For Week of 16th February, 2005


Blessings, dearest ones. We come to you in Peace, in Love, in Light. We ARE Archangel Michael, Sananda, Tikele, Archangel Gabriel, and many other Beings of Light, all gathered to hold high, the Light of Peace.

For Peace is what is needed - Peace within you; Peace between you and the ones you interact with each day, in your home, in your work, in your social life, out on the street, in the car - wherever you might find yourself to be. Can you hold the Light of Peace in situations that many would find trying - almost impossible to understand how you can remain so calm. We do not mean to suggest that you will be in these situations: simply to have you understand that you are now able to hold the Light of Peace in your hearts so strongly, that you can withstand whatever emotion or upset comes your way.


It has been a time of healing; it has been a time of growth. These last several weeks in particular, have been a time when you have been asked to find within you the parts of Self that you would see healed. That work is done, and now, it is time to look into your heart, and find the Beauty within.


This is the journey, my friends, in Love, in Light, to hold that energy of loving compassion, of Peace that passeth all understanding.

Why do we call it so? Because, it is beyond the comprehension of those who have not journeyed in the way that you have. Honour yourselves for the huge strides you have taken; the magnificence that you ARE. Honour yourself for the Beauty that you carry within you. For indeed, you are ones who are magnificent, beyond your knowing.


What is our message this day? It is to bring you to new levels of understanding of who you are. The being that you ARE, carries the Light that stretches into a multitude of other reality spaces, made up of several, numerous, thought focuses. It is a matter of where you choose to place your attention, in any reality space, understanding that the reality space you are within, is one of your choosing. Sounds pretty obvious, doesnıt it? And yet, many would disagree completely, even violently, with this concept. This is the understanding you have already gained, knowing that you ARE the Co-Creator, even the Creator, of your own journey; that the one who Creates with you, is your own Higher Self, leading you to where you need to be.


Does this mean you become a follower, at the whim of Spirit? Indeed not, for while you may follow, and indeed, carry out what is requested of you, always there is the need for discernment, of your own emotions, your own Truth, your own integrity. So that what proceeds is the direct combination of where you feel you wish to be, in your heart, and the journey that you have laid out for yourself, as your Higher Self. The two must come together: where there is no alignment, there is chaos, and you find yourself with difficulty after difficulty, unable to break out of what seems to be a never-ending cycle.


So, as you come to the realisation that there must be communication between your Higher Self presence and you, for this to be so, understand that that link is one that is inseparable, and all you need do, is tune in, with your intent, your imagination. You may choose to ask that presence, to bestow upon you, the Peace that is within. Allow yourself then, to feel that Peace; to BE that Peace, by surrendering, by allowing, by accepting, that Peace is there, and aligning your emotional thought to that energy.

The energy that you ARE knows exactly what is needed, in each moment; yet, there are many paths to the same outcome, and much to be gained from exploring the sideways, the paths that seem to lead nowhere, for a time. As you feel yourself drawn towards them, allow yourself the time to examine them. Discern, by tuning into your heart reality of Love, whether the Love that is there, supports your side journey, is one that supports you; one that challenges you; one that supports growth, or not.


We know you feel that you have received perhaps enough growth - that it is time to integrate, and in some ways, recoup, and yet we are here this day to bring you to the understanding that, as you hold the Light of Peace within your heart, within your soul, you ARE in this space of healing, of joyousness, of allowing the Love of the Creator, to shine within you, to rejuvenate you, to heal you, and to have the Beauty that is you, revealed to all about you. They may not be consciously aware of your beauty, or you may choose to hide it a little, it matters not. The one that you ARE, is moving to a place where there is exponential development: change on such a scale, that you have not yet comprehended. All of you knows this is so. It is called the Great Shift in Consciousness, and we are here this day to work with you, to bring that energy in as fully as we might.


The Light of the Goddess energy, the balance to the patriarchal mindset that has permeated this Earth plane for so long, is well and truly active now. It brings challenges to those of male gender, especially, as they seek to integrate the Love, the creativity, the acceptance of flow, into their daily journeys, understanding that there is no need to disregard the masculine: simply to integrate, and bring into balance, these two parts of Self, that have been separated for so long.


