Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.

This means to seek and demand the Truth be shown to you so that you must develop that ability to discern and judge all information, actions and behavior with self and others which go against the laws of balance given forth by GOD and The Creation. This also means that when information is put before your attention, you must ask the FATHER within you to show you whether or not it is true and ask for the Father to give you the verification you need for understanding the Truth in all information and situations which HE puts before you. THIS means you must have the courage and the determination to conquer the fear, apathy and ignorance within your altered ego to ACHIEVE THE WISDOM OF KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH!



You shall honor God as the Ruler of the human races and follow His Laws for HE is the "King of Wisdom".



This means you must recognize that your soul existence and your life on this plane is only possible by the wondrous grace of God, your Creator. You must recognize and honor HIS HOLY PRESENCE within you AND ALL THAT IS, because it is by HIS HOLY GRACE that you shall be able to receive his guidance and instructions for WHAT your service is to God and The Creation to maintain the glory of light and love and life in constant unfoldment of the glorious mystery of the ONE. In other words, YOU will learn to understand and be always connected with the ONENESS of ALL THAT IS in Creation.

Now, to remember and understand this, THE LAW of ONE, you must realize that ALL beings AND creations are EQUAL OR EVEN in reflection of and importance to THE ONE GOD, only that each is simply DIFFERENT in abilities, talents, and beingness as an EXPRESSION of THE ONE ALL THAT IS. Contrary to perhaps your own "opinion", You as A HU-MAN (Higher Universal Man) are NOT superior or inferior in importance to the tree, the rock, the bird or ANY other being or creation of THE ONE. You are simply ONE of THE HOLY FATHER'S vehicles of motion for expanding and experiencing the JOY of continuous unfoldment of THE CREATION. You see, there cannot exist any separation, ALL come from the ONE great Source of all THE CREATION and all will return to our source, THE ONE.

Also, you must understand the true nature of the laws of Balance given forth by our FATHER as it relates to HUMANS granted with the GIFT of FREE WILL. For example: If ALL humans were removed from this planet, do you think that the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms would remain in balance? The correct answer is MOST DEFINITELY YES! Because they belong to the kingdom of God which was created to maintain a wondrous Planet in Balance. You as humans who were given FREE-WILL and reasoning ability to choose to balance within the laws (or not), were also sent to God's CREATION as Guardians. What have you done to her by choosing to live in the lie of destruction which is the ANTI-Christ? Are you proud of the pollution you pour into her waters, and soils and air-space? This is the very water, soil and air-space YOU depend on for your physical survival. WHERE is the REASONING for this sort of corruption? Why do you crowd out and not honor the right to life of the others of God's Sacred Kingdom, such as the trees, the minerals, and the animals? What have YOU CHOSEN with YOUR Gift of FREE-WILL? Most of the Mass Consciousness of humanity have chosen death and destruction to themselves and the planet because they BELIEVE and are blinded by the lies of the Anti-Christ. They are possessed by the blindness and ignorance of their own "altered" ego.

So now that you recognize that most ones have chosen, with their wondrous free-will, NOT to Maintain the Balance of the Laws of God and The Creation, you might ask yourself, "So what happens now?" There is a point which is reached when God must decide whether HE will preserve and RETURN BALANCE to a kingdom of His that is lost in the darkness and ignorance of the Anti-Christ, or whether He will allow the Anti-Christ to consume itself AND the planet it is sustained by.

We will give you the example of THIS kingdom of God, beloved planet Earth. She is called "The Emerald" of this universe; she is a most glorious creation and she is ALIVE, a BEING OF GOD'S LOVE. She is a part of the human experience, and the human experience is a part of her. All of the pollution of the thoughts, words and deeds from the humans here is now a part of HER, as well as existing within the humans who created them. She has been raped, pillaged and plundered by those who were to be her guardians. SHE has ALLOWED you to make her your playground of HELL and she has CRIED OUT TO GOD FOR HELP AND MERCY. As have many of YOU who now KNOW your only HOPE will come from the LOVING Grace and Mercy of OUR Divine Father! And GOD has answered HER Plea in his infinite Love, Compassion and Mercy. The Promise: She will be allowed to cleanse herself from within and without of ALL the Anti-Christ smothering her .... SHE WILL BE REBIRTHED INTO A CHRISTED BEING OF PERFECTION! And so too, the humans WHO choose to align in balance with the laws of God and The Creation will also receive graduation into the Kingdom of God in the Higher dimensions of LIFE within the DIVINE CREATION. NONE will be spared the ultimate choice between the Kingdom of LIGHT and LOVE that is GOD's kingdom, or to remain in the kingdom of THE ANTI-Christ ... which is the desolate, hollow darkness of lies, deception and destruction.

