SaLuSa's message

(From Sirius)

October 7th, 2004

Sa Lu Sa on coming First Contact

I am part of the teams that await the signal that will tell us that it is time to reveal ourselves to the Beings of Earth. Over a long period we have prepared you for this wonderful event, during which time we have also made ourselves at the ready. The task has been delicate, because you have been isolated from us for so long that you have in past times believed yourselves to be the only living life-forms in the Universe. To find out that it is full of life, and very much of a form that you would recognise as humanoid, has had to be a gentle lifting of the veil that has shrouded you from us. Even now there is a fear element that prevails amongst some of you, and it goes back to times when you were instinctively cautious about the unknown. Trust in us can only be achieved by our continual presence, and evidence to you that we come in peace. You realise now that we are not a threat to you, and have no designs on taking over Earth and its occupants. On the contrary, we have always visited you with tasks that needed to be carried out for your safety. We have held Earth changes in check that were a danger to human life, and in ancient history you will find that we moved whole groups of people out of areas for safety reasons. Your past is full of incidents of our actions of service to you, but it is also clouded by the visitations of renegade ETs that had other plans for Earth.

I am aligned to The Galactic Federation, and our presence would never threaten or put you in danger. When we take our vow to serve the Light it is one that is taken very seriously, and if we erred we would be taken out of our position of responsibility. Like you, we are One in the family of God, and we honour the God within you and recognise you as our Brothers and Sisters. We also acknowledge your choice of experience to travel your own path of evolution, one which we would not interfere with, unless you invited us to do so. The renegade groups have no such intentions, and in some ways act very much as you do on Earth, which is why they have been allowed to make contact with you. There is however, a limit placed upon them as to how far we are prepared to let them go. In spite of everything that has been recorded of their current actions, they will not allowed to go any further. I refer mainly to the Greys and their interest in pursuing their own agenda, which is based upon a need for their own survival. Their contact with your Governments has been allowed, inasmuch that they turned away earlier offers from the Federation of Planets to help you onto your path of evolution. The choice was theirs, and so they reap what they have sown. However, that choice was not a collective one, and did not truly represent the wishes of the majority upon Earth. This has therefore given us the divine authority to intercede on your behalf, and keep the affect upon you under control. Many other Beings, have at different times in your very ancient history viewed the riches of Earth, and decided they wanted them for themselves. But it was not the Plan, and this is where your Galactic Federation have exercised their power and authority to protect you and Mother Earth.

At present, we are fully occupied in monitoring all of the activity that is taking place around you. It saddens us to see the ongoing conflicts that are fuelled by those who would rather inflict their regime upon you, with total disregard for life and property. But we keep things in check within the divine edict, although it does not allow us to interfere with your choices. This is not to say that we believe you are in approval of what is taking place. But if we were seen to be openly altering the course of your experience, we would be unduly influencing you in your right to make your own decisions, and determine your own future. Nevertheless, we are holding things in check, and attempts that are being made to escalate the chaos and carnage on Earth, have been thwarted by us. You are assured that the Creator has decreed that your dark forces can only go so far. They will not be allowed to use their heinous weapons of death and destruction to destroy planet Earth, and move into a position of global domination. In fact, changes are happening all over that tell us you are rapidly moving into the Light. The negative energies are being transmuted so quickly, that we envisage a situation where very soon we will be allowed to come openly to you, because you have given us that authority by your actions. We do know quite accurately how the balance of dark and Light is progressing, and I am pleased to tell you that you are on the verge of a massive breakthrough.

We see you as wonderful Beings, and brave faithful souls who although having experienced the depths of human degradation, have gloriously risen above it and shine your Light for all to see its magnificence. We are excited at the prospect of meeting you and offering our hand in Love and friendship. Your sojourn will soon be over and you will be feasted and praised in no small measure for your wonderful achievements. You will quickly find that you are able to work with us without any problems, and we shall help you restore your freedom and justice. Together we shall also remove the debris of centuries of wrong thinking upon Earth and restore it to its original pristine condition.

Look out for us as we draw nearer, and you may see us scouting in your skies. Our presence is becoming more open and we give you a glimpse of our wonderful craft that will be landing on your Earth as part of First Contact. My Love leaves its imprint with you, and know that Love also cascades to Earth in an unending flow from many great Beings that preside over your future.

I am from Sirius and ask you to be ready for the great day that beckons, as we are so near to you now.

Thank you Sa Lu Sa