St. Germain: What do you want out of Life?

2nd December, 2005


Take time to consider what it is you want out of life, and this will tell you how far you have come along your journey of self enlightenment. There is quite a difference in simply acknowledging God, as to bringing into your life all of the attributes of God. People have very different ideas about what their God expects of them. It was not too long ago that it was considered your duty to convert others to your beliefs, and many missions were sent into far away countries to do this very thing. It is an historical fact that even within your various countries there have been endless wars based on religious beliefs. Most were power based within the Monarchy of the day, and according to who reigned determined which religion was favored.


Today, in most countries there is religious tolerance to the beliefs of others. However, there is still a coming together of like kinds that keeps others at a distance and in separation. Is your understanding such that you could extend a loving hand to those not of your persuasion? Could you even seriously contemplate trying to understand where your beliefs have a common foundation, or perhaps the reasons why they differ? There is a lot of difference between you, yet you all profess to follow the teachings of God.


If you dare not look at the basis for your beliefs, you are hardly likely to look at another's. Yet if you are to progress, you will have to be more open and ready to seriously consider where your thinking may be in error. The period you are presently in is one of testing, and you have for example been forced to face the look at the face of Islam. In it you can see how powerful teachings can produce fanatical followers, and perhaps you reflect on your own beliefs and as to whether they could induce a similar response.


I would say there is a simple measure as to how far you have evolved, and that is in what you believe your God wants from you. Does God want you to be like God, one of pure Love that can be given freely and unconditionally? In fact does God want anything from you; because there is a view that believes God actually wants nothing from you at all. That would leave you like a fish out of water, if you presently believe that you are living the way that would please God, and would be approved. Pleasing your God was considered very important in past times, and blood sacrifices that included humans were not uncommon. God was considered one to be feared, and that wrath and anger could be vented upon you if you disobeyed God's laws.


As you are of God, and in God's image, it might follow that it would be a sensible idea to emulate all of the qualities of being Godlike. However, depending as to where you are in your understanding, you will find it hard to be in that space that allows for Unconditional Love. Humans have been brought up to be judgmental, and giving that up would require much discipline. Even now you live your life knowing that it is often a matter of the survival of the fittest. Yet, those who believe that God provides, can walk through a storm and stay calm, and accept whatever comes their way.


If God wanted nothing from you because he gave you freewill to experience, that might begin to make sense. You may however ask why in that case there are Commandments and Laws within the teachings of all religions. That is a good question, because you have no way of discerning which are alleged to be from God, or are man-made. Perhaps you should be more discerning yourself and ask the questions of your Higher Self, and determine what is in your best interests at present. What if there were false Gods that deliberately imposed their own demands upon you to keep you under their control?


Dear Ones you are on the path back to greatness, and soon you will again become a Being of Light. Would you still need the teachings from an era that was full of confusion and deliberate mis-representation? I doubt this very much, and indeed I know you would not. In your subconscious, there are many experiences that you call upon to decide what you believe in today. These affect your response to situations that confront you, and you are not necessarily going to always make the correct decision. All around you there are those being made that are anything but God inspired. These are Man's ways, and you can see the results that are in danger of leading Humanity down the path to complete ruin.


Think about your beliefs very seriously, and measure them against what you believe would best serve your interests, whilst also serving others. Remember that this a time of great changes, and your decisions will determine whether you lift yourself up. Do not weigh yourselves down with beliefs that are a relic of ages gone by, as when the Masters soon return to Earth there is to be a new dispensation. Otherwise live your life seeing all others as One with you. Live your life as a Love aspect of God, and give unconditional love without exception. If you can even aspire to this, you are well on the road to Ascension.


I am St. Germain and pose questions that may allow you to step aside for a moment, and consider where you are in your understanding as to what it means to be a Light Being: reflect as to where you are in your understanding of God, and if God requires anything from you. These are confusing times, as the old and new are running together but you will rise up through your dedication to the Light. You are developing a stronger link with your Higher Self, and that shall see you through the turmoil of this age. As ever, call on me or the Masters if you need our love, guidance or protection, as we are One with you.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey