St. Germain

30th December, 2005


Dear Ones, I hope that as the period of festivities is drawing to a close, that you will savor those precious moments when Oneness has descended upon you. It is a feeling of peace and contentment that you will want to hold on to so that you can take it into the New Year. With high expectations that will not be disappointed, each and every one of you can contribute to the mass consciousness which over the last few days has reached new proportions. We can register the energy of Love that has grown with your resolve to raise yourselves up, and make this New Year one to be remembered for all time.


Within the midst of the turmoil that exists, there is a steadying influence that comes from you. It is bringing a calmness that stills the troubled waters of life and is helping to check its growth. You are at a point of balance, but shall shortly take off as the Light reaches far ahead of the dark and shows the path that will lead you to Ascension. You may no longer be too concerned about the dark as it is fighting a losing battle. It is time for the Light to go forging ahead, and in the coming months there will be every encouragement to do so. The signs are there for all to see, and the expanding movement for truth and accountability will grow at a faster rate.


The governing bodies in many countries are now feeling the pressure to be more truthful, and they have lost much trust usually afforded to them. Furthermore the media are being forced to address some of the issues that they have so far ignored. Man knows that there is a better way to live than the one imposed upon him. Universal Law is rarely reflected in your man-made laws, which have become more and more oppressive over the years. As your consciousness expands, so you can see where the changes need to be made and you will use your power to enforce change.


Through various sources you have learnt a lot about the coming period, and how changes will eventually benefit you. Regardless of how they are presented to you, it is wise to remember that Ascension is the ultimate goal and that it will take place. Never mind the ins and outs of minor detail, as whatever transpires it will reach its goal as has been divinely decreed. Your spiritual evolution is at a milestone in your life, and you have been working towards this period for eons of time. Do not let differences of opinion cause you to lose sight of your goal, as this should be a time of coming together. You have really done the hard work, and should now be showing the way for others.


Within unity lies your strength and it is the bonding of many different beliefs that will see you finally come together as One Consciousness. To this end you will be given spiritual guidance and it will not favor one sect any more than another. It is time for a new dispensation, and it shall make clear the difference between the teachings that are God's word, and those that are the words of Man. I can tell you now, that God does not teach hatred, killing or any harmful act against another person. God is Love, Love and more Love, and it is the distortion of that energy that has led to other interpretations. There is only the One God regardless of how many different names you use. Behind everything is the Supreme Creator, and in time you shall learn more about his/her place in your life.


We gauge that you are doing very well in establishing a great foundation for the coming events, which will totally change your way of life. They will also open up your understanding of yourself and your place in the Cosmos. You may feel insignificant, because that is partly due to your indoctrination into a belief system that denies your greatness, and would have you believe that you were lesser mortals. When the Masters return you shall be under no illusion as your correct place in the scheme of things. Be prepared to learn that you were once mighty Beings that took on the challenge of duality. Now that it is finishing, you shall have your greatness restored, and the veils that were drawn over your real Self will be removed.


You are about to start the year 2006, and it will be one of much more activity than previous years, culminating in your success over the dark. There is no longer a need for the lessons of duality, but you will still reflect on what is taking place as a final confirmation of what you have learnt. This coming year will fulfill the promises made by The Creator that decreed that in the end times you would be lifted up out of the lower vibrations. Also, that you would again reclaim your true place in the Cosmos, as the mighty Angelic Beings you really are and will be again.


It is time to open The Book of Truth, and all shall know of their past, and their pathway into the future. You shall know of your achievements, and understand that all experiences are the building blocks that have carried you ever upwards. Already your consciousness is expanding and with it comes the realization of the Oneness of All That Is. This will carry you forward much quicker than previously, and you will realize that every soul either on or off Earth is an important part of Humanity. We see how this has resulted in more love and compassion being expressed for each other, and extending to those who oppose the Light.


I am St. Germain, and I am in the forefront of matters appertaining to Mother Earth and all souls upon her. I have a special interest because of my great involvement in your evolution over eons of time. We have been together many times, and you have walked along beside me on many journeys. Soon we shall start out on another one that shall carry us into the higher dimensions of pure beauty, peace and harmony. Allow your mind to encompass these visions, and expand your horizons to see what lies beyond Earth. I promise you that you shall see wonders presently beyond your imagination, and these will come to those who have dedicated themselves to the Light. We shall travel as a great company in the Love and Light of The Creator.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.