Beloved masters, the teachings of old and the new wisdom being brought forth as humanity comes of age have more in common than most people would believe. However, the New Age of Enlightenment that is swiftly rising on the horizon of humanity's consciousness has one vast and important difference: the God of the old teachings was a God of love, but also a jealous, wrathful God. The truth is that the Supreme Creator and our Father/Mother God of this universe radiate only love and compassion. We tell you that the Creator of All embodies only the highest and most lofty attributes and has none of the negative traits such as jealousy, wrath or a desire for retribution or to punish.

The Supreme Creator in ITS desire to know more of ITSELF and to create anew burst forth in all ITS radiant love, Light and power. Omniversal and universal laws were established that are immutable. These laws cover every circumstance and facet of existence on every plane of reality that ever has been and ever will be. The Supreme Creator endowed all the facets of ITSELF with the ability and desire to cocreate anew, and also bestowed the gift of free will in some measure, more in some expressions of consciousness and less in others. The Earth and humanity are unique in that it is the only planet in this universe where total free will, with no restrictions, was given. It was part of the Divine plan for humanity and the Earth, and the misuse of the gift of free will has been the major cause of the pain and suffering of humanity.

As long as any Spark of the Divine Consciousness, large or small, functioned and existed within the framework of universal law, or in harmony with Divine Will, it co-existed in perfect harmony and knew only perfection. However, when an individualized Spark of consciousness strayed or stepped off the middle path of perfected consciousness, that Spark stepped onto the path of imbalance and Karma, or cause and effect, and was subject to the established universal laws. The Supreme Creator knows only perfection and therefore does not seek wrathful vengeance, but allows the universal laws of cause and effect to mete out justice through the Lords of Karma and your Higher Self which assures that you will experience everything you create, or reap what you sow. There are living libraries of knowledge stored at every level of existence throughout this multi-faceted universe. There are recording angels and celestial record keepers who keep a record of every thought, action and event that has ever take place or ever will take place. Think of it, every thought you have ever had, every deed done or action taken is recorded in the cosmic record and also within your auric field. This is beyond the capabilities of your most sophisticated, advanced computers. When we call you record keepers we mean this in the truest sense.

We will also tell you emphatically that there is no place called HELL or eternal damnation. Why would an omnipotent loving Supreme Being create such a place and consign any beloved facet of Itself to eternal suffering? The Creator's original desire was to allow you to become a cocreator of wondrous worlds beyond measure. Each individual creates an auric field around itself which contains the frequency patterns of all his/her thoughts, actions and deeds. When you leave the physical body behind and your soul is released it is encased in this auric field, or cocoon of energy of your own making. Your soul transcends to the level or dimension which is compatible with the vibrations you emanate. If you are "spiritually conscious," you are immediately aware of your surroundings and after a time of reflection on your past and an analysis of where you are out-of-balance or have inharmonious frequency patterns, with the help of your spiritual mentors, you decide where you wish to serve and learn in the higher realms of existence. The choices and possibilities in the higher realms are beyond human comprehension. Make no mistake, these worlds and dimensions are just as real, if not more so, than anything you can experience in the denser realms of materiality.

Those who have heavy layers of negative energy impacted in their auric field are taken to what might be termed an intensive care unit. There they are lovingly watched over by angels of transition and a constant infusion of Creator love/Light is made available to them. It is as if they are in a deep dream state, and it is true, they will experience all the negative thought forms they have created, the worst of these being hatred, greed and a desire for violent action toward others. Gradually, over time, the powerful love/Light of the Creator begins to filter into the auric field and consciousness of each Being until they have absorbed enough of this life-giving elixir and agree to begin the process of healing and harmonizing the impacted, negative energy patterns which allows them to slowly awaken to the beauty of their surroundings. This is the Divine Grace of the Creator whose desire and intent is to bring ALL the facets/sparks of ITS Beingness back into united harmony and ONENESS. You will always retain your individualized consciousness, that gift which was given you so many aeons ago, and encoded in your cosmic memory bank will be all the magnificence, wonder and beauty of your journey. What you will not remember is all the pain, suffering and horrors of your sojourns into the worlds of polarity and duality.

The Supreme Creator radiates the pure Divine Essence of ITS Being out into the omniverse, which filters down through the many Great Central Suns, the Cocreator Sons/Daughters, the Lords of Light and the angelic kingdom. As we have explained before, there comes a time during a great cycle of universal expansion whereby the harvesting of all the glorious creations you have wrought are gathered into a great cosmic storehouse awaiting the time when they will be integrated into a new Divine Blueprint. The Supreme Creator always expands to incorporate the perfection of what has been created. That is what is taking place during this time of accelerated evolution/ascension of all created species.

