The truth about the pyramids

Egypt has many pyramids. So do Sudan and Mexico amongst others. Many of the egyptian pyramids are imitations of the originals at Gizeh near, or better at the outskirts of Cairo [when i visited last year anyway]. Most of the copies are only a pile of rubble now. The originals were built - as were the mayan pyramids - by survivors of the lost continent of Atlantis which ego tripping Atlanteans blew to smithereens some 12.500 years ago. This also accounts for the sudden appearance of white, at the time considered to be gods, people - as opposed to black natives - on many murals in tombs. These 'gods' with elongated skulls ruled Egypt for some time until inbreed and death put it to an end. As can be read in Robert Bauval & Adrian Gilbert, The orion mystery, the floorplan of the temple complex which consists of the three pyramids, the sphinx, a covered walkway to the nile - where it used to be - and many secondary buildings, form the three main stars of the constellation of Orion. Using a computer model of the zodiac the authors arrived at the conclusion the shafts in the big pyramid pointed towards significant stars of Orion some 10.000 years ago.
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Only at that period the shafts line up to the stars which happens to be the period the last of the Atlanteans were scattered around the world. No more random airshafts, no more tomb. The pyramids of Gizeh are part of a templecomplex, located on the spot many of earths energylines [compare acupuncture] intersect, in honor of the constellation of Orion and a monument for humankind from the last of the Atlanteans.