Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

(From Sirius)

October 26th, 2004

Greetings! We come before you again, dear Hearts, with more to discuss. As your world transforms, and your new reality starts to materialize before you, a lot of different energies are being used by Heaven to permit this to happen. Your reality, like all others, is made of resilient Light, bound into its many forms or solid objects by your agreed-upon core perceptions. These myriad concepts form this inter-dimensional Light into a special grid, which manifests the perceptions or 'rules' specified by the divine plan and you. Now, as the divine plan alters these rules, a new grid is formed. This grid, as noted by us on numerous occasions, is now in place, and the Elohim who have been sent by Heaven to forge this new physical reality are following the divine timetable set forth for them to fully manifest your new world. The events presently unfolding on your world fulfill the various mandates of the Creator. This is a time of transition during which the foundation stones required to complete this first contact mission are laid in place.

Under the aegis of Heaven's divine decrees, we have accomplished a great deal. The many agreements reached with our Earth allies are now being jointly carried out with our first contact ships and personnel. Their diligent work is ready to bear fruit. As we speak, a number of special operations are underway on, below, and above your world. The behind-the-scenes confrontations continue between the forces and operatives of your last dark cabal and us. Our purpose remains to oust them from power and restore your Earth to a state of peace. Your global society has endured eternities of wars, rebellions, and untold savageries. The intent of Heaven is to bring you to a state of balance and provide you with a chance to completely transform your realities. To this end, she has brought forth a great army of peace and has positioned it throughout your world. Each element of this sacred army has been assigned a specific 'cause', which will be manifested by those designated by Heaven. She is supplying these elements with as much support as is required.

The progress of these diverse elements of Heaven's sacred army is proceeding as expected, though much remains to be done. Nevertheless, the merging of these various contingents is now underway. Each is responsible for six vital areas of change: the several abundance programs, the new global financial system, the upcoming overhaul of the current world power structure, the creation of a new global government, your ascension program, and first contact. Each of these is interrelated; together, they form your new reality. Our personnel is involved throughout all these elements, supervising, monitoring, protecting, and carrying out aspects of these operations. Even first contact has turned into a joint effort; ending the 'UFO Cover-Up' program by changing it into a series of public disclosures can greatly ease the shock of the arrival of massive numbers of Galactic Federation ships and personnel to your shores. To this end, we have now adapted our first contact procedures to include a series of programs designed to bring these disclosures about as rapidly as possible.

The attempts by your last dark cabal to thwart these operations are endless. Their relentless interference has been amazing to watch. Their dedication to hindering us has, however, been most enlightening. We have learned that the tentacles of this enormous army of the dark reach into every section of your global society. The number of 'hidden agents' is quite astounding. Yet, our ability to identify, isolate, and uncover their treachery has been more than a match for their attempts at disruption. Our efforts consequently proceed steadily, and we are confident that success is just around the corner. Throughout this journey, we have gained extensive knowledge about how the dark manages to maintain your acquiescence to its reprehensible activities. In most cases, it even receives your full support for its self-seeking agendas. As these escalated, more of you awakened to the nature of this deceit and began to oppose their many ill-intentioned projects. This awakening has been much appreciated by us all.

This awakening has led to the rise of new coalitions whose purpose is to help us in defeating the many campaigns of the dark to keep you in line. We sincerely wish at this time to thank you for your tireless efforts to aid the Light in ending the age-old power of the dark on your world. The events beginning to manifest are merely the start of a major thrust to radically transform the iniquities of your present reality into the exuberance of a positive new one. To accomplish this, international initiatives separated this dark cabal from its traditional sources of power and influence. A great deal of focus and diligence was required on the part of the sacred army assigned to this difficult task. Nevertheless, creativity and perseverance won the day, and now the final steps are coming on line that will result in the success we so deeply desire.

Another important point is that those who were once so united in their efforts to control you are now deeply divided. This completely unreported or 'silent' Illuminoid internecine war has been in effect now for over eight years. In past months, many factions once opposed to each other have made peace with our side. This 'great coming over', as we call it, has really helped to isolate this last cabal. Yet, some of these recruits have proved to be double agents intent on playing both sides until the outcome became clear. Galactic Federation personnel assigned to our Earth allies assisted them in ferreting out these double agents and removing them from positions of influence. They have either been restricted in their actions or arrested and detained under house arrest. Their numbers are now extremely small.

As we move toward victory, the various elements of this sacred army are preparing your world for a series of bombshells. This shift toward the Light on such a large scale is unprecedented on your world. Your conventional wisdom about your reality is in effect to evaporate in an instant, to be replaced by a new world view founded upon peace, cooperation, and an unbounded financial abundance. This new understanding will enable you to undo the damage done to the planet and to yourselves. For far too long, the 'special interests' of your secret rulers have consigned the majority of your population to ill health and a state of perpetual conflict with each other. This disastrous state of affairs is now to be replaced with well-presented alternatives from your Ascended Masters and us. You will also receive technologies to enable you to clean up your planet and your global society.

These coming changes will impel your society irresistibly toward the Light. However, these metamorphoses require not only your support, but also your participation. A democratic republic needs the involvement of her citizens on a daily basis in the affairs of government. The shirking of these responsibilities leads to the disarray you see around you. It is essential that you take the time necessary to ensure that the institutions of your democratic republic work to meet the expressed needs of her citizens. Failure to do so leads to great internal crises in the republic. Our task is to give you the opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past and to set up the proceedings that lead you to a galactic society and your own star-nation. As always, the final responsibility is yours alone. We Love you and know that Victory is now at hand!

Today, we discussed what is happening on your world. A world-shaking shift is preparing to appear before you. We ask that you use this time to remain focused upon your victory and committed to doing what is necessary to obtain and retain your inevitable success. Remember, Together, We are Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours!

Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)