What we are describing to you is that YOU each NOW have the opportunity to move your awareness from UNCONSCIOUS (current 3rd ) to CONSCIOUS (new God 4th & 5th Dimensional experience) IMMORTALITY. Meditate on the meaning of that statement of Truth! May you wisely choose the glorious FREEDOM of the CONSCIOUS IMMORTALITY OF GOD, TRUTH, LOVE and LIGHT!



This means that there is NOTHING in material manifestation for you to worship as your GOD. There are no temples nor churches, deities or crosses that need be the places or images to worship in or of. Nor are there any priests, ministers, rabbis OR ANY OTHER HUMAN who may act as representatives BETWEEN you and God. You see, EACH and every one of you Human Beings carries with you the TEMPLE OF GOD WITHIN YOU! You are the temple. And so with this truth in mind you might ask yourselves, WHERE do YOU take God in your life journey?

So you must not place the attainment and hoarding of "worldly" treasures above the attainment of your spiritual wisdom and perfection lest ye "die" in the darkness of spiritual poverty. A good example of this false image of "worship" is quite prevalent now in your societies and that is THE WORSHIP OF GOLD. If you make the accumulation of gold (money) your first preoccupation for the sake of having more and better "things" and possessions, you are pushing God out of HIS temple and the Anti-Christ will become your constant bedfellow, urging you to consider ONLY your material desires, promising you greatness and importance ABOVE your brothers, so that eventually God within you becomes but a glimmer of what was once the flame of your eternal GOD EMPOWERMENT within. And if YOU allow your Altered Ego POSSESSION by the Anti-Christ to rule your being, the Anti-Christ will not stop until your flame of life is extinguished and your spirit is left ALONE and naked to stand before self and God in the agony of self-judgment of the transgressions against HIS HOLY PRESENCE.

So this means that you must become and remain "detached" from your "worldly" treasures, because they do not go with you to the kingdom of GOD, nor does the "amassing" of great "worldly" treasures bring you SPIRITUAL wisdom. Your preoccupation with "amassing" great worldly wealth brings you only the emptiness of spiritual poverty. You cannot serve your SPIRIT and serve The Anti-Christ. Serve only your SPIRIT WITHIN and the Anti-Christ will have no place to dwell within your temple.



This means that within the Christ circle of infinity, which is the Christ Consciousness of ONE, you must recognize the tremendous and Wondrous Love that our Lord God has for you to allow your experience in HIS kingdom of life unfolding. You and ALL THAT IS are but the reflection of HIS LOVE and JOY of The Creation before him. You are his co-creator in the infinity of The Creation and you are the co-creator of HIS jubilant Self-discovery within the unfolding manifestations of the mystery of the ETERNAL ONE. So when you despise yourself or another, you despise the very SPIRIT of LIFE ETERNAL and it all exists within YOU. You see, OUR Great Central Sun, The ONE Eternal Light is beckoning to you: I AM THE LIGHT, I AM THE JOY, I AM THE LOVE, I AM THE TRUTH, I AM THE ADVENTURE, I AM THAT I AM .... AND SO ARE YOU! YOUR TICKET TO THE ETERNITY THAT I AM IS YOUR LOVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OF LIFE WITHIN SELF AND ALL THAT IS!

Also remember that in your physical world, you have a physical body which you are given to use to house YOUR SPIRIT OF GOD WITHIN. You must take care of the needs of the body with proper food, water, clothing, shelter, exercise and rest so that you remain vibrant, clean and healthy in order to perform, with honor, the service of GOD. So too, you must not knowingly "poison" the body with the ingestion or inhalation of devastatingly harmful and addictive "drugs" whether they be of "legal" or "illegal" status by Earth standards. The spirit of God within you needs no "mind" altering to connect and commune with THE HIGHEST DIVINE LIGHT OF THE ONE ALL THAT IS.



