N E S A R A  UPDATE:  August 19, 2004
  By Patrick H. Bellringer

The storming of Baghdad by the U.S. War Lords in Iraq a year ago was all about controlling the Baghdad Super Stargate.  The Darkside Earth humans thought that by having control of this Stargate would allow the return of 4D Serpent People to help them lock down Earth Shan under a One World Order.  Ariel Sharon has been working hard to take control of the Super Stargate at the Dome of the Rock in Israel for the same purposes.  Now the fake U.S. President, Bush Jr. has ordered the withdrawal of some of the U.S. military troops worldwide.  Quoting G.W. Bush It's time to lighten up our military equipment in Europe, get the heavy stuff back here so it can be redeployed to where it might be needed.'

Now, what is really being said?  To know Truth we must usually read the Darkside's propaganda backwards.  This movement of U.S. military troops at this time is one final attempt by the Darkside to control the various Stargates around the world.  Such control would allow them the off-world help they need to control the planet.  Such is not to be.  Already many military personnel have been lost to the Baghdad and Dome of the Rock Stargates in attempts to control them.  The Stargates are at the 100th dimension frequencies of pure love, and anyone not of such frequencies, who enters their energy fields, are vaporized instantly.

The goal of the Darkside on Earth Shan is perpetual war until they control everyone and everything.  We have heard rumblings of a U.S. military draft or conscription of every able-bodied male and female to provide the necessary cannon fodder' for perpetual war.  Congressional bills have been introduced in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, but due to this election year, Congress has refrained from bringing the draft' to public attention by any formal debate.  Instead, they have allowed G.W. Bush to make an executive order', which has now become law without Congressional action, and which becomes effective in March, 2005.

The fighting in Najaf, Iraq is not as it seems.  The conflict is not to remove the Shiite militia, as insurgents to democracy in Iraq, but to control the Stargate at the sacred Shiite shrine, which the Shiite militia are protecting.  The Khazarian Zionist Bolshevik (KZB) camp of G.W. Bush, Ariel Sharon and Tony Blair have sworn to kill every Arab/Moslem on the face of Planet Earth Shan to make way for Jehovah God Satan's Kingdom on Earth.  According to Satan's war book' the Holy Bible', the Jews (Zionists) are God's Chosen People' and Israel from the Nile River to the Euphrates River is their Promised Land'.  We are to have perpetual war until the Serpent People win the day for their New World Order.  For those, who do not understand, the Bible contains some Truths, but most of it is untrue, done purposely to fool the people. 

My friends, I am here to tell you that such a New World Order shall never be.  While you were sleeping, Creator God made other plans for our most beautiful planet, known as Earth Shan in the Realms of Light.  Creator God has decreed that the reign of evil on our planet is now ended, and we shall have our Golden Age of Light.  The people of Earth Shan have spoken out against perpetual war, and are demanding peace.  They have created the overwhelming positive energies that are defeating the Darkside's negativity.  The Darkside is frantic, and are using every weapon in their arsenal against the Light, but to no avail.  The 100th dimension positive frequencies of pure Love have overwhelmed them.  Unless they return to the Light, the Darkside with all of their troops must now leave Earth Shan.

According to a communication received through Stardoves from Archangel Uriel, the people of Earth Shan were given one more window of opportunity' on August 15, 16, and 17 to choose the pathway of Light and Love.  Quoting, Over these three days, citizens of Earth will exercise their pure, individual freewill without any outer influences impacting them.  They will get to make a choice to serve the Light of God or stay in unawakened survival and fear.  There will be no more extensions.'

I believe that most people have made their choices for or against the Light.  I also believe that Heaven's Door is never shut against last minute decisions to travel the pathway of Love and Light.  We are at the change point for a new day on Earth Shan, a change for the better that many of us feel is long overdue.

Many people keep asking, When will the NESARA announcement be made?  When will I get my money'?   When will the war end?  When will we have peace?  Who will be the next U.S. president?  When will we have free energy?'  When will we have total healing technologies, a new gold standard banking system, the end of income tax, the end of poverty and homelessness and on and on. . . .

Due to freewill choices deadlines have come and gone with no NESARA announcement, no money, no world peace, no healing technologies, no gold banking system, no end to taxes, poverty and homelessness.  Nothing has changed it seems.  Things have only gotten worse.

Things have changed.  Life is change, and all is happening in Heaven's perfect timing.  What if I told you that there is to be no NESARA announcement as you have been told, and that there is to be no money?  Would you be totally depressed and stressed?  If I told you that we are to have no more evil, world peace, a world-wide Galactic government, total healing, no poverty or homelessness, and our planet in total balance and harmony---all happening in an instant, would you be joyous?

In the blur of channeled nonsense today there is much competition for an audience to satisfy the ego, to have the latest word from some supposed ascended being, or to be the one to present the latest and most profound prophetic statements.  The Truthseekers become confused in this whirl of words.  Those who lack wisdom and discernment become stagnated in their search for Truth.

