The Gathering & The Exodus

In a nutshell :

The awakening to my multi-dimensional self.

Integrating it and acting upon it.

The need to ground my consciousness.

Change in my relationship to my wife and others.

Intuition and compassion rule my world.

All Is One. Every person is visibly an aspect of the One.

I find a soul-mate.

Christ-consciousness rules daily affairs.

Christmas was a day early this year.

From Christmas to New Millennium day intense emotional clearing takes place.

Had to learn to talk and walk multi-dimensionaly fast.

Common sense was the opposite of intuition and worked like a killer.

I ate the strangest things. Negativity went down the drain. Cleaned up the house.

On the soul levels many aliens and humans traded places, according to contract.

To the 3D-eye nothing much seemed to change. Just a little tired. Some died suddenly.

Groups found their place, had some difficulty to learn the ways of earth.

A common talk has many levels.

Information is exchanged. They are well prepared and learn fast.

Facilitation is arranged. Groups leave for higher realms.

In the New Millennium the internet is restructured fast to form the Earth' new mind.

Careful, almost meticulous timing controls the shift of Earth to 5D and avoids catastrophe.

The fire of Love cleansed the Earth. Earth and her cohabitants can rejoice.

The Sun [Aton] and the Moon [Amon] powers are balanced and integrated. Full Moon eclipse in Holland.

Now the awakening has begun.

Met any interesting people lately ?

Had any mind-boggling conversations recently ?

Did you have some troubles with your partner ?

Found new insights ?

The future is being made, in the moment of now.

Enjoy the ride.