October 20, 2004         By Patrick H. Bellringer

If life moves on in these United States of America, as planned by our "handlers", two weeks from today our national elections will be over, the dust will have settled in the voting booths, and we will be subservient to yet another evil puppet master, "elected" by the brain-dead and walking cement people.  America, when are we going to wake up?  We are only two weeks from pure hell!

People keep asking me, "What's up?  What's happening?", as if they didn't already know.  What they are really asking is, "What do you know from beyond this third dimensional world about our plight?  Is divine help coming?  How soon will we be bailed out of this mess?"  I say to you our Golden Age is here, but do we really want it?  Do we deserve it?

People talk about the up-coming elections and ask, "For whom are you going to vote?  I'm voting for Bush!  He's a good man, because he's a Christian!  No, I'm voting for Kerry, because he's the lesser of two evils".  Talk about brain-dead and walking cement people!  Why would one vote for evil people to hold our public offices and expect good to come from it?  Do you want to have four more years of struggle against our corrupt government and their "one world order" agenda, or do you want a change in government that NESARA would bring?  Do you want four more years of being slammed into prison for the violation of your rights given to you by Creator God?  Do you want four more years of your "money" and property being stolen from you by the bankers and tax collectors?  When you vote for evil people, that is what you will get!

Wake up, America!  You do not have to have four more years of corruption, fraud, and injustice.  Wake up, World!  You do not have to have four more years of war from the onslaught of the U.S. Military.  Wake up, people!  Cosmic Law dictates that you will get whatever it is that you truly want.

I am here to inform you that Earth Shan is not waiting for you to make up your mind, as to what it is that you want.  Our planet is moving rapidly into fifth dimension, as evidenced by the enormous and unreported numbers of earthquakes shaking our globe daily.  Volcanic activity is occurring today at a rate beyond anything recorded in this civilization's history.  More than 5,000 volcanoes are erupting under our oceans and warming the waters.  The "greenhouse effect" and global warming are a joke to cover the Truth.  Our polar icecaps are melting from the warmer ocean waters in preparation for a milder climate.  The sunken continents of Lemuria under the Pacific Ocean (The Sea of Peace) and Atlantis under the Atlantic Ocean are slowly rising.  The excess ocean water is reforming the protective water vapor layer or "firmament" above our planet's surface, that was lost eons ago.  Our weather is changing, as the negativity of our earth is being released.

The energies are changing rapidly, as more Light is streaming onto our planet.  The energy from our new helium sun is more intense, as evidenced by the increased heat we feel from our sun.  Our titanium moon is brighter, as it reflects the increased intensity of our helium sun, and the starships in the night sky that have replaced our stars, blink their rainbow-colored strobe lights, as they dance to the bells of Heaven, all in preparation for the coming changes.  Wake up, people!  Our planet is not waiting for your vote of approval.  Either you choose peace and goodness now, or you will continue with your war and evil chaos in another place and time.

By doing nothing, praying nothing, petitioning Creator God for nothing, thinking nothing, you will get what you have chosen by your inaction.  You will get all the chaos, the war and the suffering that you see around you, but not here!  You will leave this planet and experience all that somewhere else, because Earth Shan is moving rapidly into her Golden Age, where evil will not be allowed.  Wake up, people!  What is it that you want?  You do have a choice, and your choosing will make the difference.

Two weeks from today we could have another four more years of G.W. Bush.  Then expect all hell to break loose in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Sudan, and North Korea.  Expect the "Skills Draft" immediately of every male and female ages 18-34 in America, with no exemptions.  If needed, you will work somewhere in the government, local, state, federal or military, home or abroad.  Then in March, 2005 expect the "combat draft" for males 18-25 with no exemptions.  Expect more war, more taxes, less income, less freedom, less privacy, more dead family warriors, and much more pain and suffering.

Two weeks from today we could have four more years of Kerry, as our wealthy puppet leader, with exactly the same conditions as with G.W. Bush, except a different talking-head on the T.V. screen at the presidential press briefings.  Is that what we want, or do we really want an end to war?  The choice is ours!

America and our world must wake up!  Each one of us must acknowledge Creator God in our heart and ask for peace.  It is that simple!  If we would do that, we could have NESARA, now!

I ask that you, who are enlightened, you who are Lightworkers, you who understand what I am saying, to pray, as you have never done before.  Petition Creator God for NESARA, now!  Pray for peace on our planet, in our communities, and in our homes, now!   Pray for the removal from our planet of evil and of all those who are determined to do evil.  Pray for Love and Light to spread across Earth Shan in such a great wave, as to remove all evil energy from our beloved and beautiful planet, forever!

It is possible to have peace, now!  We do not have to wait two more weeks or four more years for anything.  Our prayer power can make the difference!  Miracles can happen!  Believe it, and it shall happen!  Help create the mass consciousness that shall bring in our Golden Age, now, October, 2004.  Creator God waits for us to act.  Creator God is waiting for our vote!  For whom will you vote?  I vote for peace, for NESARA, now!  AHO!

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