Resurrection Statement

Magdalen's statement about the Conclave to be read aloud to get into the alignment of intention.

This Conclave, called Resurrection, is about the rising of the feminine in balance to the male, the resurrection of sacred relationship and the honoring of Earth in relation to Spirit.
It is no coincidence that this takes place in the capitol of one of the world's greatest patriarchies. So we come to resurrect life, and we come to resurrect relationship.
Sacred relationship is made sacred by the intention of those involved. It is an agreement to express divinity and sovereignty to each other and to the world. It demands appreciation of the beloved and a commitment to honesty and to holding each other in the highest regard. This stands in stark contrast to how relationship is expressed by most people. Culturally, the feminine is relegated to a lesser position of power, financial security and social status. The Earth element, being feminine, is relegated to being a slave, her resources plundered and her wellbeing disregarded.
Within the patriarchy, the male principle of consciousness is so self-fascinated that it is unable to step out of the miasma it has created. This has resulted in, and continues to create, tremendous damage to the Earth and to the destiny of humanity as a whole.
Historically, the feminine has, for needs of survival, relegated herself to a place of being a servant to the male, and this is still largely the case. Sacred relationship, in this epoch, requires that the male elevate the feminine to a place of equality and that the female elevate herself within her own consciousness. This is a radical action, and only those with spiritual courage and fortitude will be capable of attaining it.
So how is this Conclave about sacred relationship? It is an invitation to those men who shall be present and for those men energetically aligned with this event, to step up to bat, to use a very American metaphor, and to hold women and the Earth herself, in high regard, not higher regard than themselves, but as equals. And this event is an invitation for those women who shall be present at this event and those aligned with the energetics of this event, to also step up to bat and find the spiritual courage to speak their truth and in some cases, to even discover what their truth is.
We are, in a very real sense, attempting to tip the scales to usher in what we are calling the Resurrection, for it will assist to resurrect the feminine in balance to the male and resurrect life on Earth, not upward into the higher realms, as some imagine it to be, but resurrect the Earth and all life into a place of being honored and stewarded by humanity.
We invite you to join us.
Let those who have eyes to see, see.
Let those who have ears to hear, hear.
Let those who have neither, pass on.

Mary Magdalen

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