less
<Mari-Elise> Gnarf is putting on the fire.
<hugo> No kidding? LOL
<Mari-Elise> Flying through it.
<Rebecca> Gnarf?
<Mari-Elise> Gnarf is a dragon
<hugo> Who's got the mars mellows
<hugo> Lady telling stories
<hugo> ghost stories no doubt, about humans
<Rebecca> Dinosaur?
<hugo> Dragon like in Schreck
<Mari-Elise> I have shown you the things I liked to. For me it is time to go back, with some regret and hope to return soon to all of you there. With big love, hugs to all.
<hugo> Bye all!
<Rebecca> Thanks all, bye
<Mari-Elise> I have used the time in the library to update my knowledge about dragons (I needed it), zero coils, out of body experience techniques, health issues, flying in ufo's and something more. It was just like downloading information like in the matrix.
<Mari-Elise> I got the message of downloading completed. I asked for a program to remember the tings more lightly when being here on earth.
<Mari-Elise> I hope it helps.
<Mari-Elise> What about you?
<Rebecca> Similar - just held books & info was 'installed'.
<Mari-Elise> Cool
<Rebecca> The 'Einsteins' greeted me as old friend, asking how it was going down here.
<hugo> What did you tell them?
<Mari-Elise> It is proberly a good old friend of you, you invited him at the campfire.
<Rebecca> I didn't - maybe they knew
<hugo> Apparently!
<hugo> Your an Ashtar scientist.
<Rebecca> telepathy - probably showed them an instant video!
<hugo> Most likely
<Mari-Elise> Tsunamis and something like that. I am afraid.
<hugo> Who from? Ashtar?
<Mari-Elise> Hugo did you feel something like we are describing here?
<hugo> Remarkable little. Not so much interaction or imagery. Feeling was there. Am on another sort of life-line in respect with nescesary info, so no bib downloads.
<Mari-Elise> You was at the campfire also. Talking with an alien. 
<Rebecca> Afraid of tsunami? Shift looked more like quake on land, near equator. Maybe it will happen in a more subtle way. You heard the earth's axis shifted with quake.
<hugo> I could feel human interaction. Got an idea of time and space irrelevance/relativity, hard to discribe.
<Rebecca> Got funny feeling about London...
<Mari-Elise> and? (for both of you)
<hugo> Give me a clue
<Rebecca> All very interesting. thanks for taking us there ME
<hugo> Visiting home
<Mari-Elise> You both are regulary visitors, only you don't know. 
<hugo> That's the point
<Rebecca> Yes, been to that university definitely
<hugo> How to pull this into conscious
<Mari-Elise> If my nightly knowledge develops more, I can take you to more places of interest.
<hugo> Half our dreamworld is there on a holodeck
<Rebecca> All of that was on Ashtar's spaceship - not justtripping around different places / dimensions?
<Mari-Elise> I tried today with this meditation.
<hugo> Same
<Mari-Elise> The university was somewhere else.
<hugo> That's what I mean with the time/space irrelevance/relativity
<hugo> Hard to pull lines
<Mari-Elise> Do you know that there are some old known teachers at the university how teach us every lifetime again and again and again?
<hugo> Sananda for instance
<hugo> Ashtar
<Mari-Elise> A guest teacher of honor, both of them
<hugo> Lady Nada
<hugo> My thought also
<Mari-Elise> No I was refering to the Einstein of Rebecca
<hugo> Nada has an appartment full with flowers.
<hugo> Both right I guess
<Rebecca> Lady nada was in meeeting room. What happened there for you, anything?
<hugo> Me?
<Mari-Elise> Next time, do you like to take us there?
<Mari-Elise> yes, you (hugs)
<Mari-Elise> Hugs for you too Rebecca
<hugo> Meeting an old friend, patting him on the shoulder. Brief exchange via third eye
<hugo> different scene in the garden
<hugo> more emotion, woman meets woman
<hugo> hopped in and out of the meeting room
<Rebecca> Too busy to hang around, huh?
<hugo> To many fun things to do
<Mari-Elise> he is always no wasting time
<hugo> Effecient as it is called
<Rebecca> Hmmm
<hugo> Me terminator, me no emotion, bleep...
<hugo> LOL
<hugo> Just been there before
<Mari-Elise> I know, last week par example
<hugo> Huh?
<Rebecca> Shall we finish....anything left to say / do?
<hugo> We can close up
<Mari-Elise> no, we are ready now.
<Rebecca> Sorry, that seemed abrupt...
<hugo> Checking out
<Mari-Elise> No way, just what I was feeling
<Mari-Elise> Need to save this?
<hugo> Yep
<Mari-Elise> not again.
<hugo> still
<Rebecca> Yes , why not. Still novelty factor...
<hugo> No worries
<Mari-Elise> Okay, it will take some time, but still I like to say goodbye to all before I start save it.
<Rebecca> So, many thanks to all & you 2. Good work done. Love to all.
<Mari-Elise> Thanks all, dear Ashtar, dear mother, all at the university
<Mari-Elise> Bye Rebecca, big hugs
<hugo> Yes, we did a great job, again! Love to you!
<Rebecca> Bye, big hugs
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