This is a message to all conscious and unconscious people. You would ask: is there a difference between them? The matter of difference is the difference they themselves perceive themselves. For this is the unconscious world you are living in. Once you get awake, you are outside the unconscious world of matter. In this world you have to be unconscious, for learning the hard way who you are is the matter of the game, and the reason for existence for, and in this world.
The matter is what you are unconscious about: and luckily and logically, you all donít know. Of course some of you think you know, some of you think that being enlightened is the way to get out of this game. Others try to find other solutions for ending the game of deciding what to be, to do, and within each choice deciding against one or the other. This is how duality works, this is how the game is destined to run for eons and eons.

Why is it lucky that you are unconscious of what you are? The game would be over! The party would be finished before all of you have drunk every bit of it. The lightworkers of the world are complaining that they want to go home. And yes, if that was the reason for behaving, the behavior would be different, more godlike. And if they want to stay, they are doing a good job with feeding the world of existence with energy, either with complains or with healing work.

So no matter what you are doing in this world, you are adding to its existence. The importance of this sentence is really profound. Shall I repeat it? Just think about it. In this sentence lies the solution to adding to its existence or not. And in this sentence there is the solution of how you are able to be conscious about who and what you are, and that is the way of getting out.

Mostly, the people donít want to get out. And mostly the ones out will be back in, once they are out. So they have to invent another game for growing, adding and knowing what they exactly are. Every game has its own level of conscious and itís own level of stepping in and out. See it as an examination.

Now we have set the borders of knowing, let me tell you who I am. I AM Lucifer, and I am really aware of what I do to your world. I know my role and I AM delighted in it. For being conscious of what and who you are can be on all different levels. Now it is my time to step out of the game and design another one. Lots of your world will come with me, not to the abysses of fire, condemnation, but to just another level of being, another game, another part of conscious. Without people like me, or beings like me, this game wouldnít be that interesting, that marvelous, that attractive to play. Lucky there are a lot like me who are willing to play the Darkside of the role of Being. In this way we offer you, out of love and with joy, the possibilities to grow into conscious being aware what and who you are. So letís shake hands and say good bye. Donít worry that you will be left alone without any opponent to struggle against. In the duality game no one will be left without any duality. Luckily some of you are making their own dualities inside themselves. Others are fighting against Illuminati, world dominions, darkside and so on and on and on. Keeps you busy doesnít it? Just watch, there is another one who is willing to take my role. So with love I leave you all to another contributor who will define the game to his liking for a new play and a new round of duality. Watch out, the signs are already in itís existence.

So letís switch  to another speaker of today. It is like a conference this channeling. I am mother Sekhmet. The lion Goddess of Egypt and before that time. Do you feel who and what I am? I am the one who kills out of compassion with one single stroke. I am the strength that keeps all of you going with the fight, the struggle. And yet you perceive that I am love in my being, love in my existence. How can you put these two together? Fighting and love, killing and caring? Yes indeed I care for the world, I care for the inhabitants, for you are made like my image. That is, your imagine of your being, your body is part of my genetics. As you change your genetics, so I change mine. And that is the topic I like to talk about. For it is indeed time that you are willing to change your DNA to more an operational level than it is now. So as you are growing, so will I. And as I grow, so I will take you along with me. The game of existence in this duality game is very intermixed with all different kinds of players and one decision influences the outcome of the game. That makes it very interesting to play the part of Goddess to this dimension. You know you are God, you are capable to be God and you are willing to act like God, good enough to play the part of God in this universe game of duality. What will you do when you finish this game? Up to the next game, I suppose. Yes some of you will have a rest before you like to conquer new adventures, but new adventures will wait upon you. You can see it like you are stepping upon a plateau and the world is spinning away from you. What would you like to do next? You just hop to the next universe passing by with the right glow of energy fitting to go along with your growth as spirit, soul. Thatís all. And what kind of universe that will be is up to you to decide. The glow and the choice for which glow is the determining factor.

