Message from Sananda

21st May, 2004

In your heart there is a feeling of Love that swells up when you hear of or see events that have been taking place in Iraq, because you have a natural response to that which you intuitively feel is an act against Humanity and God. There is a sadness, and sense of guilt that you are without the means to prevent it happening again. My Dear Ones, as soon as you feel compassion an energy goes out which we are aware of in the Heavens, it is a call for help, and we respond. You must know by now, that we do not interfere with your reality because YOU have set it in place. But we can answer your cries for help; we can give our energies to you when it is in order and in response to the Laws of the Universe, and God. We are so pleased when you see your responsibility to get things done on Earth. It is you that bring the changes into being, and when we respond to give our help, the legions of Angels and Cosmic Masters are immediately there to take action. We are gentle in our ways, we are loving and we give you enough help so that you should still feel that it is you who have accomplished the changes that you want to see. Of course we influence you to do good, but it is you exercising your freewill that brings the intention into a course of action. You have shouted loud and clear that you want peace, and peace is what you shall have, and very quickly at that. Communicate with each other, talk politics and religion, these are the basis for your present understanding of all that is, question what you have been led to believe is right for you; no longer accept that which is thrust upon you without good cause. For too long you have meekly accepted what you have been told; stand up and be counted, look for better ways to handle the challenges of life. It is your lives in balance, and you have every right to demand true representation of your wishes.

At this time many confrontations are about to be resolved, and a way has to be found to achieve peace without great ramifications and bloodshed. There is a great Love amongst you for your fellow Man and it is essential now more than any other time, that you give freely of it to those who are traumatised by their experiences. We in the Heavens know that you are most generous with your Love in times of great need, and that time is now! Let that same Love be reflected back into your own societies and you will be surprised at the amount of response. War is an abominable ugly affair, that no longer has a place in a civilised society, and this realisation has now taken a strong hold in many countries. The waste of life, energy and wealth that could be put to positive productive uses, is obscene and you must now demand an end to such wastage. You already know this to be true, but now you must claim back your sovereignty; those that lead must do so from the front, and not behind closed doors. Those that lead must be representative of your wishes and not some covert plan; if they cannot or will not do it, exercise your right to have them replaced with those who are more in line with open government. In the United States you were given a most wonderful God-inspired Constitution, this was meant to be the model for the whole of the world, claim it back and once more enjoy real freedom and justice. You have so much power at the moment to do good things upon Earth, and as a nation you can be a perfect example to all others if you put your heart and soul into it. This is your destiny, and many beings of such good intent are waiting in the wings to respond and seize the chance to bring the changes in that will bring fruition. Of course we are backing you all the way, we are the force behind the Plan that your Creator God put in place for the end-times. Call on us at anytime anywhere, we will answer your prayers or thoughts, live your talk as they say, manifest the changes within yourself first and soon they will manifest outside of yourself. In your quieter moments you will be able to lift yourself up and share our energies of great joy and happiness, share our Love and Light. Sharing is what life is about, give, give, give and what you do unto others will be done unto you. You can do this regardless of what your beliefs are in a religious sense, I came to Earth to show by my life exactly what could be when one lived it in accordance with the Laws of God; each and every one of you have that same potential. As with all things that are given for your evolution into that potential Christ Being, the power of Love is the key, you need nothing more, nothing less! Love begets Love, consciously spread it around and see how people are drawn to you, as you connect with them on a higher level as well as the earthly level; you are recognising the Oneness between each other.

I have never left the Earth, my presence has always been with you, I made that promise a long time ago. Soon I will walk amongst Man quite openly and for all to see, I know that this time I will be accepted for what I Am, the Son of God. I will bring my Brothers and Sisters with me and together we will restore the true understanding of the teachings that have been handed down over millennia of time. I will come in Glory knowing that you are ready for a greater teaching than the one I gave before. I come in great Love that we may restore the true Brotherhood of Man.

Open your hearts, let your Love fill the Earth until Love is All There Is

I am Jesus Sananda.