S: What's going to happen after NESARA's announcement?

MATTHEW: Now that the World court has approved a timeframe for the announcement, the Illuminati are in high gear to prevent that from happening. This is no surprise to us just as it shouldn't be to you. There will not be another 9/11 effort, however! It's not that there are no plans afoot for that kind of disruptive event, but no effort of that magnitude will be permitted to be successful by means of your space brothers' technology. Mother, I want to preface my further comments on this by again emphasizing that it is imperative that you hold steadfast in the light. The energy frequency of love-light will diminish the likelihood that smaller prevention efforts that will be attempted will succeed. NESARA will be announced, this is a given! This fact has long been known by the highly evolved light beings who helped in the formation of this legislation. Only the time of the announcement could not be determined as this has been and still is dependent upon the free will choices of Earth's population. Now that NESARA has become more widely known, more light is being generated by people globally as evidence of the collective intent to manifest the reforms NESARA enables. This adds to the massive light being beamed by off-planet sources.

S: What efforts are being made toward having NESARA announced during the time period it's scheduled?

MATTHEW: The judges known to favor NESARA are being given thorough light protection as are the other most influential parties. This cannot be done for every one of the many thousands of troops because the soul contracts of some call for the end of their Earth longevity during the time period to begin shortly, and this can cause some stressful moments of delays and backlashes in the process. As Dove has repeatedly reported, mass troop movements are required to assure the safety of precious metals shipments, and they are needed as well for protection of the most instrumental people. To inform those who will make transition during that time can hardly be done. The Illuminati are aware of everything that we are aware of by virtue of their off-planet dark Reptilian puppet masters, and they do have that knowledge. They know that the rise publicly of NESARA marks the ending of their control, and they have long had contingency plans to prevent the announcement once it's been scheduled, which now it has, and more so, implementation of the reforms. The Illuminati who are in military leadership positions have been instructed to place certain individuals in key positions precisely because they will be leaving Earth lifetime during the crucial times, and they followed those instructions. To date the efforts of the lightworkers who also have influence have not been successful in transferring those individuals out and replacing them with "survivors."

S: How can the Reptilians off-planet know the soul contracts of anyone? For that matter, how can you? I thought the Akashic records are impenetrable.

MATTHEW: Don't underestimate the cleverness and intelligence of Reptilians! They know this by the same means as we do, which you do know from my explaining how the soul transition teams in Nirvana know who will be arriving, but you aren't thinking about that in this context. We can determine by the auras who will be leaving Earth lifetime as the souls of the individuals know and their knowledge is a slight energy emanation that is apparent to those who know how to identify it. Pertinent to the individuals at point, the physical death could come by health failure and not necessarily assassination. The means is not important, only the unexpected removal of those key individuals by sudden serious illness or sudden death is enough to create problems.

S: Yes, but since this is known to lightworkers too, they can have contingency plans of their own.

MATTHEW: Indeed, and they do, but they cannot anticipate all the reactions of the rest of the troops and guarantee the safeguarding of the military leaders who favor NESARA. Nor can they prevent those troops whose free will choice is to swerve onto a dark pathway and sabotage the effort from doing so, and the dark forces see this as a potential tool they can add to their arsenal. We are not dealing only with the few thoroughly trained military who have highly evolved souls and who know the full details of their critical mission, but also with many thousands of troops who merely are following orders. When the order-giver suddenly dies, the next in command is prepared by regimentation to take over, but without the same intimate awareness of the real mission. When that person abruptly leaves, the successor knows only that the mission is important, and on down the line it is ordinary stateside duty. Until NESARA is announced, only the comparatively few top military leaders know what the mission is. Remember, this isn't a combat zone where the chaos of warfare pumps adrenaline into bodies and there's an instinctive "fight or die" urgency÷as far as the troops know, their assignment is a mundane exercise. Can you imagine the psychic shock if suddenly they were told what NESARA is all about? Their livelihood is the military, and how welcome would be the news that within a few short years the military will be history? But moreover, the gag order provision of the legislation that prohibits those who know the details of NESARA from admitting they do obviously bars its disclosure to thousands of troops.

S: OK, but what's in the field of potential? Can't the progress of the announcement and enactment of the provisions be tracked?