This means you shall not cast BLAME against or curse another IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER in your thoughts, words or deeds. You must take full responsibility for your own errors or transgressions against self or others. And so when you blame, curse, resent and condemn another being you are ALSO blaming, cursing, resenting and condemning GOD your Creator, who exists as the flame OF IMMORTAL LIFE WITHIN YOU and WITHIN ALL OTHERS. So as you cast outward the blame of irresponsibility and denial, it must return to you UNTIL the lesson is learned by YOU who is the creator of the transgression in the first place upon THE ONE self.

Also, you must not knowingly and purposely deceive or lie to yourself or others in the name of YOUR HOLY FATHER. So when you say, "I swear this to BE the total truth in the NAME OF GOD", you had better KNOW that to be a factual statement or you have dishonored GOD'S SACRED NAME for your own selfish altered ego means. This does NOT

mean that with the tyranny that exists with the INJUSTICE SYSTEMS of the world, that you must sacrifice YOUR LIFE for the telling of a truth in a court of the unlawful. In this case (as in all situations you encounter) you must use your GOD-given senses and ask for HIS guidance and protection in your circumstance. This in no way means you will not tell the truth as you perceive it to be, but you must TRUST THE POWER OF GOD WITHIN YOU to always give you what you need for guidance and protection. This is what Immanuel told the Pharisees and scribes about "oaths":

"Woe unto you, you blind leaders of false teachings who say, 'If a person swears by the temple, that does not count, but if a person swears by the gold on the temple, that binds him.' You fools and blinded ones, you are the offspring of evil; why do you let people swear knowing that an oath is not binding and is a worthless act? How can you say that if a person swears through sacrifice, that is binding? You blind and false teachers, who gave you the right to demand an oath or to swear, since the Laws of The Creation state that oaths should not be given? Your speech should always be yes, or, no. Therefore he who swears by anything on Earth or the Universe, swears by something fleeting, which is without any substance and therefore, an oath is of no substance either. Therefore, he who swears by anything commits a crime with respect to the truth of his word and makes it doubtful."

(Isn't it interesting that in a court of "law", ones are required to hold the "false" Bible and swear an oath of truth to the court? Where do you suppose that requirement came from? Perhaps from Freemasonry?)

It is important to remember that ignorance of the Truth is acceptable FOR A TIME, but remember GOD within YOU will give you many opportunities to turn your ignorance into THE WISDOM OF KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH. And if you are truly a servant to the ONE ALL THAT IS, you will ALWAYS welcome THE LIGHT OF TRUTH to shine within and before you EVEN if you find the truth to be abhorrent within your very being. This means that you cannot hide behind the BLIND ignorance which rules you by fear and denial of responsibility. THIS is NOT acceptable ignorance in God's Kingdom because you thereby become the servant of the Anti-Christ and have therefore GIVEN your life into the hands of evil.

Here is an example of unacceptable ignorance: (This FALSE BELIEF applies to many who consider themselves part of the "so-called" New Age movement.) Ones are given the wisdom of TRUTH that says yes, "YOU are GOD and so you create your own reality." Many ones have falsely interpreted that to mean, "I can now ignore the reality I have ALREADY contributed to the creation of and it will no longer be my responsibility because I am God." This is a prime example of how the Anti-Christ will twist and alter the truth and maintain his playground of deception. Just because you choose to IGNORE the disease and corruption within your government, for example, that does not mean YOU are now exempt from responsibility. WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENS TO ALL THAT ENERGY OF ALL THE THOUGHTS, WORDS, DEEDS AND ACTIONS YOU HAD BEFORE YOU BECAME (In YOUR perception) A "MASTER" OF "POSITIVE" MANIFESTATION? Do you perhaps think that POOF! GOD JUST EVAPORATES IT FOR YOU AND YOU ARE NO LONGER RESPONSIBLE?!? Or do you think to yourself, "Well, this government corruption and war and economic crises and possible food shortage is all just Doom and Gloom Ugliness that others choose to acknowledge and it's not my fault, so as long as I don't bring it (doom & gloom) within my reality, it's not true and doesn't exist for me." We have news for you ones, if you believe that nonsense, you have become a tool of apathy for the Anti-Christ POSSESSING YOU! ALL are connected to the POOL OF MASS Consciousness of Manifested ILLUSION on this plane. If you choose to only SELECTIVELY accept the "truth" which is comfortable for you and doesn't upset YOUR illusion of reality, then you have also DENIED THE HIGHEST COMMAND OF THE LAW OF THE CREATION: ACHIEVE THE WISDOM OF KNOWLEDGE INASMUCH AS THIS WILL ENABLE YOU TO WISELY FOLLOW THE LAWS OF CREATION.



