Sananda's message

December 20th, 2004

Particles of Light

                            Wake up my little children
                            And you shall hear
                            Of lollipops and roses,
                            And music in your ear.
                            Wake up and begin your day
                            With energy galore
                            For you are the Christ Child
                            And shall live forevermore.

These words begin my message to you on this day of days. I AM Sananda,
and I come to you in celebration of what is. I come to you to show you
how so many times we are given the best there is, and yet are promised
the best is yet to come.

There is no looking back and wishing for a different past, for that is
done. What there is in the world of reality is that there is always
another chance for perfection, and in that reality lies the truth that
perfection is always present. Look around you and see how that plays out
in your world. Does it not bear well in all that you have created? Did
not the last moment lead splendidly to the next? Regarding your life
without judgment of the present or the past, allows for the perfection
to take you into the future.

When I first came onto this planet there was very little life, and
certainly none as you know it now. There were particles of life here,
and I was one of them. You see, I AM a particle of light, just as you
are. My beginnings, as yours, were contained in a particle of light,
part of the whole that is The Creator Source. From the beginning there
was light on earth, and indeed earth was light. Then an idea, a thought,
was born, and from that came an intent to be that which it was in

From that point came the furtherance of that idea, and matter was
created. As this matter took shape and identified itself with another
life as we know it began to evolve. It took double eons for this
evolvement to bring us to this place. As we look back and see the
changes, it can blow our minds, or it can render us in merciless
laughter at the thought. Or it can cause a stirring in us so profound as
to register as truth in our deepest knowingness.

My dear ones, this is a time of looking back and remembering the times
of new beginnings. It is a time of celebration of new life, not only of
a precious child, but of a new hope for humanity through the teachings
of this child. How did I do? Is there any doubt that the teachings have
been interpreted in as many ways as there are societies on this earth?
How do you think the earth would have evolved if I had not come as I
did? Would you all be gathering around a tree alit with particles of
light? Would you have found another one to cherish, and another one to
behold in glad tidings?

I say here and now that I believe you would have, for it was part of
your destiny to come home to who you are. I say that your inner memory
is so strong, for it is a part of who you are, that you would have
created the story in any way that brought you to this celebration and
knowing of yourselves through another.

My dear ones, I AM the one who reveres you, for you are the ones who
make sense of my life. You created me as surely as God created all of
you. You cried for sense in an insane world, even then, and you do the
same now. Do you see why I AM returning in each of you? You are once
again remembering that you have lost your way, and desire the reminder
of who you are, and why you called for me.

I AM the Way, and I AM the Light. I AM That I AM in the Light of All
That Is. You are the Light, and You are the All That Is. Come my dear
ones and we shall sing of the Glory that is All. For peace is in your
hearts and on your lips, and all you need do is bring it to your world
and see it spread exponentially.

And so it is. Blessings my dear ones.