Message from St GERMAIN

18th May 2004

I AM St Germain, and I would like to tell you of a promise I have made not only to myself, but to all of you beautiful people on earth. When I began my efforts to bring NESARA to the people of the United States, I did so with the knowledge that there would be a great deal of resistance by the opposition. This did not in any way deter me from my goal, for you see I knew that this would serve to counter the energies of light and bring the balance necessary to build the vibrational energies to a point where NESARA could come through. This has been the case, as you all know, and now the balance has achieved that vibrational point. My promise was, and remains that there is nothing in this world, or any other, that will keep this beautiful energy of freedom and justice from being manifest in the lives of the people of this country and eventually beyond, and throughout the whole world.

I give you this vow, for I am seeing already the affects of this energy at work. In order for something to manifest from the thoughts and deeds of those in intent, there must be the feelings, the passion, the knowing that accompanies the original thought. This is the situation, and has been for the past several months. I have seen that the gradual building of energies, and manifestation is on the brink. This is due to all of you, my friends, for without the work and the dedication of so many, there would not be this occurrence that is very soon to bloom forth.

Yesterday a number of us met on the Ship that is in place over the capital of this country, the United States of America. Sananda, Enki, Enlil, two members of the Galactic Federation, and others from the Starfleet Command were present, and contributing their reports of the various positions on earth where the manifestation is being shown. Reports from Baghdad showed the humane ways in which this energy is being played out, through the prayers and the intervention of many people. In that area are coming to the assistance of the natives of that land heartwarming scenes such as watching a band of Arabs washing the feet of soldiers of all uniforms, and of small children coming to soldiers and villagers alike with containers of water which they slowly assist the people to drink to satisfy their thirst and give them new life; these are examples of what is being witnessed.

The various ways in which public officials in this country of the US are coming forth and announcing that they can no longer remain silent, is bringing a truth to the people that will serve to dredge out even more of the truth, till finally, the air will support the announcement of NESARA. Never before in this country?s history has the energy been so ripe for this to come about. With but a minor amount more of this type of release, we will see a floodgate burst forth and the flowing free of the pent up energies of truth, freedom and justice that has for so long been suppressed.

This is a glorious sight for us, this energy of promise. This is the epitome of what we intend for the people of earth. There is no longer any need to hide behind the skirts of oppression, for the faces of the angels are coming forward and releasing all the fears that have kept the silence. This is one of the finest hours for the world, and when the clouds have lifted you will see a brand new world being born and formed and blessed with the love and compassion that springs from the hearts of every man woman and child on the surface of this wonderful world. Know that you have been responsible for much of this lifting, and keep the flame of love and compassion burning bright for all to feel and see. We love you and your works, and we see that there is going to soon be a glorious celebration.

Start right now with the celebration of life, knowing that you now have the abundance that is God?s gift to you the wonderful gift of life and love that is who you are. This is the glory that gives you life, and steers you through the experiences that you bring to yourselves. There is no other truth than that which lives in your heart and propels you through your walk in faith and beauty every moment of every day of all of your life. I see rose petals in your path, and birds on the wing escorting you through life with their sweet song. Glory on high, and blessings to the far corners of your world! Life springs eternal; and you write the words to the song.