What does Tut think that happened?

First of all : Tut was murdered.

Tut most likely had a spine problem. They found many walking sticks in his tomb and x-rays suggest he could not turn his head. It didn't bother him in his daily life though. It is a weak spot.
The very experienced grand-visier Aye is the easiest suspect to point at. I would like to add Kiya, Tut's "mother", the traditional and obligatory Mittanian second wife of the farao.
OK, what do I recall ? One day Tutanchamon was working on a rope gang at the monument for Hatshepsut. The sun was burning hot on his shaved head. He left the thick rope and looked up in the sun and couldn't be happier. A coworker in loincloth on a bamboo scaffolding nearby was drinking from an amphora. Tut was thirsty but couldn't even finish the thought.
In order to become king Aye had to marry Anchesenamon, Tuts widow. Anchesenamon had no intention of marrying the old man, so in desperation, and left no other choice, she send a letter to the Hittite king [traditional enemy] in which she asked him to send one of his sons to marry her. Being an enemy to the state this king was confused by her request but agreed to the proposal. The prince was killed when he arrived at the Egyptian border. Aye ruled as king for three years.

We've got Aye, we've got Kiya, we've got generals [Horemheb], a very moody priesthood, and most likely another bunch of upset people too.
A lot of [royal] people disapeared in that time period. Right: "what's new?"
Aye is a red line in the dynasty. I only know I was as happy as can be, in full strenght. Managed to get projects rolling again and generaly the country was back in bussiness. That's [probably] why Echnaton made me crown prince. Tut took both left and right eye of Horus initiations. Someone really didn't like that situation.

Now this 2000 year cycle has completed.

The trick now is to integrate "good" and "evil", male [Aton] and female [Amun] and face situations with Compassion instead of entering a revenge mode.

Good luck !



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