MATTHEW: To some extent, yes, but there is such desperation within the dark forces that the whole field is really a muddle. The light forces' energy is clear insofar as intent, but since there is no way of tracking something as hectic as the variety of plans of the darkness, there can't be any clear direction for the light forces to take to thwart them.

S: Just please tell me if NESARA will be announced within the scheduled time period.

MATTHEW: I can't. The announcement is the pivotal factor in this massive reformation and preventing that is where the dark forces have been concentrating their efforts. They did not become complacent during their successful prevention of getting the announcement into a scheduled time period, and now that this scheduling has been achieved, these forces are doubly in fear and in determination to derail that. If there were a single shot to be fired, so to speak, yes, that could be tracked easily, but there are myriad dark plans and light countermeasures in motion÷that's what I meant by "muddle."

S: Well, if nothing as serious as 9/11 will be permitted, can't it be determined if those myriad plans will in fact prevent the announcement being made soon after March 22?

MATTHEW: Not really. The light forces have been reinforced in all potential areas of attack and as I mentioned, additional protection is being given the Judges and others in highly influential positions. It's the rest of what I've told you that will be the decisive factors. The multi-pronged process prior to the announcement has been meticulously planned, and the timing of the many steps is a crucial element. Disruption anywhere along the line and its domino effects could again delay the announcement. I am not saying that a delay will happen! And as many spiritual channels have received and disseminated, NESARA will be announced, but you asked about that specific timeframe. The big picture is known, but the many footsteps and footfalls along the way into that announcement moment are the mega-millions of free will decisions that cannot be accurately forecast. Again, as not only I, but all the other spiritual channels have been telling you, stay steadfast in the love-light energy by focusing on what you want for your world. It is not necessary that ones know about or believe in NESARA as long as their hearts' desire is for the world peace and harmony that NESARA's divinely inspired provisions will bring to Earth.

S: All right, dear. Can you tell me what we can expect after the announcement?

MATTHEW: It depends a great deal on how soon it is made. The US political scene is, well, a mess, and the insurrection in Haiti is the most current CIA-backed hot spot. Inequitable trade agreements, disastrous environmental legislation, global bankruptcy, widespread unemployment, the manmade diseases÷actually, everything that is happening, whether or not publicized, won't end the day NESARA is announced. Some of these current events may have played themselves out or worsened by the time of the announcement, so we can't give an accurate picture of your world on that day. However, upon the announcement, the reforms of NESARA will be set in motion immediately insofar as the legal aspects and the first steps to restoring a secure and equitable foundation for international economy. The various activities of the reforms will require time to show any effect, but given their global scope, this is understandable. Yes, there will be dark resistance, with the major disruptive events happening immediately because your president and his cohorts are not going to give any public validity to their being abruptly unseated. Their statements to this effect are ready as are their plans to retain control. Tyrannical rulers in other nations÷power mongers everywhere÷are not going to give up easily either. We know this because of their persistent refusal of light, but these holdouts will not last long. The grassroots opposition that has been building will be joined by the disaffected members of the military in countries of civil wars as well as your own country's troops, and the battling will ebb and not be resumed. Although the initial financial reforms will affect primarily the United States, very quickly those will spread globally. Economically speaking, Earth is a community because of international corporations in league with individual governments, all led or controlled by the Illuminati. So the changes in banking procedures, currency exchange, loans, debt load and debt forgiveness will affect all nations. You won't immediately see any major uplifting of the impoverished nations or more equitable distribution of all resources on the planet, but those are the major aims of NESARA. Implementing all its provisions except the replacement of the US government and the economic reforms will be a transitional process requiring cooperation, patience, compassion and fairness. Hatreds built by many centuries will not evaporate in moments. Benign cultural differences not understood must become understood and respected, and those that are based in dark principles must willingly move past those tendencies into the light. Oppressive religions denying rights to women and countries' brutal punishment for minor offenses must be purged of those inequities designed by darkly influenced fanatics. The illiterate must be educated, the homeless provided with shelter, the unfairly imprisoned released. Sources of energy long suppressed must be developed for widespread replacement of oil, gas and coal, as no more of those elements of Earth's body may be removed. Substitute materials for building must replace wood, and your forests must be restored. Medical treatment and healing methods now called "alternative" must be incorporated into the established methods, and the powers now controlling health care from the pharmaceutical manufacturers to the insurance companies must be eliminated. The foodstuffs that have been corrupted must be refined, your water cleansed of chemicals and other pollution. While we can see these results, we can't put everything with any accuracy into your linear timeframe. Mother, I could get more into the nitty gritty, but all of these necessary changes are commonsense, really. The transition from where your world is today into the world of peace, love, harmony and kindness could be done in the twinkling of Creator's eye, but that isn't the purpose of the life journey. It is your world and you all chose to be there now to help in its restorative process. Once set in motion, progress will be evident by the day, but like the birth of a child or any splendid idea, each step afterwards is important. On a different level, the changes are just as vital. Few among you know about the invaluable assistance of the universal brother/sisterhood. They will introduce themselves, and their long presence on the planet and in your skies will become common knowledge. Telepathic communication lines with beloved souls in Nirvana and with lighted beings throughout the universe will be restored within the higher vibrations into which Earth is moving. The triteness of possessions and fame will give way to the treasure of knowing the godself.