Now within the "so-called" Christian Bible , this law has been interpreted as "A" day and the day that was chosen by HUMANS was the one called SUNDAY and also called "The Sabbath". This was the day which HUMANS said that NO work could be done and you must go to THEIR Church and pray, repent and give thanks because this was God's day. We must tell you this is not correct because ALL days in the Kingdom of God and The Creation are HIS . This means you must keep ALL of your Days HOLY in reverence to THE DIVINE HOLY ONE PRESENCE OF GOD WITHIN ALL OF THE CREATION. EVERY day you must, as a part of your prayer, acknowledge and give thanks and HONOR unto God and The Creation for ALL the blessings of abundance, Wisdom and LIFE which THE FATHER WITHIN YOU has bestowed upon you. Remember this about the true purpose and POWER of Prayer and Meditation. PRAYER is Asking for guidance from the Father within for WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW IN ORDER TO SUSTAIN IN HIS SERVICE, "AND IN ALL THINGS, FATHER, NOT MY WILL, BUT THINE WILL BE DONE." MEDITATION then is RECEIVING that information from the Father within to sustain in HIS service. Eventually, YOU will ALL be in a constant state of meditation and communion (mutual participation or sharing) with the Divine Father within.

Now, Sunday has also been called God's day of rest. This is not logical. What about the farmer who has animals and his fields to tend? This is not to say that you cannot rest. But your rest may be on a Monday or a Wednesday or maybe just an hour or two each day. It will be different for every human depending on the conditions of his service to God. WHEN the cycle of time comes when all is returned to the ONE of THE CREATION, there is a period of what might be termed as "rest". This means that life as you know it in this illusion will cease to exist. It is one of the Great Mysteries which measures in cycles the ebb and flow of THE ONE OF ALL THAT IS. Until that time, GOD within you will guide you as to when the necessary times of rest are for you.



This wondrous law has most often been taken only in the quite literal sense. AND it is true, you must honor the ones who were the vehicles for your SOUL being sent here by the Grace of God, THE SAME AS YOU WOULD HONOR ALL THE BEINGS OF LIFE CREATED BY OUR CREATOR GOD AND THE CREATION. This means that as a babe and child you are dependent upon your parents, or others, to sustain you physically in the very least. There is also the tremendous responsibility that those who choose to be "parents" - defined as "a Father or Mother; or any organism that generates another; a source or cause" have. THEY are also choosing to be teacher and guardian for you, one of GOD'S CREATIONS. They are also entrusted by GOD our Creator (whether THEY know it or not) with the responsibility of giving YOU the tools to become self-sufficient and sustain in HOLY GOD's service for the remainder of this life-time. This is why in the more spiritually aware Kingdoms of God, ALL beings are NOT given the responsibility for the pro-creation of the species.

Firstly, it is an honor that is EARNED by the parents who completely understand THEIR responsibility to TEACH the laws of balance of God and The Creation. Secondly, Pro-creation of the species IS TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY by your more spiritually advanced brothers on other planetary systems. (See Law #15.) The reason is that THEY recognize and honor the TRUTH of the LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION. You see, THEY HAVE LEARNED THAT THE SPIRITUALLY WEAK WILL PASS ON THEIR DIS-EASE, APATHY, IGNORANCE, AND MISUNDERSTANDING TO THEIR PROGENY, thus spreading the insidious cancer and DESTRUCTION of THE ANTI-CHRIST throughout their species. THEY KNOW THAT THESE CHILDREN OF GOD ARE THEIR PROMISE FOR THE BALANCED CONTINUATION OF THEIR SPECIES. So it goes that the pro-creation responsibilities are monitored VERY carefully to maintain Balance of the species within the laws of GOD and The Creation. EVERY child is LOVED and carefully tended and instructed by ALL who have EARNED this, one of the most important responsibilities of any HUMAN, THAT OF BEING A "PARENT" FOR GOD!

Now the other purpose for and meaning of this law is that you shall honor the Mother and Father Principle of ALL THAT IS IN THE CREATION. A very wondrous example is that you must honor THIS beloved Planet Terra who represents the Mother principle in that she nurtures and sustains the lives of All Creatures of God who exist here. And you must Honor our Father GOD who gives forth the seed of the Spirit of ALL life within the ONENESS of ALL THAT IS. Of course God IS the Mother/Father principle in HARMONY, BALANCE AND MOTION and so there exists the Mother/Father UNITY and BALANCE IN ALL FRAGMENTS OF THE DIVINE CREATION.