It is a most wondrous time, beloveds, when you have an opportunity to attain wisdom beyond measure, to tap into creative potential beyond your wildest imaginings, to be or become anything you can envision. We tell you there is no limit to the possibilities of what you can attain or realize once you return to harmony, or "harmlessness" whereby you are radiating only positive, life-giving, love-focused energy. Your future is a blank page and you are scripting your own destiny as well as the destiny for those who are not ready or able to take advantage of this magnificent opportunity. You, my brave warriors of the Light, are a spark of the Divine and you should honor and place high value upon yourself and others. You are dishonoring the Creator when you do not. You should always seek freedom of expression and truth, as well as the greatest good for yourself and all others.

We hear your petitions and your prayers, and we know that you have a great desire to understand the secrets of the universe and the intricacies of the universal laws. There will always be millions of mysteries on your journey throughout the cosmos that will entice you to seek a solution, and we delight in your attempts to understand the workings of the universe. Seek to use your Divine imagination, be enthusiastic but also be practical, be courageous but not reckless. Maintain a confident attitude as you delve into the unknown, and seek to manifest the visions given to you in your sojourns into the higher realms of existence. When you make the highest moral choices, your soul is infused with the ecstasy of Divine love. If you aspire to align your will with that of our Father/Mother God, you become a partner, a cocreator of the multiple time/space worlds of existence. Never forget, the Creator indwells within you and you indwell within the heart of the Creator.

We have often asked you to become "a living meditation," whereby you have Spirit perched on your shoulder as your sacred witness. Each and every moment you are aware of your actions and reactions and you garner the wisdom of your interactions with others so that you do not have to experience the imbalanced cause and effect situations. You become a master-of-self or a self-master whereby you no longer create any negative karmic energy and thereby live in a Divine state-of-grace.

Worship should not be reserved for one designated day of the week, it should be a state of heightened-consciousness which overlights your total Being, and becomes the focal point of your reality. It is your highest privilege and first duty to maintain a worshipful attitude each and every moment of your existence. Strive to develop a constant, joyous and intimate relationship with the Creator. When you tap into the elixir of life, it becomes an all-encompassing passion which leads to heightened self-discipline, strong moral beliefs and spiritual aspirations. You will have no difficulty in learning patience, fortitude and tolerance, and you will strive to live a life of service. Divine wisdom and cosmic insight are rewards of a sincere seeker of spiritual truth. Live your truth as it has been and will be revealed to you. You will live in an aura of peace personified and sublime love. True spirituality does not demand particular rituals or rigid beliefs; it is a mode of living your highest truth with whole-hearted devotion. You are to seek a blending of your highest intellectual, emotional and spiritual reality.

Each of you has the ability to contribute something personal and unique to the Divine blueprint now being designed for the future of humanity and the Earth. You have been given an extraordinary gift by the Creator, the Divine privilege of participating in the creation of your own destiny. Each of you has the potential of becoming a glorified mortal. You are becoming Spirit-infused mortals as you reclaim your immortal status. You are multi-faceted and have consciousness on many more levels than you can comprehend at this time. You are an Immortal Soul with a mortal mind and body. You are in a process of soul expansion and Light infusion. That is what ascension is all about. The resurrection process for humanity has been a long evolutionary struggle to attain a balanced state of Being in order to allow Spirit to descend and take dominion of the physical vessel. Resurrection is returning to your original magnificence by embodying all your Divine Light and attributes. Evolution is purposeful, not accidental. Remember beloveds, you must live by that which you choose as your truth, and your world consists of thought forms, vibrational patterns and frequency levels which you integrate and emit. You live in a world of your own creation, and so why not choose a world where love is the strongest and most dynamic energy available. Within the frequencies of love are joy, peace, abundance, radiance, creativity, empowerment, youthfulness, vibrant health and unlimited possibilities for expansion and creation. These are the gifts our benevolent Creator offers us, not punishment, judgment and damnation.

As messengers and faithful servants, we, the archangels, have always been with you to "arc" the Light, attributes, qualities and virtues of our Father/Mother God to you, and we relay back to them your loving energy and adulation. We form the love/Light pipeline of the heavens, you might say. Our Father/Mother God has spoken to humanity through us down through the ages, not just in one era, but have been in constant communication with you via the great Beings of Light, the angelic realm, the avatars and ascended masters, and it will always be so. You have never been disconnected from the Creator Source and never will be. Each of you has the ability to tap into that cosmic telecommunications network whereby you may receive personal answers to all your questions and assistance in all your endeavors. The process of Creation has always been a cooperative endeavor, and one of the wonders of these times is that, once more, we are communing one with another, and working in harmony for the common cause, which is the enLIGHTENment and reunification of all the wondrous variations of Creation in this universe.

We radiate the exquisite, all-encompassing love of our Father/Mother God to you, love which originated in the heart/mind of the Supreme Creator. I am your faithful friend on the journey of Living Light. I AM Archangel Michael.


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