Sananda's message

October 6th, 2004

Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me

This is a day in the annals of time that will go down in infinity. This is a day in which all of you can rejoice and throw up your hands in ecstasy and a declaration of peace forevermore. For this is a day in which all the forces of light are gathered in one assembly and are garnering their truth to bring to your shores and mountains, lakes and streams.

Today, my dear ones is a day when all of the amphibian creatures are undergoing a transformation that will ring through the eons and sound the blessings of change within the aquatic kingdom.

I AM Sananda, and I say to you that this is a day in which there is a coming together of all the water life such as never was in the days when I produced the fishes from the one and fed the masses. This is a day when all of those ones of the waters are gathering in their own sovereign abilities and communicating the message of transmutation and abundance for all.

You may remember that when I produced those fishes it was for an example of what faith and knowing can do. I fed the masses and I showed them that they too can do this with the faith of a mustard seed and the will of love. Now it is time for the example to play out in the ones of the waters. They too, through their own abilities to comprehend the mysteries of Spirit, are able to instinctively translate the message into their own abilities to reproduce themselves in the way I did.

They are now in the throes of being able to bring their new frequencies of changed being to their present lifestream. They are becoming the frequency expression that they were back at the beginning of time. This will be a slightly gradual process in which they will be transformed. However it is already beginning, as is your process of ascension.

There will be no creature, no living matter left behind in this process. When the people of Gaia ascend, so too will all life on earth, and earth as well ascend. It will be as a rippling as all is transformed into the beautiful lightbodies while remaining on earth.

These aquatic animals and marine life are an integral part of the life expression on earth. They provide a measure of balance for all life on earth, through the expression of their particular ways of living in their own energy. They breathe in a way that translates itself to the plant life on the floors of the waterways, whether it be in the oceans or in the small rivulets in the streams as they meander through the hills and valleys.

They provide a sequence of life-giving recycled oxygen to the rest of the environment in which they live. In this recycled oxygen, they interact with the other forms of life, which give off chlorophyll and bio-carbons that in turn interact with the oxygen and feed the fish, thus continuing the harmonious cycle.

That is the way of it, my dear ones, and in this newest cycle that is undergoing a transformative process, we find that the result on the fishing industry will be to flounder for a while, as the transition is underway, and then to equalize itself into a different way of life. At that time you will likely see a whole new way in which the other earth life will interact with the marine life.

Imagine a seaside scene in which the sharks and dolphins play together and come to shore to intermingle for a few minutes with the people who gather to share their energies with them. Suppose if you will that the little fish and the huge whales swim in perfect sync, with the people of the world able to view them with their minds and watch them as they play their games and interact with each other. See the way that all the marine life support each other and combine their abilities to live and play, and in turn be a vital part of the ecosystem of the earth.

This my friends is what is coming. This is the way in which all the life of the earth will be in harmony. This and more is in store for all of you, and the tip of the iceberg is what I have expressed here today.

My dear ones, I come to the end of my tale of times to come, and I bid you a fond adieu for now. It is a beautiful day that dawns, and I encourage you all to give some loving thought to the marine life, and the agreement that they have made today. This is the beginning of the harmony that shall ring throughout all of eternity, and you are all a part of it. It is a vast wonderful new experience that you are coming into, and it is of your making, for the dream has been started and continues for all of time.

Thank you dear Master Sananda,