In the Bible of the "so-called" Christians, this law is written simply as "Thou Shalt Not Kill" which leaves room for misunderstanding of interpretation. What this law means is you shall not WISH death upon another human being of God in YOUR THOUGHTS as well as you shall not commit physical murder of another human.

This rule does not mean you cannot defend yourself and your family if your lives are threatened, because that is SUICIDE which is SELF-MURDER and so also against God's laws. You must not ever choose suicide of your body because you feel worthless and "can't" go on, because you dishonor the life-force of God within you. Only God within you must decide the end of a physical life-stream. That time will only come when your purpose and mission is accomplished so that the process and Divine Plan of God for your spiritual growth will not be interrupted. The remorse of the soul is oftentimes much greater AFTER the suicide of the body is accomplished than in the perceived "altered" ego illusion of suffering BEFORE the life-stream is terminated.

Just remember that when you honor God within yourself and ALL THAT IS and you truly understand the laws of balance given by our Divine HOLY ONE, you would never consider the self-punishment of suicide. You will simply CHERISH every living breath you take in the Gift of LIFE of God and The Creation!

Oh yes, and for those of you who label yourselves "Feminists" and "Pro-Choice" which usually means PRO-MURDER of one of GOD's children, remember this: THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTAL PREGNANCIES. If you become pregnant, which is being the vehicle for one of God's new creations, CHOOSING an abortion because of YOUR selfish and irresponsible sexual behavior IS STILL MURDER any way you look at it. Remember you each are given, along with your "Free Will", PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for all of your thoughts, words, deeds and actions. There are definitely many possibly undesirable "effects" to illicit and wanton, lustful sexual activity. Pregnancy and Disease are two obvious results which do and have occurred more often than not.

Now, IF a woman is forcefully and violently RAPED against her will and becomes pregnant, then SHE must commune with God within her as to whether or not HE will terminate the pregnancy. So it will not be HER "altered" ego choice or will but THE FATHER'S WILL WITHIN HER WILL BE DONE. This is usually what a miscarriage is, THE FATHER'S WILL. No ONE else will make this decision for HER, ONLY THE FATHER WITHIN HER!



The literal definition of "adultery" in your dictionary is: "The voluntary sexual intercourse of a married person with someone not the spouse." Now, the reason for this law, which still applies now, was that well before and at the time that the Commandments were presented by to the people, they were mostly simple-minded, ignorant, illiterate and God-FEARING because of their previous false teachings given by the religious/empire leaders of their "time".

The problem was that (throughout your "past" history) many young men and soldiers would lustfully spread their fertile seed in the sexual act to MANY various young, willing women whom they met within their daily lives and in their travels from village to village. (Times have not changed much, have they?) The obvious result was that many women became pregnant, and usually by that time the man was long gone, to war or to the next village. So she would be left alone with the responsibility of birthing and raising her child. Many women could not "handle" this unexpected responsibility AND the desertion of who they usually thought to be THEIR man. Many women, overcome by the horror, shame and guilt of the circumstance, killed themselves and their unborn by trying to abort the child. Many women were left on the streets, unless they had friends or family who would take care of them. And many women abandoned their birthed child, sometimes at the doorstep of a church or orphanage, but also some would leave the child to die in some dark and desolate place. So thus the necessity of this law, "You must NOT commit adultery." (See law #15, "You must obey the wisdom of God for the responsibility you have of BALANCED Pro-Creation of your species".)

So in his loving mercy and infinite wisdom, God created the commitment of Marriage or Wedlock defined in your dictionary as: "A legal contract by a man and woman to live together as husband and wife." (In the higher realms it is a very serious and joyful commitment and is called DIVINE UNION.) In this way HE planted the seed of JOINT responsibility of this husband and wife to each other AND to any offspring they produced. This is why Marriage is to be considered one of the MOST serious and SACRED commitments TO GOD!

