Message from St Germain, with George Washington

19th July, 2004

My dear ones, I AM St Germain and I wish to fill you in on a recent development in the news of NESARA. It has come to our attention that there is some information that is relevant to the process of bringing NESARA to announcement. This information is that of a nature that will bring the announcement to a place where there is no need to bring in the developing energies of the Judges of the Supreme Court, or the Justices of the International Court at the Hague.

Due to this development, which I cannot at this time divulge, there is to be a tribunal with many members of the Galactic Federation and with this meeting, there is to be an oncoming tirade of people who would like to see this law defeated and run into the ground once and for all.

My dear ones, this will not happen. NESARA is a fact, and with this reality there will be nothing that can defeat, nor negate it and the effects it will have on the people of the world.

I AM standing at the present in the Hall of Justice in this nation?s capital, and I am looking at the portrait of the first president George Washington. He is standing beside me in his Real presence and he is telling me that there is a time for everything and a place for everything to happen. This is a time to bring to the people of the world the unabashed resemblance of the way it was meant to be in this country of the United States

He is saying that there is no need to bring an element of fear or doubt to this gathering of spirits that are assembled here in this Hall, for the truth is present and strengthening with the assembly of the Galactic Federation, and their influence of the outcome of this great law.

Keep a strong heart, and a wise mind for there is no need to falter and to fade away. There is only the justice and freedom that has been promised and taken form as these last few years has seen more and more strength behind the NESARA law. This is the wonderful outcome that will present itself and with the presentation will come the broadest sweeping changes that have ever been known to man.

Mr. First President General George Washington is speaking from the authority he holds as the longest reigning past president of this great country, and he has presided over every inauguration since then. There is a definite energy of authority that sits in this hall, and permeates every document and every solace that is felt by anyone who sits here and declares a law valid and inspired by the Spirit of the Almighty in truth and everlasting glory.

I join with this master who shares this message with me in welcoming all of you to the energies of the new republic, for which it stands in heaven and on earth, for this is a time to bring to yourselves the truth that sits in your hall of justice and mercy, and honor that which speaks of the unity of all men and woman.

Know that this is a time when the dream and the outcome of that dream are to be realized and brought forward in the name of love and the flame of truth. I give you blessings, and I walk in honor of all of you, arm in arm with this great leader who has come to welcome you home to the original dream.

Thank you dear Master St Germain,

And thank you dear President George Washington,

Love, Nancy Tate