The Inhabitants of our Solar System

There is a feeling that of the many ET visitors to Earth, that a large number have come from within our own Solar System. One channel, called Ramala, when asked whether all of the planets were inhabited, replied 'some are, some not' and went on to say:

"All planets were inhabited except Jupiter, and that Saturn was without an atmosphere and was a sphere of low density, almost entirely composed of heavy gases, with a small solid center. It is a world in formation, and as it solidifies it will contract, liberating the elements that will eventually form its atmosphere. Jupiter is also a new body that recently developed a rarefied atmosphere, but of virtually no depth and it will be unsuitable for habitation. However, many of Jupiter's and Saturn's satellites are inhabited. Mercury, although near the Sun, supports life because its great etheric mass that extends 390,000 miles filters the Sun's rays. The further bodies are from the Sun, the less covering they have until you come to Saturn which has none at all. Up to that point the ether and the atmosphere are there to filter the rays of the Sun. From Saturn outwards however, the planets again acquire an etheric cover on an increasing scale, no longer with the object of filtering the Sun's rays, but to produce a positive reaction to them, so as to provide sufficient heat to maintain life. So the atmospheric and etheric compositions of these planets are not the same as those of the planets on this side of Saturn. The amount of diffused light is much greater than on Earth, their atmosphere although rarefied, is a good conductor of heat. The Beings on these planets differ from our own constitution, but the human form is Nature's chosen form. The metabolism of a man from Pluto is not precisely the same as an inhabitant of Mercury. Nevertheless one could visit the other, and remain alive for a long period. The difference in their atmospheres is not nearly as great as that between air and water, so one could stay alive for a long time. The principal factor in gravity is the vertical component of magnetism, but the difference between one planet and another, is insufficient to prevent interchange between people.

There are all sorts of Beings on the various planets, and on Mercury their maximum stature is 5ft 10in and they are strong, dark, intelligent, energetic and active, with small eyes, no beards, low foreheads, and well made noses. On Venus they reach 6ft.tall and belong to various races, predominantly a fair type with a higher forehead and perfection in their features. Their bodies are well made, but generally they are most like Earth people, both in their appearance and spirit. They are also energetic, talkative, kindly and above all, spiritually minded. On Mars there are two root races, one fair and one dark. The fair race is the most tractable and gentle. The dark race is composed of people who are short in stature and of a lively disposition, and they are the happiest in the solar system. There is a great variety of life on the satellites; there are all sizes from men of 7ft 4in down to Lilliputian Beings. Two of the satellites of Saturn are inhabited, and the men are intelligent and kind and what would seem inexplicable, is that they never die. They possess what one would call a body of resurrection, and they never commit any sin, yet they are material Beings. They are tall, with large magnetic eyes. They have their spacecraft but do not use them very often. On Uranus and Neptune the inhabitants are very similar, they are tall and muscular, well built, have large eyes and very well developed heads. Organically they function in a different way from those of other planets. They do not feed on heavy substances such as we do, but on liquids and gases, and their blood is different. On Pluto life is very similar to that on Earth. The people are identical in nearly everything, but not withstanding their advanced intelligence, they incline to evil and neglect God. They allow their basic instincts to rule them. A long time ago they learned to travel through space, and are dangerous Beings, and many instances of Saucers doing harm to people on Earth can be attributed to them. Yet they do not war amongst themselves, alas this only exists on Earth. They do harm any other inhabitants of this solar system, and the only reason is that they know that these other Beings are more evolved, and any attempts to conquest would be fatal."

When you consider this information, and bear in mind the numerous reports of the many different types of Beings visiting us, I am sure you will recognise some of them by the descriptions given. It is also possible to conclude that we are more often visited by Beings from within our own Solar System, rather than outside of it.

The Venusian visitors of George Adamski certainly fit the above description, and the perfection of their features was noted at the time. Also for some years, many of the smaller sized visitors to Earth have identified themselves as Martians. Certainly there are other visitors to our world such as the Greys, and many others that do not fall into the above categories. It must also be remembered that some of our visitors are inter-dimensional travellers. At different times we have been told that our most regular visitors over thousands of years are from the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion and Arcturus. They have all had an involvement in or evolution.

3rd July 2004.