Sananda's message

May 31st, 2004

I am Sananda and I come today with a message of peace, trust and love for all.

As we travel through time, we see lot of examples of people being impatient, uneasy and eager to go face the action. They ask when, how, what will it be? The question "when" is very much profound.
As everything has its own timing, the timing is very essential. You can?t change the world without changing every being. If you change the world without changing the human being, you just put everything in working order for a disaster. Over here, we love every being on your planet, as we love you the same amount. It doesn?t matter if you are a boy or a girl, an ant or a tree or a human. It matters only in your perception.

We here see the great changes you already made in your belief systems, in your ability to contain the light, in your ability to be the light, in your ability to work with the light. We see the beauty of you, and we see the light spread throughout the world and touching every being on its way. We see the light intermixing with other light expressions of the other beings and just as mother Earth, we see that all light is answered by light. We marvel at the speed of transformation you are making upon earth.

During the next 2 weeks you have another great opportunity for changing. People don?t like changing, as you see at the outside of all daily circumstances. And yet within, for nobody to see, but here we see and enjoy it every much, the changing is stirring every part of the human being. This changing stirs at the core level and brings out the best and the worse of every human. When you see the rule, so within so without, you will see the level of chaos inside in the right way.

When you look at the fact of chaos in the world, and you give every part of the world a corresponding place in the human body, you will notice tremendous clues of what is going on in the world and in the humans.

The first clue I would like to give you is the clue of heart. The middle east is the place of the heart. The core energy of the heart is played out in the middle east. You see suppression of the energy by a foreign country. You see dogma?s controlling the free expression of being when we look at the country occupied with war on his neighbors. When we look at the belief system of the countries, we see the ideal of man being better then women, the suppression of female values, female expressions and yet we see also that the female energy has a way around it. So nothing is lost.

When we look in the western oriented cultures, we see countries having lost their roots to existence. We see people living as parasites on borrowed land. We see beautiful people aware of being a guest in this country and giving respect to this country. When they look at the way the natives live upon the land, upon the country, they find ways to live according the plan of living fitting to that part of the world. Then they find their roots, their way to love the Earth and live with all.

When we look at the way other cultures are losing their interest in their own way of living and accepting easily the restless, hasty consumption based culture of the Americans, we will weep for the lost young ones, who lost their way to the roots. We see a growing awareness to stay with ones own identity. As love is everywhere the same, love is most often the base of cultures, based on the bringers of the love message through ages of humanity. It will be a pleasure to see all the young ones looking at their culture and taking the responsibility to erase all fear based knowledge to be replaced with love, respect and understanding. This is what they are asking you, to guide them into this process, or to trust them and give them the lead in this process. The outcome will be lovingly the same.

When we look at the roots of the world, the societies based on rhythm, basic understanding of growth, love, being, we see an suppression of the very outing of the rhythm of life. The normal way of expressing is being put into regulations. If you do this, wait and see what happens with the young ones, the society. Aggression will take root, and this aggression is the root of all problems. You will face aggression at the inside of people, with an increasing of the suicide and aggression at the outside, more problems with people, with relationships between people.

When we see this overview we are very happy to see underneath the very beginning of the change, and more then that, the change is already a force to be reckoned with. Change is the key world of the world. Although everything looks the same and becoming worse, the death of a culture isn?t that easy. The change of the habits of the people in a growing awareness of Self, in a growing awareness of love and its ways of living in the light of love, can be seen as a darkening of the surface of the world. And yet it is a tremendous message of change, of light and love.

When time is a considerable part of the thinking of people, they overlook one important thing. Time isn?t important to the realms of light. When you ask for the timing, you keep your focus on the outside and this way the change wont get conscious help from you. Where you look for an answer, there is your focus. So the "when" question is out of question. Change and the involvement to get this change through your very system is important. What can you do to contribute to this change?

Starting with you as your own tool-set, starting with you as your own guide, what would you like to do? And are you doing what you like to do? Do you live your change? Do you change the way you act, the way you think, the way you buy your groceries? The inner has its way to the outer. So if you look at the change you make in your life, you see how much you have changed at the outside. I know that the change you like to make costs a lot of effort to be manifested in the outer world. I know and you know that it won?t be long and it will be changed.

So keep heart dear ones, we see the changes you already made in your life, we see the dedication of you all to change the world for better, to go on with living in love, in respect for all there is. We see your love for Her, the one who sustains you, the love from all of you for Mother Earth is beyond words. Although we don?t see it in the changes at this moment in the world, we know you love Her very, very much. And with this loved returned to you, the base of the change is a gift from Her to you. She takes you along on Her path, and with every change at your inside, every cleaning you do of ego matters, fear, and old pains you give a sign to Her, that you appreciate Her gift and that you are willing to go along with Her in her growth.

We love you all, when you eagerly ask when will it be, "will we see it in our time?" We smile when we see how many more souls upon earth are asking this question, compared with 10 years ago. We see the beauty of the process. We assure you that the outcome of this process is well secured in the hearts of humans, there where the spark of God resides within you. This enables you to trust the process, because the trust and the assurance of the process, of all, lies within your heart.
This way your heart is the one who will answer your question of "when". But most profoundly, your heart is your guide through this tremendous change you make inside yourself and through the change of the world you are making together.

With the trust you have inside you, you can?t stumble on your path of change towards love, a love based society. Everything is in perfect order. Everything develops as it should be. Keep this in your minds when you learn to trust your heart. Everything is as it should be. Every haste, every other emotion, tells you about the change you are making at this moment. The only answer you can give yourself is the trust we placed in your hearts. It is the trust given you by God, by the Source, by the Light. You can ask us to remember you that you are already all there is, for the trust you need is all yours.

With love, hope beyond words, for we see the outcome of the change already manifested in the future, we assure you that everything is well, everything is as it should be, and the way you are able to contact the trust in you, gives us a measurement of light being used in manifestation into love for the world and for yourself as well.

Keep on loving yourself as your neighbor. With the love of ages granted at your doorsteps, I will leave you this message of love and hope to you. You are well loved at our side, so love yourself dearies. Time will come when you see yourself and you see why it is easy for yourself to love yourself too.

Thank you for your message, Sananda.