My friends, Truth is simple!  Truth does not confuse people!  Truth is concise, precise, logical and easily understood by anyone.  If you do not believe me, go and check out the Truth presented by the Master Truthbringer, Esu Immanuel Sananda in the book of Matthew of the Bible or in Phoenix Journal number two entitled, And They Called His Name Immanuel, I Am Sananda'  posted on www.fourwinds10.com/journals

The Truth is that NESARA was born many years ago by enlightened souls with the guidance and assistance of the Ascended Masters and Angels of Light.  By freewill choices of goodness and much hard work NESARA was created and brought forth to be the fulcrum for change in our time.  Yet the efforts of 3D humans could not bring NESARA to fruition against the efforts of 4D spiritual evil beings.  The Truth is that Creator God allowed the 3D humans to carry the NESARA ball' as far as they could toward the finish line' to learn their lessons in soul growth and to exercise their creative thought-power for good.

Because the NESARA ball' has not yet been brought to the finish line', does not mean that any of the Lightworkers have failed in their tasks.  It means that they have done their best, and their best is all that Creator God expects of anyone.  Creator God has now ordered the beings of higher dimensions, the Forces of Light, to pick up the NESARA ball' and carry it to the finish line'.  That is the only way we could ever win against the 4D Darkside.

We on Earth Shan are now at that point in history of which Esu Immanuel told his disciples 2000 years ago.  We are at the end times'.  We are at the point in history of Esu Immanuel's promised second coming' of which the Christian community speaks.  We are at the point of the NESARA announcement, but not as you have been told.

Esu Immanuel's return shall bring instant peace on earth and goodwill toward all the people, as the darkness flees away.  Our earth shall be restored to her full glory, and we shall have Heaven on Earth.  In fifth dimension there shall be no need of money.  We will be able to thought-create what we need or it will be provided for us.  We shall live under Galactic Law and obey the Laws of God and Creation.

Those who have chosen the path of Love and Light shall enter this Golden Age of Peace.  They shall have instant healing and restoration to the age of their choosing.  They shall have happiness and joy and peace and rest, such as they have never known.  All shall be actively involved in learning, helping and teaching others, and   doing what they love to do, as they continue their pathway of perfection in soul growth back to Creator God.

Does this sound like the NESARA you know?  You have been told of the Dove NESARA' and the Sheldan Nidle NESARA', which are yet tied to human freewill.  The big question to be answered is How dependent is the NESARA announcement on the freewill of the people?'  If you believe that NESARA is still tied to 3D freewill, then NESARA is probably yet a long way off or even never.  If you believe that NESARA is no longer tied to 3D freewill, then NESARA is under Creator God's authority and could happen at any moment.

Esu Immanuel was very clear about his return being quite sudden and without warning.  His return would bring an instant end to the reign of darkness on Earth Shan.  His return would bring total peace worldwide.  Creator God's Kingdom on earth would be one of Peace and Light and Love and Joy.

 Things will not be as you have been told.  Esu Immanuel told his disciples that at his return ( second coming) two people would be working in the field or grinding at the mill, and one would be taken and the other left behind.  The lie perpetrated by the Christian Church was that the one taken' would go to Heaven' in the rapture'.  Quite the opposite is the Truth.  The one taken' will be going to another 3D lifestream, while the one staying will participate in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  The rapture' off the planet is for those who have chosen not to follow the pathway of Light.  Esu Immanuel is the appointed one to trigger these events.   Creator God has told us that Esu Immanuel Sananda is in charge of Earth Shan's transition into fifth dimension, and that that time is now.  We are now in that time of change for which our world has long awaited.

As our planet's frequencies continue to rise each day, low frequencies clash with higher frequencies.  Those walking the Dark pathway are experiencing physical deterioration and much illness and disease.  As a result there is now an exponential increase in the death rate worldwide.  High frequencies cause evil ones to become more evil, and those who are good' to increase in goodness.  Those of high frequencies are more happy, at peace within, are being healed of their illnesses, and are becoming younger.  The Age of Enlightenment is happening right before your very eyes.  Be discerning of the signs of the times and rejoice.

These are the end times', the NESARA times.  We shall not have perpetual war.  That time has ended.  We shall have perpetual peace!  Our task is to choose wisely the pathway of Light.  Our task is to dump the garbage, the baggage that would hinder us in traveling the Lighted pathway.  Our task is to be at peace within, to offer a helping hand to our fellow travelers, and to extend compassion to all.  To do so is to prepare for our own ascension; for our final task is to ascend with our beautiful Earth Shan into the Realms of Light.  We shall have Heaven on Planet Earth in fifth dimension, and that time is now!  Just be ready!  Surely I am coming soon.'  Amen.  Come, Sananda!  Aho!

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