Archangels Michael and Uriel on healing.




Tonight we like to talk about the healing energies all have in themselves. It is only waiting to be tapped into. This is the logical explanation of why people heal from some diseases and why some donít. It is just a matter of willingness to tap into these healing energies. Of course it matters if someone chooses sickness as part of learning to be humble or is using the sickness to get rid of an attitude, a character trade or an air of being important. It just depends on what someone is taking upon him or herself to learn and how he or she wants to learn it.



Diseases are the last way of trying to get a lesson through to people. So if you are sick, see yourself as stubborn. In time, when there are more people sensitive to the lessons and the information in a sickness, the books on why you have a certain disease will increase in precision. Now all the books talk about not loving yourself enough. In general this is true, but it is in general. Someone would like to know in which specific area one doesnít love him or herself enough and how this loving not enough is expressed in a thought, an idea, or an attitude.


What is the real disease and what is cured from itís symptoms and what is a secondary disease?

If one cures the symptoms of the first disease but the attitude, or thought, still exists, a secondary disease will develop itself. For a disease is the sign of an out of balance, out of love balance, of a person with love, his/her soul, and a new balance to cure the basic back to love.


Healing-people will know in time the distinction between the first disease and the secondary one, just with feeling, knowing, and the different symptoms between first and second ones.


Healing energy. Lotís have already been said about it, and lotís have already been written about it.

We are not here to undo all this information or make a profound addition to it. We like to talk and discuss the healing-well inside all of you. Can you imagine a well, a puddle which is big enough for you to swim in? The liquid is fluid enough for you to breath? The taste, smell, feeling is so fine and caressing that you want to stay in it for ages? Why donít you?

Thatís just one image of the healing pond inside you.

Now another: float in the air with a gentle breeze of air, a warm scent of fresh flowers, gentle light around you, breathing the light, eating the light, being the light. Whatís wrong with this picture?

Again, nothing.


What if you decide that you deserve to stay there always? What if you decide to leave all limited thoughts of not deserving health, or not willing to face some issues in your life? What if you decide not to take diseases upon you from others. What if you program your body not to express itself with diseases you didnít develop yourself? You happen to meet someone and your body said: ďnice disease, I can take that one on me, so I can keep in control, or so I can communicate more attention towards me, or I can have another symptom of being unhappyĒ. Or your body said: ďmy family origins are having this kind of disease, I have to go along with the patternĒ.


Except of being real threatening sick, you have time enough to conquer all these patterns and stay in the healing pond of love you all have inside you.


I heard someone thinking: ďit is all part of believingĒ. Yes, belief is important. Once you believe yourself to be free, you are going to act as being free and you will feel yourself free. Then you get yourself rid of limited belief systems that donít fit anymore and then you are what you believed in the first place. You will experience that you are indeed free.

It is the same with healing yourself, or being sick, or getting old.

What you believe you will attract, so you will experience what you believe.

And you become what you believe. But this is just a side path on the topic.


Special healing techniques. There are a lot of them already in the world and they all tap into the well of healing inside a being. Declaring that one is healthy just like Jesus did, is enough. But he spoke with authority and all believed him.1 It is just the well that matters. With limited belief systems, secondary diseases, the soul arranges the transfer to the other life. You get a kaleidoscope of different healing techniques fitting to the specific need of the soul for transferring information, growth and love in the reality of this life. With this connection in order, no one is sick. For the soul has itís endless supply of healing energy available.2


If you are still sick, what kind of limit are you fond of? And is it your purpose to deal with this limit through this sickness soul contract or is it just something you took along with you during the life you are living? You donít know? Sometimes you have to look very hard to the core belief of your existence for some issues are karma related and not easily found.


What if you like to be sick? What if your beliefs make you sick? And what if your life style makes you sick? Let me explain. You belief that you have to work for a living, and you donít want to. For the trees, the birds and so on donít work, so why should you? So you are feeling limited by work. What kind of disease will you get? One that will limit you from doing your work, your task in the world. Not one that will ruin your life, just one that limits you. And you will feel the limit you gave yourself in your thoughts in your body. And then you have to deal with these limits. You start to get used to them, complain a bit, take some medicine, develop a fondness in body towards this sickness, and the disease is becoming chronic. Congratulations. But what was the first thing? You feeling yourself limited. For without limits you should live different. If you believe this yourself, go and live your life without that limit. Do as you want. Start a new education to become whatever you want to be. Limits are your self, and the world is your playground. I am stupid, and you canít learn proper, as a reaction, is just a limit. Donít condemn one for having limits, or tell them that they are living limits, wrong thought patterns and so on. What Jesus told you one day: condemn not and thy shall not be condemned, is still true. For this is still something you do yourself to yourself. For every opinion is only in the eyes of the beholder.


