1 White Bird
1 modest cup of Humour
1 modest cup of Sweet
3 tbsp. of Common Sense
1/2 measure of Professionality
12 fl. oz. of Determination
6 pack of Info



First we clean up the Pigeon by removing all internal rubbish and rinse thoroughly.
We let her hang, upside down, to rest, so we get tender meat. A day or two will do.

Now, for the stuffing, the base ingredient is, of course, the Info.
Make it loose with the finger tips so we can add Humour, the Sweet and the Common Sense and create an even and pleasurable mix. Allow some time for the mixture to settle down.

To spice things up, and in the end, get a solid bite, we need to add the Professionality and the Determination. Be careful with the spicing, because you could get a solid, non flexible stuffing which could make your Bird explode in the oven. Now that would be a shame.



Now, to roast you Pigeon to a nice tan with an occasional crispy spot, take her into a pre-heated oven set at 220 degrees Celsius, and poke with a knitting needle after 3/4 of an hour to see if there is any bleeding. Your Bird is getting overdone if you start hearing distressing noises from the oven.

A general reminder: don't forget to check the expiration date on each and every package!
And dear kitchen Queens and Kings, remember, balance and finger tips, combined with only the best of ingredients will create miracles in your home.

AND, lets hear it: LOVE is the magic ingredient!!!

Love you all and God bless