Now we will quote some of the actual teachings given on this subject of THE FATHER'S WORD given by The Master Teacher Jesus, from the book (now in print, as part of The Phoenix Journal Series) entitled AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL; I AM SANANDA . Nearly 2000 years ago when the Master Jesus, Esu, Immanuel was asked about the commitment of marriage and the rights of men and women. This is what he said:

"All good things were given unto you and you received the Laws according to which you are to live. You should adhere to these and additional laws, so that you shall prosper on Earth and have peace in your families; remove the power of the old law that women shall be subject to man, since she is a person equal to man in spirit respect, and has equal rights and obligations. There are many distortions in the laws since they were given forth by God and the Celestial Sons, for men have built them to be suitable unto themselves.

"When a man marries a woman, he shall pay to the most trusted steward the handling of her possessions, as a price of security, lest she suffer from lack of her necessities. The price should be calculated in such a way that for each year of her life one hundred pieces of silver should be the basis, measured according to her knowledge, her ability, and her strength, provided her health is not lacking. The price is not to be considered as that of a "purchase", for no person may be sold or bought, but as security for the woman lest she suffer lack. (Amount and type of financial security for "modern" times will be adjusted accordingly. For further clarification of Immanuel's statements read PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS VOLUME 1 & 2 pages 34-40.) [no longer in print]

"The bond of matrimony between man and woman should be permitted only if both are of mental competence and capable of leading a marriage in accordance with the law. (Note: that is GOD'S LAW).

"If, according to predetermined agreement, no price is paid, the law applies: the man must supply the needs of the wife regarding all of her necessities.

"The inability of a wife to bear children, or a man's inability to sire children is no reason for divorce, nor does she or he deserve other opinions or actions.

"The only reason for divorce is that of adultery, that is the destruction or endangering of spirit, the body, or the life of the members of one's own family unit. If a person is divorced by his own actions of adultery, he should be sterilized, for he is unworthy of life and its laws for he has responded to the selfish lustful drives of pleasure-seeking and has cast aside all responsible behavior." (End of quoting.)

Now, in the literal translation in order for ADULTERY to occur, then one or the other or both of the two adulterers would have to have made the vow of marriage. In God's Kingdom of Truth, this vow of DIVINE UNION made between two, a man and a woman to live together as ONE, is taken most seriously indeed because it is a commitment made to THE FATHER WITHIN, EACH TO THE OTHER for that entire life-stream . It is a contract with GOD rather than a legal contract of the human experience. This means that a man and woman who cohabit together as "lovers" without a "so-called" legal contract must make THE SAME COMMITMENT to God as those who have the "so-called" legal contract, whether THEY realize it or not. It is NOT necessarily always a contract made to God to PRO-CREATE the species because many who choose DIVINE UNION may not choose, be able, or be qualified to fulfill that (pro-creation) service to THE ONE FATHER. (RE-READ Commandment number 6 where we discussed the responsibility of PRO-CREATION). But both "lovers" STILL HAVE THE SAME RESPONSIBILITY (as a "legally" married couple) for the offspring they may produce. If they only choose cohabitation because of sexual lust or other selfish reasons, they have, thus, denied THEIR responsibility to GOD, and they will suffer the consequences of their actions at the hands of evil. (See law #13, "As you sow, so shall you reap" also known as, "The Law of Cause and Effect".)

Does this mean that DIVORCE, defined as: "1. Dissolution of a marriage bond by legal process OR accepted custom. 2. Any radical or complete separation", goes against the laws of God and The Creation? YES AND NO! You see it depends on the TRUE circumstances experienced by the divorcing couple. For example: Since your commitment in life is always FIRST IN SERVICE TO GOD, then ideally, your chosen partner in marriage must support YOUR commitment as well as his/her commitment to THE HOLY FATHER.

If, for example, your partner batters you and/or your children physically or emotionally and thus does not support or honor either his or YOUR commitment in service to GOD, then you are no longer bound by your contract/bond of marriage. Why would GOD bind you and your children to a commitment of SUFFERING and PUNISHMENT? It is not logical. But, if your partner decides that he/she wants to divorce you because you are just no longer attractive to him/her physically and sexually, THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE REASON FOR DIVORCE. Let's take that example further. Say your partner is no longer attracted to you and decides to find sexual satisfaction elsewhere; he/she has committed ADULTERY, (re-read above quote by Jesus Immanuel) and if you choose to do so, it IS an acceptable reason for divorce. The reason is that not only has your partner broken his/her commitment with YOU and HIMSELF, BUT in the act of Adultery he has broken his commitment TO SERVE GOD ... because by the act of fulfilling his lust he has invited the Anti-Christ within his temple. Of course, the choice you make about whether or not to divorce an adulterous mate will ultimately be made BY THE FATHER WITHIN YOU.



