This is Archangel Michael speaking.


Dear loved ones of the golden age. When you read these words, the gate to the past is closed. You only have to realise that this is also the occasion in your own lives. It is still time to clean the old out of your system. For when the new dawn is upon you, you wonít like to wear the old cloaks of being. So get yourself ready with the light and existence of what you are in for now.


In the past times, you were able to use my sword as a device to clean, and cut old habits, attachments and so on. You see myself pictured with a cup of light. This is the cup of wisdom, of strength and courage. This cup will do with the bottle of love, compassion and forgiveness which Quan Yin holds in her hands. For her dragon isnít slain by the sword of freedom and justice, it is your dragon inside you until you free yourself of the dragon of misunderstanding, prejudice, assumption, expectation, hunger for power and the need of control. Just mix these two well or drink them separate when needed.



(Through Mari-Elise)