S: It is powerfully sustaining to know that all of that is coming, but what about right now? Can you speak about recent reports I've seen÷especially these: One says horrible things will be happening in March, another said March will be better than this month, and one predicts three more terribly difficult years before the light can make any real progress.

MATTHEW: Oh dear! First, the progress of the light can NOT be stopped! Evidence may not be apparent to those who are suffering in one way or another in the current and later, the lingering effects of the dark forces' handiwork, but there is constant progress and it will continue. I know that some of the reports you're referring to are based upon astrology, and I do not deny the absolute influence of celestial happenings in people's lives, but I am questioning the ability and the inclinations of those who are making the predictions. Even when their motives are fine, are they "seeing" clearly? Making charts without clear psychic abilities does not produce the whole story nor can it place happenings accurately within your linear time. Often I have mentioned that your "time" is collapsing. It never has been as defined there, in sequential moments and months and millennia. Always it has been energy movement, and the energy that's moving Earth is vibrating in higher frequencies than previously. Some years ago I mentioned that what was a week's worth of time was then passing in about five days. By now in each calendar week you are experiencing only half a former week's longevity. Astrologers who are clear psychics can translate the universal influences with a fair degree of accuracy, but they too are laboring within the limitations of the planet's density. All of which is to say, do not be mesmerized by predictions predicated upon time constraints. Something else I often have emphasized is, look to your inner guidance for answers. Nowhere externally are any sources of information as accurate as your soul's knowingness. Even the channels most respected by us must deal with the filtering systems inherent in telepathy as well as their own, whereas the soul is your direct link with God and the mass consciousness. I would dearly love to tell you that no more dire times are before you, but how could that be when already I have told you there ARE? It isn't realistic to believe that all dark hearts and minds will use their free will to instantly turn to the light. But even if that were to happen, would everyone's emotional, mental and physical suffering instantly stop? No, and that is the reality in the Earth plane. In a universal sense, yes, what you call reality is an illusion, but it is that only because you are living without knowing that you are a part of God and you don't understand who God is. It's because you don't know you're balancing hundreds, maybe thousands of lifetimes of experiencing and all are happening simultaneously. You don't know the purpose of this lifetime and what comes next. Therefore you must deal with what is real to you, and the happenings around the world constitute your reality. You are there to fix what's wrong, uproot what you call evil, cure the causes, and set your world right. More of you need to know this and join in the service before the dire times are at an end.

S: OK, dear, thank you. Why did Ralph Nader enter the presidential race? What is he all about anyway?