This law does mean literally that you must not steal , defined as: "1. to take (another's property, etc.) dishonestly, especially in a secret manner. 2. to take slyly, as a look. 3. to gain insidiously or artfully: as he stole her heart." And this law also means, you must not steal the trust and good faith of another by lying to them about your true motives and intent. You see, malicious LYING and STEALING are opposite sides of the same coin.

Here are some examples of various forms of lying and stealing: If a man falsely tells a woman who is a virgin that he LOVES her and wants to marry her, but all he really wants from her is a sexual encounter, he is misleading her. If she in good faith falls "in love" with him and also falls for the trap of his "false" promise to her and succumbs to his pressure to express "their love" physically before the marriage vow is made, and then he abandons her, he has essentially "stolen" her heart, her innocence and her chastity for his own lustful, selfish intent.

Even if the woman wisely refuses his sexual advances, and finds herself rejected by him, he is still guilty of lying to her WHICH IS STEALING FROM HER EMOTIONALLY . The big difference in these two scenarios is that, although she has been robbed emotionally, at least she doesn't have the "guilt" of dishonoring herself by breaking the laws of God and giving away her chastity to an unworthy man.

Here is another example of STEALING the innocence of another. Innocence defined as, "1. Free from sin, evil; not guilty of a specific crime. 2. harmless 3. knowing no evil 4. without guile or cunning 5. an innocent person, as a child". Now stealing in itself is a "sin" against God's laws upon only the one who steals, BUT when one succeeds in stealing the innocence of another, what he has essentially done is WILLFULLY AND BLATANTLY lied to them, so thus he has enticed and manipulated the other to also BREAK THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION! So in order for to be "stolen" from another, the person "stealing" must be doing so knowingly and blatantly with the INTENT of manipulating another to fulfill his own selfish means and the victim has to guilelessly trust the person.

For example: The Leader of a country sends the young men off to a WAR (which also involves MURDER) in a far-away place, and tells them, "You are fighting for freedom and defending your country," and they believe this lie. So they go to the war and realize in horror that they are slaughtering innocent people and protecting and defending wealthy Sheiks and their oil fields and money, NOT defending their country's freedom. That is when THEIR INNOCENCE has been stolen from them, when they realize that they have been LIED to and USED by one/ones they trusted - to perpetrate EVIL.

Another example: Say you are a child and you discover that your Father has a girlfriend "on the side". (That is adultery, friends.) When you face him with this, he TELLS you that you must "promise" him you will not tell your Mother. He still loves her and doesn't want to hurt her and the family etc. If YOU tell her, she will divorce him and ... and ... and. Well, as a child, you are devastated in your heart because YOUR FATHER has asked you to LIE, but you "promised" him and so, somehow, it would be YOUR fault if you told your Mother and you certainly don't want to cause your parents to divorce! This is emotional blackmail and the Father has stolen the innocence of his own child by making her promise to LIE and making her feel responsible (for HIS irresponsible behavior) for what "could" happen if she told her Mother the truth.

Another perhaps more repugnant example: Any adult man or woman who willfully indulges in the lustful coercion and manipulation of a child who trusts him/her to perform ANY form of sexual activities has most definitely stolen the innocence of that poor child.

Here is another example close to the hearts of AMERICANS: Your Forefathers of the wondrous United States of America were inspired by GOD in the development of a most sacred CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS in order to maintain PEACE and BALANCE and allow you FREEDOM and the pursuit of happiness. Although not perfect, with the addition of certain amendments, abolishing Slavery for example, it became the most important and protective set of standards for HUMAN rights, decency, and freedom in your current History on Earth. Now every person you elect into the offices of leadership such as the Presidency, Vice-Presidency, Congress, and Senate, has taken an "oath" to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. You, the people have elected these "leaders" on the trust and good faith that they will HONOR your Constitution and Bill of Rights. You now have a President, and a Congress who mostly support him, who has essentially nullified this U.S. Constitution by HIS Executive Orders in order to pursue "THE ONE WORLD ORDER" which has a new "so-called" Constitution for ONE WORLD DOMINATION! THIS IS CALLED STEALING YOUR FREEDOM, AMERICA, AND MAKING YOU SLAVES. Are those so-called "elected" leaders who support this infringement on YOUR Constitution HONORING the OATH they gave to you and TO GOD? They are stealing your freedom and worse than that, they are taking an oath that they KNOW THEY WON'T HONOR! THAT IS CALLED LYING TO YOU THE PEOPLE FOR THEIR OWN SELFISH MEANS.