Back to the thread of this channeling. Mostly people who are complaining about limits are the ones who didnít know what to do when they had no limits. For if you are triggered to do something, you will do it. Of course if you listen to your soul and your higher self. So one limits oneself because of the not knowing what to do. One can only limit oneself because one valued not enough what one likes to do. And of course living in a world with rules, being a species with rights of the species for procreation and sustaining the species, one has taken upon him or herself to live in the system and obey the rules of that particular system. And yes, the rules of the universe go beyond the rules of the system and governs all life patterns, and creation patterns. But at that time you are growing beyond the limits of ones society and home planet into a universal, galactic love being. At that time we come to congratulate you with a handshake. And that is a promise.


Promises, vows, wishes, yearnings, all can make one sick. Especially when you are dealing with energy of emotions, feelings, and unseen directions of energy in a creation that opposes the energy of your soul and his or her ideas for your life. And of course it doesnít matter if you keep or not keep your promises, vows, wishes, yearnings etc., for if you keep them you force your energy and if you donít keep them you leave a tie of energy in a knot (which makes you sick too). And again you have limited yourself.


As you can see there is a lot to say about limits and limiting yourself. So many different diseases can be a sign of a limit. And which one is a secondary one? Which one doesnít tell something about the beginning of the disease, the very reason of expressing oneself through disease?


Letís talk about eating healthy. This is a choice you think? And why do bad things taste good? Okay, all is perception and part of ones perception is part of the training how to think about things. Smoking the first time tastes awful, but when you have smoked in the body of your mother, that awful experience can be in the womb and forgotten. Or that memory was in a previous life. But if you train yourself to smoke, you are going to like it. Nice computer you have! You can train it to run a devastating program if you like. Who would do something like that? Humans all the time.


So all is perception and training. So why is eating healthy a hard choice which no one can easily make without ideas of yearning for some specific food? It is all about ideas. The idea that you have to eat proper is something you impose upon yourself. So that is secondary programming. For a good life, I have to eat healthy. Your idea is: ďI feel lousy and I have to eat chocolate so I donít feel it that hardĒ. This is the programming before ďI have to eat healthyĒ. So you stop eating chocolate. You really try but donít succeed. For the idea about the chocolate is stronger and filling a basic need inside you. At least thatís what you think.


Letís look very hard. ďI feel lousy.Ē OK. Why? What kind of limited believe is this part of? What kind of balance do you like to restore with chocolate? What do you really need, want? This is just an example on how far the ideas are stuck in ones personality. ďBecause I feel lousy, I canít create some joy in the world for I canít buy me a big TV.Ē Why do you need that big TV? ďSo I can feel that I have success.Ē Why do you like to have success? For whom? What do you like to prove? Why do you like to prove it? What does this tell you about yourself? Do you love yourself enough do you think?3 And what kind of disease is related to this part of thinking? ďOh, several.Ē Yes of course, several. But which is your souls ousting on imbalance? And are we talking about an untreated first disease or a secondary disease, or a third one? If you cure the third, the second will show itself, and then after curing the second one, you will see the first one. Thatís why all become very disappointed when treating themselves with homeopathic cures, or curing the belief systems of one selves, it never ends. Until the first one is cured. And that takes a long time.


Living a life in balance is much easier, but all are living in an unbalanced society with sick making belief systems and so on. So the long way of curing has to be taken.


The shortcut as we told in the beginning of this channeling, is the one of believing that you are worth to live in the healing pond of energy or the healing pond of air etc. Every part of believing that you are worth it makes leaving bad habits like smoking, drinking, eating sugar and chocolate easier. Although some reprogramming and restyling or your inner world is needed, for second and third belief systems will mask the problems of why you will leave your healing pond and fall in the unbalance which makes disease necessary.


Call upon us when you need to break a bad thinking habit. Call upon us when you need a lovely thought for yourself. Calling upon us really helps.4 When you give yourself the permission for change without a limit. But that will be a big act of self love. We support you. Now you need to do it. We will wait, donít worry.


With greetings, love and blessings,

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Archangels Michael and Uriel.







Editors notes:

1         A man called Bruno GrŲning was also able to speak to people and return to them the belief they needed to heal themselves from within. Click here for extra information.

2         If you find trouble in finding faith in your soul, God, the One, meditation and prayer are worth the time. There is also the advanced option of getting help from God on Earth, Sai Baba.

Click here for meditations. Lots about Sai Baba here.

3         As a matter of coincidence, which is just a way of perceiving miracles, I found this related piece.

4         And itís free folks!;-)