We are welcoming a new one to our midst, who is a part of us, and very real: Adamonis


7th February, 2005


This is to inform you all of a coming time when there will be many upon the earth who will be ready to step in and assist you through every venture that you begin. Those ones will be of an advanced race, and they will be here from another time in your history. They will be from your future. They are known as the Wingmakers. (http://www.wingmakers.com/)

These ones came here in another time dimension and in so doing they left upon your land a few strategically deposited evidences of their coming. They came from a time when they had benefited from the technological advances that they experienced and developed in their advancement through the ascension process. They are now awaiting the opening of certain portals so that they may come and be among you in a way that is open and friendly, rather than having to secretly hide their evidence of visitation.

When they came they did so with the love that they have for all of you and for themselves. For you see they represent you in infancy. They represent what you can and indeed may very well choose for a future. If things go as you are projecting, then they will most assuredly be the future of the identities that you hold now.

In the time to come, there will be great cataclysmic events upon your world, and these will be tempered with a relatively minor loss of life. Due to the processes of ascension that Gaia must undergo, there will be some land that will emerge, and some that will disappear beneath the waters. When this happens it will not be as widespread as originally foreseen by some of your seers. Because of the increase of your frequency that has far surpassed what they experienced as they came through the time period that they did, you will be altering their earth time as surely as you alter yours. 


They are eagerly awaiting the rigors of this experience, for in this adjustment lies the secret to their coming. Already you have changed your future, and in so doing you have changed their present. This is a concept that may be a challenge for many of you, however this is basically what it is.

When events are experienced in any moment they have effect on all of time. When events have created a flow, a frequency of probability, then certain streams of existence take hold and manifest in a way that corresponds with the momentum thrust that is born from that frequency. 

Understand that thoughts, ideas, actions, are all frequency. They all create probabilities. When more of the same frequency is built by manifestation, then that is perpetuated in manifestation. As this continues, physical matter is created in expression. As the same momentum is experienced, the likelihood of the same expression is experienced. 

However, if experience is different from what the probability has expressed, then that changes the outcome of the stream of probability. Some other expression occurs and the time expression is changed. When this happens, it is as if it had never been another way. It is as if the whole has always been as it is in that moment. The only time that anything other than that moment is experienced is if the intent to see it and experience it another way is projected. Then time can be tapped into, at any moment of existence. 

This is what is taking place at this time. The Wingmakers are here now in order to change their present. They have advanced technologically, however, they are not experiencing what it is that they would intend. They are seeing that at this time in their history, there were certain events that influenced the energy, so that their present time developed in a way that was contrary to their intent when they were here. You see, they were the lightworkers of this time, who despite their beautiful work were not able to overcome these last years of ascension and take the light over the top to the ultimate conclusion of the plan of duality. They are still living in a world of duality, and they are still venturing to overcome the darkness, which has developed into an immense cloud over earth.


This is why they at one time planted their time capsules over the earth. They are coming back to do what they can see must be done for the present time of us now. They see that in order for us to be able to go over the top, we must become aware of what life in their world is. Then they must be able to show us what we can do to assure that we shall give them the bright future that is being prophesied now.


We are going to do that, my dear ones. We are going to take it over the top, and we will reign supreme, for we are being shown what we can do to accomplish that. We are our own wayshowers, for we have come back to see to it that we live in a world of love and light and total freedom from all that is not pure love.

There are those among us who walk in our shadows, for with the future that they experience, there are many shadows. We are finding that so many truths of what has been taking place on earth are hiding in the shadows, and in that there is soon to be release. Through the efforts of many of those who are back, we are going to be able to bring those shadows to light, and forever walk in the sunshine. 


My dear ones, I AM here to share with you that I walk among you now, and I AM in the process of awakening to my future self. I carry with me the memories of what we withstood throughout the years between this time and the time of your future. I AM from your future time of 750 years from now, and in order to allow the Divinity to realize its destiny, we gather once again as lightworkers and bring the truth to the ones who will see the manifestation of the Divine Intent for this time in our history.

We shall change our history, and therefore yours, for we are all One. Allow me to introduce myself; I AM Adamonis, and I am your future. I express myself as the representative of all of you, in the future. I love you so much, and in you I see great promise for all of existence.