Please do not confuse the ones who act by willful guile and deceit in "stealing" the innocence or possessions of others with the ones who truly believe a lie to be the truth and then pass on their false belief to another/others (for example their children or students). This is simple ignorance of truth and, although it may or may not be acceptable (to God), ignorance is not a willful act of stealing the innocence of another.

Here is something else that is very important to remember and understand clearly. If one tells what he knows to be a "lie" in true self-defence, or for the defence, privacy and protection of another, this is not against God's laws. (THIS does not mean lying to maliciously deceive about EVIL SECRET oaths or activities such as in the evil cult of FREEMASONRY). THIS IS ONE WAY THE ANTI-CHRIST TWISTS GOD'S LAWS TO CONDEMN OTHERS by ones telling you you MUST NEVER "lie", which means: "1. To make a statement which one knows to be false. 2. That which is intended to produce a false impression." YOU can literally be made the tool for the harm or destruction of yourself or another!

Let us give you some examples to think about: Let's say it is World War II, and in compassion you are hiding a Japanese/American family in your basement to protect them from being put in the "camps", so the police come to your door and ask you if you have seen or know any Japanese people. Are you going to tell them the truth knowing it will endanger YOUR family as well as the ones you are protecting?

Next example: Let's say you go to war and are captured by the "enemy". They require you to appear on the television and make a statement to your leaders which you know is false, but if you do not they will kill you. Are you going to do what they ask?

Here is an example given several times by Hatonn: Let's say our beloved Jesus Christ, Sananda comes to your home and the "authorities" come looking for him and you know it is because his persecutors do not want him free and alive. Are you going to tell them where he is?

We will give one more example which may become reality for many. Let's say your government institutes a "draft" requirement. Well your son, father, or friend refuses to sign up for the draft and decides to become a "conscientious objector". Now if the "authorities" call you and ask you where this person is, will you tell them?

Now when it gets a little sticky with God is when, for example, you witness a murder, you know the murderer and because of your fear of being a witness and perhaps threatened yourself, you lie to the police and tell them you saw nothing. Think carefully about this because there are crimes committed daily against GOD's LAWS of Balance of which there are witnesses who are "too afraid" to tell the police. The criminal remains free to continue his crimes against GOD. Remember you must understand the difference, we are NOT talking about witnessing the breaking of MAN-MADE laws, which may or may not be just and change continually with the times. We are talking about the breaking of GOD's LAWS which do not change and are eternally The Laws of Balance within THE CREATION.

You ones also have something called "little white lie", defined as: "A false statement made with the intent of being polite or kind." This is also called the "social" lie. Now most of you ones do choose to politely lie to retain your privacy. This is one way, but there are ways to not lie and retain your privacy as well, for example, If someone asks you how much money you make or what you do with your time, you have several ways to respond. You can lie, or the considered direct but harsh response is, "That is none of your business." But for those of you who wish to honor yourself and be polite to the other, you can say simply, "Please do not be offended, but I prefer not to answer that question as it does not concern you." There are situations which do fit the criterion of the white or polite lie, although many of you ones do try to stretch the limits of those criterion. The key here is INTENT.

Oftentimes, rather than honoring your true feelings, you will hide behind the "white lie" in order to keep your job, for instance if you perceive your employer to be narrow-minded and tyrannical and YOU are afraid that by being honest and direct with your ideas and feelings, you will be fired. You see, you perpetuate the perceived tyranny against yourself by being polite and allowing it to continue.

An example of a truly polite lie is this: When you know your Mother spent hours preparing a meal for you, and you do not like ham and she asks you how you like her meal and you say, "It is excellent." Although it is not exactly a true statement, your true intent, in kindness and appreciation, is to HONOR what you know to be her feelings of love for you.

So, if you lie and your intent is to manipulate someone in order to selfishly achieve or receive something from them you desire, rather than acting with integrity and being direct, this is not a "white lie". Remember this, you can lie to yourself or to another but you CANNOT ever lie to God. You see, God always monitors and records your TRUE intent in all situations he presents to you.


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