MATTHEW: He's about more than is publicly understood by a long shot. In the beginning of his crusade he was genuine, a beautiful light being. You know they are the main targets of the dark forces, and he was pummeled almost mercilessly by every weapon in their arsenal. It was sad for all light beings to observe this and, despite their beaming light to assist his resistance, to eventually see him succumb. Yet it was understandable. The confusion in his brain that the darkness had created to fracture his own light also prevented entry of the light being beamed to him. He has unwittingly been aiding the dark forces for quite some time, primarily activities that are not in consonance with his former ironclad spiritual and moral beliefs and intentions and thus damaged his credibility. As for his entering the race, in his mind he is doing the "right thing" by becoming a candidate and has no ulterior motive. On Earth this is being regarded with suspicion generally and in some quarters with delight, in others with dismay. From here it is known that Nader's candidacy is insignificant and that both of the primary candidates in this moment, the incumbent and John Kerry, are merely acting their roles. Their egos want to win, but the Illuminati don't care beans about that or the voters' choices÷they own both men and the ballot counting process as well. All of this is temporary. The political talk and campaign spending will go on until NESARA is announced, when all government members in the US will be dropped like a hot rock and their positions filled by a transition team well prepared to lead your country out of its bedlam. Mother, your candidate choice, Dennis Kucinich, will be playing a large part in that process. From that peak of governing, all other ruling bodies from state to village will be infused with light, which they can accept and rule justly or leave their posts and be replaced by capable light beings.

S: Thank you for all of that information, dear. The topic of the Hubble telescope came up at a gathering the other evening. What is going on there? I hadn't heard anything about this relative to whatever Bush has decided to do or not, so I don't have any over-layer of information to interfere here. MATTHEW: Your knowledge of what has been reported on this wouldn't make any difference, Mother. The telescope and the roving camera on Mars have beamed back pictures of incontrovertible "intelligent life" that your government does not want you to know about. You had heard that the roving camera on Mars briefly had lost contact with receivers on Earth but you gave it little thought other than a fleeting: I wonder what it picked up that we're not supposed to see. It had indeed done that! Several civilizations aware of those photographing missions arranged to have greeting parties or objects that prove their technological capabilities, and as you can well imagine, none of the scenes the cameras recorded are to be released. We feel that eventually they will be, but by that time that kind of evidence won't be necessary to convince Earth's people they are not alone in the universe. S: I see. Can you comment on the "higher" view of the controversial film by Mel Gibson, "The Passion of Christ"?

MATTHEW: We are well aware of all the controversy this film has caused and more so, what is behind it. Mel Gibson is acting from very strong religious convictions, and there can be no faultfinding with his conscious motives. What is little known there is that the religion of his convictions is one of the darkest areas of control on your planet, but to those who are aware of this truth, it will be no surprise that his inspiration to produce the film came from the dark forces. Furthermore, the timing of the film's production and release is strategic. Consider its title: "The Passion of Christ." The passion of Jesus the Christ was spreading love and truth through his messages, and that is ignored, while the violence, hatred, prejudice, culpability and such are highlighted. It's a way of keeping these kinds of thoughts and feelings "in your face." Now consider the film's fundamental message: "The terrible suffering of Jesus is his sacrifice for your sins." More than the divisiveness with which the film is being met is the mind control aspect that dovetails with your government's intentions: To keep you in the box of feeling unworthy and fearful that you "are not good enough to go to heaven" and thus keep negativity alive and well on Earth; to hide its far-reaching nefarious unChrist-like activities; to put religion on center stage with your government pandering to extremists÷witness your president's desire to add an amendment to your constitution that defines marriage! Mother, people are confused about everything that is happening and they are soul-searching, looking for answers that religions are not providing. The dark forces do not want this to continue. This film is giving numerous messages steeped in dark intentions to maneuver people's minds away from the truth of Jesus' life÷albeit his messages and his life itself are not portrayed accurately in the Bible÷and back into the firm control of ages-old self-serving dogma.

S: Well, you're right that this isn't surprising. I've been hearing from many people who are confused about what their life purpose is and some are very depressed about this. These are people who believe the information in the books and your messages, but they aren't getting any clear inner guidance. What can help them?

MATTHEW: Steadfast faith in the light. We know the higher frequencies are causing all sorts of mental and emotional confusion and physical anomalies, and we have publicized this through all our respected channels. There are helpful aids for dealing with this time of cellular change and the unsettling effects of the interaction of the light's electromagnetic grid and the manmade grid. I know that what I told you long ago is in one of the books. Could you please copy that here so I don't need to repeat it?

S: Now this sounds as if you'd like me to send this out. (This excerpt from Matthew's message in Revelations For A New Era was received in 1996. The grid referred to here is the manmade grid.)

