What's this all about then?

Osiris = male, creation, mani(n)festation
Isis = feminine, nurturing seedbed, creatrix of time-space
Or = duality, male-feminine split, duality game

The silver+electrum spiral in the middle is an artist's impression of DNA
DNA can be seen as a male and a feminine snake, a basic split from the Stilness of Being.
This basic division of wholeness creates a force-field, an area of existence.
Adventuring this energy creates motion.
Two slightly seperated aspects of unity in playful interaction.

Via the snakes we come to the eyes of Horus.
Left eye = right brain hemisphere = feminine,
right eye = left brain hemisphere = male.
Mastering them both brings balance into existence.
This balance - the Alpha and Omega in the falon's hands - allows motion of flight up the spiral of Source,
the zero-point, zeal into the DNA; E(nergy)-motion
The sun disk embraced and supported by the moon brings us full circle to a joyful balance between she and he.

And you know what? There's another universe mirroring ours.
I guess it's tough to be a man over there.


Enjoy life, enjoy yourselves.