Message from SANANDA

Welcome to this day, and the wonder of it!

28th June, 2004

My dear ones, when you rise in the morning and you wipe the sleep out of your eyes, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Is it of the dream you just awoke from, or the activities of the day before? Or perhaps it is of the day to come? Maybe when you awaken, you have no thoughts at all, but those of being in the now, thoughts that bring to your attention the birds? song welcoming you to the day; or the wafting in and out of the clouds in their passage across the sky. Do you lie there and listen to the breeze stirring the curtains to a billowing that resembles the flowing skirts of the mother who loves you so?

Whatever your thoughts and your feelings, are you fully present, or are you in a dreamland that could lull you back to sleep so easily as to render you back to the land of dreams?

This is a time for you my friends to find what it is that motivates you in your life. When you drift along in a dreamy haze in the morning perhaps that restores you for the day ahead. Or maybe it is an indication of the way your day will be.

I am Sananda, and I encourage and invite you to be aware of the way your feelings and thoughts carry you through the day, for there is something to learn about yourself in that observation.

When the events of the next few days and weeks open up and throw some instances in your face, you will be prepared to allow them to come to you and pass right on through with this careful practice in these next few days. Being able to tune in to your powers and your predisposition for response under pressure will give you insight as to how you will fare in these coming times.

When you are prepared, then you can be of assistance to those who look to you for an understanding to what they find coming up in their lives and the lives of those all over the world. It is a time when there will be some searching for answers and some curbing of tempers. Some will find that they are unleashing emotions that they have not even realized were there, or that they have carefully kept under their control.

You will be able to be a catalyst for their assimilation of some of the information that will be forthcoming. It will of great assistance to remain calm in the face of certain events that will likely transpire.

I do not wish to bring an air of trouble to you; you are aware of what is taking place behind the scenes, for you have been diligent in your being informed as to what is taking place in the corners and byways of the world. I speak now of the events and ministerings that have been taking place in the shadows. You also have been informed of the family from off planet who are ready to come and walk among you at a moment?s notice.

My friends, that time is fast approaching, and when it does, we know that through your diligence you will be at the ready, and able to greet us and all that comes forward with the calm and assurance that you have achieved through your being informed.

What I AM about to tell you is of extreme importance, and when you take it to heart it will feel like it belongs and fits right in with the rest of the picture. In a short period of time, determined by certain events on your planet, there will be an envoy of ships that will be landing and welcoming certain parties to the scene. This is all arranged with those who will be greeting us; and when that happens it will be because conditions on earth have warranted this coming.

Please see that this is a vital first contact that will begin the next phase of contact with you, our family on earth. You have invited us to come. When that takes place there is a network set up that will combine to bring a legislative action that will carry forth the tone of our mission here and surround all of you with an authority that bespeaks the majority of souls on the planet.

This is a co-operative venture that is being planned, and when it comes about it will be accomplished in a peaceful and humanitarian manner. There will be no panic, and we will be welcomed with the knowing that we come in peace and co-operation with the leaders on earth who are invested in the well being of all on earth.

My dear ones, bear this message well. Find in your hearts the solidity with which you can bear peaceful and knowledgeable example to those who are not prepared. This is a time when you have been in preparation, and the events that will be taking place will bear that out in their nature. This is a time for the banding together of all who are aware, and it will be obvious why you have positioned yourselves in the areas that you occupy now.

If you have been wondering why you are in a particular area, and nothing that you aspire to is formulating, then be patient a while longer, my dear ones, and the answer will be clear. There will come a time when what you aspire to will be the very thing that is in your life in the moment, and there will be no doubt or uncertainty as to why you are where you are.

Once this phase of contact is beyond the initial stage, then many of you will find a loosening of the places that you find yourselves in right now. That is when your next phase of light work will begin. You will just naturally flow into it, and it will be grand, and joyful, for service to the world is at the base of your being. This will be a time when all your deepest dreams for serving mankind will begin to materialize, and you will feel as if heaven is finally at your door, and you have opened it for now and evermore.

I stand here with your hands in mine, and my tears flow freely and from a gladdened heart. You are my loved ones and I gladly kiss the feet of all of you. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. It is nigh upon us, and it is Blessed.