Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

Was it really Saddam Hussein who the United States Armed Forces located and took into custody in Tikrit, Iraq?

I will answer your question using generic terms because as you will see, they are the most specific given the nature of your question. As the holidays come to a close and the new year dawns on the horizon memories of a somewhat pudgy and jolly being in a red and white suit and a white beard will begin to fade. But before they do, can you recall how many times this image appeared in your experience? Was it on a greeting card you received, on wrapping paper, or perhaps at your local shopping town? With so many "Sidewalk Santa's" and "Santa's Helper's" would you recognize the real one if you met him face to face? Does the real one exist? Do not think upon the answer with skepticism and disdain, but with the wonder and curiosity of a child. Are they not all real Santa's?

Most of the world believes that Saddam Hussein was captured, and they would like to believe that evil was captured in the process, but evil cannot be captured -- it can only be laid to rest. There are many Saddam Hussein's in the world and there always have been. They are not unique to this day and age. They are icons in the flesh, advertisements of injustice, corruption and greed. But how many other such icons present themselves to you daily? Why has humanity invested so much of its interest in this one? The icon called Saddam Hussein was captured, but the man was not. Still, a puppet without a puppet master or a stage to perform on is relatively harmless. There is a land in the underground realms of the earth called "Exile," and that is where old puppets go when they are no longer useful. I have answered your question and yet there is more. The capture of Saddam Hussein was just the beginning. It was a prelude intended to boost the morale of the parade of soldiers who are watching brothers in arms fall one by two and even more. After all, one must live with purpose or die with it, do you see? The parade of soldiers is the opening act for the parade of events that will soon unfold.

Again, do you know what the real Santa Claus looks like? Would you recognize him if he shaved his beard, dyed his hair, and wore different clothes? But he would never do that, you say, so the point is moot, or is it? Authenticity is a relative word today, so is "identical" and "original." When the light dances it displays a myriad of full spectrum color. The same holds true when shadows dance. I will ask of you that which is difficult in thought and deed: Have pity on the being that was captured for he is one many who have awakened in a different mind and some in a different body. He no longer has a true identity, only that which has been assigned to him. Even he is not certain if he is the real Saddam Hussein, he simply assumes it is true because the memories he has been assigned match the questions that are put to him. Waves of energy have been wrought upon and within him; do you believe that extra-terrestrial beings are the only ones capable of implants?