The female gender has a different challenge: to heal the wrongdoing they have perceived themselves to receive, from the males. Sounds simple, does it not; and yet, there is an energy too, to the weight of centuries of repression. Once more, it is not a matter of taking on the male qualities in isolation, but to understand the beauty of the masculine lies in its ability to be passionate about a desired course of action; to create in ways that bring things into manifestation: and most of all, to Love from a balanced perspective of equality within Self. This equality, as it is achieved within you, immediately attracts those who wish this balance for themselves, or who have already attained it. Such is the nature of energy: all seek to reach this place of balance, of Harmony, of Peace, within Self. It is the challenge to release the need to have things done exactly as you plan; to allow for change, for serendipity, or by another name, your Higher Selfıs influence on the situation to be felt, to be responded to.


The energy that you ARE is one that is naturally holding this balance, but that understanding has been dimmed, by countless periods of time, within this Earth plane, for many of you. For others, the veil that has been taken on, in the descent to the Earth plane and 3D matter, of physicality, has resulted in a similar loss of memory, of remembering who you ARE.

Fear not the changes that are coming in this next week, in this next month; and beyond. For each is honing you to a new level of loving vibration; each is allowing you to heal the pain that you have still within you, and most of all, it is to connect you into the Creator Light so fully, that you cannot regard yourself as separate any more. Please lean into the Creatorıs Love, whenever you feel yourself falling into what you might call the hole. As you lean into the beautiful Love of the Creator Light - you may choose to call it reaching into that Light; merging, with it, simply Being within it - it matters not. And as you call on that beautiful essence of Light, to fill your energy field, to heal your emotional body; to release your mental body from the worry mind, and to release your physical existence from the stresses it carries for you, you will find that your path opens before you, becoming more and more clear, as to what you feel you need to do. Then it is for you to have the courage to follow those impulses, to PLAY with possibilities, and to ENJOY wherever you find yourself to be - even when you might find yourself a little bored, or a little frustrated, find that place of Stillness, of Peace, that passeth all understanding, within YOU. As you do this, you increase the Light quotient on the planet Earth, exponentially. You have no idea of the impact it has, when you, individually, and magnified ten thousandfold, when you come together in groups, as you hold that energy of Peace now, for the Overmastermind is finding it so difficult, there is much pain, and to alleviate this energy, to bring it more easily into the flow of Love, of life itself, we ask you to be willing to connect with that energy of Peace. Hold it within your hearts; simply immerse yourself in that river of energy that surrounds the Earth plane, that carries that vibration, if you cannot find it within you. Imagine that it flows, down through your crown chakra, into your energy field, radiating out from every cell, every pore - cleansing, healing, revitalising as it does so. For Peace is Love; Peace is Joyousness; Peace is Harmony.


As you read these words, feel that energy. Understand yourself to be a beautiful Being of Light. Allow your field to expand, to stretch out, until it fills the room you are within, and then the building, or the space, and then beyond, until you can find yourself a part of the Web of Love, that is so beautifully in existence now. Find a place on the Web of Love, and allow your energy to flow, to connect, with other Lightworkers around the globe, with the energy of the Masters; of the beautiful Beings of Light from the Angelic and Guidance realms, and the many other forms of Light that are here to be of assistance to the Earth plane; most especially the whales and dolphins; the tree beings, the Elfen realm; the intergalactics also.

We ask you to hold the energy of Love, Peace and Harmony as you find yourself moving through your day, by simply allowing yourself to connect back to this space, asking that a stream of that energy be diverted into your field, and that it illuminate, with Love, all that is before you, the ones who are around you; and wherever that energy may be of benefit to others, ask that it be directed there also, for the highest good of all.


We leave you this day with the understanding, the recognition, that you are a treasured, cherished part of the whole; so needed; so Loved, for ALL of WHO YOU ARE. What you might consider good or bad, favourable or unfavourable, pretty or not pretty - it matters not. We see no such divisions; we see the whole, the incredible Light energy that you ARE, courageously stepping into each challenge, each part of your evolutionary process, working hand in hand with us now, together, to co-create the beauty of the New Earth. That is our message to you this week: to KNOW yourself as Divine; a part of that whole; never separate; always interwoven with our energies, able to connect with us with but a thought, or simple intent, and to know and to feel our presence, as you would choose. Our Love is there for you always: surrounding you, enfolding you, permeating every cell, as you choose to receive it.

TRUST that it is there; TRUST that you ARE as we see you to be; TRUST that the Love that you are is ready to be expressed now, and that the Universe, in its abundance, wishes so much to bring you the rewards that you seek, in whatever form that may take. Know that there are many forms of abundance. Please be open to receiving on all levels of your reality, the beauty, that is there for you.

We ARE Sananda, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Tikele, Metatron, and many, many others this day, for the Tikele Group.

And so it is.