Message from St GERMAIN

4th June, 2004

People sometimes wonder whether they are in the right place for these end-times. Also, whether they are doing what they intended as part of their life plan. I say to you that it is certain that wherever you are, it is correct for you. Also if you arranged to take a particular role in this period of time, and you have been open to the opportunities that have come your way, you will find yourself gravitating towards them. The Forces of Light need every helping hand at such an important time. Indeed after the expected wonderful events have manifested upon Earth, we will need even more help. There will be a lot of work that needs to take place quite quickly. You will not be without help and guidance, and it will be in abundance.

Before you came to Earth, you decided what you wanted to achieve. You were guided and helped in that choice by Beings who had the benefit of wisdom and understanding acquired through long experience. You made the final choice and intuitively you carry that knowledge with you now. You will be drawn to that which will lead to your fulfillment, but help it along by not letting chances go by that may otherwise have helped you. If you miss out the first time, the chance will come back to you. What you get may not always be in line with your current earthly ambition, so be flexible and bear in mind that often it is that first step that is so important. There is no such thing as coincidence, and opportunities that come your way are intended and planned. When you are nudged by spirit to go forward, take notice of such promptings. Sometimes it is a winding path that leads to your goal. Until you find your niche, you will feel that something is lacking and this is why you feel restless. It would help if you went within, and you may find that you can get guidance from your Higher Self. Whatever you do, be assured that as a Lightworker you are needed and will certainly be used. You may have a particular interest that appeals to you, when you want to work in service to others. Get into it by finding people of a like kind, and fulfil your needs and ambition by becoming active. Remember that you will be given plenty of help by your Guides, you are never alone once you have made that commitment to start.

We see the tremendous impact that you are making through your work. You are bringing the Light into a powerful focus that is continually transmuting the dark. The more powerful it becomes it also enhances the work of those who draw upon it. This is not a conscious effort on your part, but the Law of Attraction at work. This limits any effect the dark can have to disrupt your work, but it would also help if you mentally placed a golden band of protection around when you opened yourself up for spiritual work. Try also to distance yourself from the negative news; do not get involved on an emotional level. Part of the challenge through your physical incarnations is to overcome and control emotions, and this is a good time to assert that degree of control.

With your wonderful work upon Earth and our assistance by continually sending you our Light, you have become a powerful force for good. This is why we repeatedly inform you that the battle is won, as there is now no way that the dark can continue in its old ways by dominating and ruling your lives. The dark is in disarray and breaking up, and this was always the way it would go out, as it eventually turns in on itself, and self-destructs.

Now you can perhaps see how confident we can be about the outcome of events upon Earth. We can assure you that you are soon to hear those announcements that you have been waiting for, and see the benefits quickly come into being. These are God ordained so be that little bit more patient, there is nothing now that can stop their manifestation. The changes have been earned by all of you, and they are so far-reaching that you will not recognise your old Earth any longer. It will be a paradise by comparison, and a unity will exist amongst people that you could not have imagined was possible. You will have put aside your differences, and have acknowledged and understood the Oneness of everything. You will realise that you are all on the same path, back to the dimensions of Light that are your real home. You will also understand why we tell you that physicality is an illusion, but more about that another time. What is most important now, is that you do not waver or become downhearted. The new Heaven on Earth is about to manifest, and you will help to put that into place. It will reflect the path that is the reality that you have created for yourselves.

Dear Ones, you are about to see the most dramatic changes you have ever experienced. All will be made new and you will be prepared and ready for the time of Ascension. You will have become ready because of the work you have put in to raise yourself up, and you will naturally find your place in the higher dimensions. You are Beings of Light, a most wondrous Light, you are Masters as I am, and I welcome you back into the Brotherhood of Light. My everlasting Love goes with you wherever you are, it knows no bounds. I Am You and You are Me, We are One.