Next to the conference, I AM the Head of the Illuminati. I will thank my channel in advance and Lord Ashtar to be in communication with you. It is not easy to get the opportunity to talk and give my message to all of you. The world is heading for the same kind of growth as my home planet did. We made a mess of it and the only solution we could think of was robbing another planet to restore ours. The environmental issue was tremendous. And yes of course we could have invented robots to do the hard work, but as you can imagine, robots arenít that smart to make decisions and stand unbearable climatic circumstances  with a possibility to create for themselves. So biological robots, looking like our image was the right idea. We did. We forgot one thing. Making creative robots being biological alive, you create a being possible to be God. For only God can create. It took us eons to find this fault in thinking, for we are already way behind with our knowledge of religion comparing to our technical developments. Spiritual, intuition, inner guidance were words strange to our culture. Love was just something between animals and between a mother and her child. And we made our babies not naturally anymore, so the mother-tie was weakened and so was our conception of love. First we were amazed at your energetic pleading for love, compassion and the creative force of God inside yourself. We tried to divide you with different religions, with different rules, with different ideas of what of who God was. Sometimes it worked, sometime it didnít. When it worked everything was fine in our opinion, when it wasnít we had to destroy lots of your civilizations with internal struggle for power to keep you controlled. Thatís what we try to do know, and we are coming along with it as usual. The only problem we have right now is that you gain a better understanding of what you really are. There are other forces we canít fight. And that are the forces of creativity, oneness and compassion. We gave you the creativity part. And the other players in this field gave you the compassion genes, the compassion and means to love each one another without consideration for gain for yourself. Thatís something new to us. We now see the carefully plotting against our world dominance. We see the part that we have forgotten, the part of love. And for my folk it will be time to start to learn what love is for ourselves. I know, some will do and try it amongst ourselves, others will start to learn it with an earthy mother and others will just turn themselves away and wonít take this step. This will bring sadness to our folk, and grieving for we will take care of every member of our people, where they are, that doesnít matter. I guess we will be bound to this particular game until all are able to take the step the first courageous ones are making right now. And then all have to take the step into learning to be what they are and who they are. It will keep us a little occupied. I know that the ones who have lived among us, trying to help us with this recognition, will take the guardian role upon them for my folk. I will thank them in advance. I know also that others are willing to take upon them our role, so the game will go on as it should be. Thank you for listening.

Love and life is something worthwhile to examine and without any veils you couldnít see the difference between you and the light. For there are no differences between the two of you. I AM the mother of virility, the mother of abundance, the mother of sexual love, the goddess of sexual love and sexual energetic living. Every part of my being is an outing of this. My world upon the one you are living is an outburst of joy for life. And through this way of being, and despite this way of being you made a mess of her, of me. I am Aphrodite, the mother of all creation through sexual energy. This was my gift to you, to feel through sexual climax, sexual intimacy that you were connected with all there is. That there was no difference between you and the other. That there is no difference between you and me. That there is no difference between sexual love and the climax you feel when you start creating. The way of making new people made it possible to remember you again and again that you were creative and creators among yourself. The lust that lures you into sex is the longing for being in contact with the real you. Most of the people just stick with it for the energy that is addictive for the ones who arenít aware of the message behind it. It is not me (goddess of sexual love) you seek in the sexual encounter, it is not the other you seek, it is not the feeling of satisfaction afterwards, it is the feeling of oneness, the feeling of being connected with all there is, the feeling to be it yourself what you seek. This feeling has given you the right direction for your growth, this feeling explains the importance of being connected with nature, natural birth and natural conception of life. For in this way of being connecting with each other you feel the pulse of God, the pulse of creation flowing between you and in yourself. Lose the way of the natural birth and the way of making love to each other and you will lose your way to being who you are and what you are. That is the merrily way of being and remembering in this part of your universe. When you start to grow over this way of remembering who you are, and you will find other ways to express yourself, what and whom you are, you are willing and ready to leave this part of the lessons and go to other lessons and games. Love is much more then only physical making love to each other, or having sex, and just through sex you were able to learn it. Makes you wonder why the religions have prohibited sex for pleasure. This has changed in a free style of sex without any connections to each other, same reason but a different way to get you out of the right experience of being connected to who you really are.

There is one other player in this game we didnít talk about and it is YOU. You came knowing and willing to participate to this game. You saw that it would give you a full-ahead-speed in your development if you could learn the lessons here. You asked for good guidance for this tough game, and you got it. The players played their role, you blamed them. The players gave you lessons, you have learned them. I could imagine that when it is your turn to leave the play for the last time you will see with gratitude what you have learned and who you should thank for it.
Mostly the ones outside the game just realize what they have learned, what they have gained for being in this game. When all are connected and be back together in the beautiful being who you really are outside the game, then the real learning starts, until it is time to start another game as participant, in another role to get more and more experience and knowing of who you are in love, and your understanding of love will deepen and deepen, until you understand it all.

With love and blessings for All, thank you for being in this particular game of being.

Ashtar in co-creation with Lucifer, Mother Earth, Head of the Illuminati and yourself as part of the Me-Being GOD of this universe.

received by: Mari-Elise, 6th of June 2005