Here are suggestions to lessen physical and emotional discomfort and assist your system in restoring balance. Drink a lot of liquid, especially pure water, but all healthful liquids will be beneficial. There is greater need for this than ever before, as the fluids will permit the disruptive current to flow through your body more smoothly and you will not be as severely affected by it. Relax or sleep whenever you can to keep your body in a rested, tranquil condition. Reduce tension from any source by using common sense and diligence in the knowledge that relief from stress helps counter the disquieting effects of the swirling energy. Any negative feelings will be exacerbated, so avoid unpleasant encounters as much as possible. When stressful situations must be addressed, use the spiritual approach of surrounding the person or condition with light, and be in balance yourself when you start to deal with those situations. Do not drink alcohol or use harmful drugs and do not smoke. Their components not only create stronger addiction to the substances, they interact with the grid's current to increase the adverse effects on your body's electrical system to reinforce mental, physical and emotional imbalance. Consider once again the vital aspect of balance in the life of every soul and you can see how darkly effective that grid is! There is good news along with this, however. The energetic effects from the light forces being beamed at Earth are being magnified and accelerated by the grid system. If this is determined as unacceptable to the brilliant but dark minds behind this force field, then the grid may be used only for communications, weather monitoring and, of course, surveillance, but the jolting of your bodies' electrical systems would cease. Maybe the brains behind this technology outsmarted themselves. If you want to quell the personal tempests during this time when multiple processes are at work to unbalance you, it is your inner voice, your "higher self," the godself wherein optimum help lies. Just ask for balance! You must maintain balance amidst the turmoil existing throughout your known world, which is only a microcosm of the ongoing intergalactic struggle for power and survival. This is to inform you, Mother, not to frighten you. Fear and confusion come from not knowing what is happening, calmness can come from knowledge. Calmness starts with one person and extends through successive individuals coming to grips with their survival modes. Thinking beyond the confusing feelings is critical. Visualizing light surrounding Earth is a positive energy influence that I cannot emphasize too much. It does not help those who are fearful and hurting for you to feel grave concern to the extent that it takes your own energy out of balance, out of harmonious flow. I surely do not mean that people should be without compassion or caring. Balance NEVER means indifference! Indifference would only spread negativity. But it is not beneficial to you or the sufferers or the benevolent energy forces if you become so emotionally caught up in the negative aspects of happenings that you become bound by them. That is precisely what the malevolent forces are working with all their might to achieve!

MATTHEW: Thank you. Mother, now that I'm seeing this I want to add something. By intent of the dark forces, prescription drugs have surged in numbers and usage since I gave you those recommendations, and the drugs' effects are exacerbating people's conditions and compounding their consternation about what is going on with them. Those who are directing the development of the new types of drugs that are proliferating via TV ads are well aware that most of the symptoms these are hyped to relieve are the natural effects of what is happening in the universe. Especially insidious are those drugs being prescribed to quiet children's natural reactions and those to calm your nerves or relieve depression. Drugs are being prescribed to offset the health problems caused by still other drugs, and at the same time you are enriching the powers that control the pharmaceutical companies, the medical establishment, the FDA and the insurance companies, you are destroying your well-being. Mandatory vaccinations are intentionally doing the very same, often with even more drastic results for the masses. I know you need to move forward with responsibilities, but please add one more thing. You have replied to an e-mail from someone who forwarded the message from Metatron about "two Earths," which caused confusion since I have stated that there is one Earth. Please add your reply as the end of this sitting, and be sure to include your last sentence. Thank you, and "Ciao" for now. (CLIP - my reply) I've just read this message and understand your confusion. Matthew has said that Earth has one soul, not two or more "selves" (some theories suggest three). My interpretation of this message from Metatron is that it is referring to the two Earths as the two currently co-existing frequencies here÷the lower (fear-based) and the higher (love-based), which is indeed so according to all of my sources. However, this is as different from the soul of Earth as our lingering duality differs from our souls. Points Matthew often has made that are aligned with those in Metatron's message: trust the inner voice, which is one's direct communion with God/mass consciousness and the only pure information; information from external sources is filtered (regarding telepathic communication, the filtering inherent in telepathy itself and the receiver's own filtering system through the layers of conscious information); belief is what forms our reality; and focus on what you want, not on what you don't want. Matthew just gave me a high grade on my explanation!