The true Mary Magdalen story


"Yet, once again, we see in the gospel account of this, a one-sided and manipulative perspective.
That Yeshua came to me for this purification as well was never reported. And yet they knew about it."


Q: What is meant by "the return of the Cosmic Mother"?

MM: It is a shift of collective consciousness to an honouring of the feminine. It will show up as a global and collective understanding of the sacredness of Earth herself, so that instead of raping and pillaging her, there will be a co-creation. And women ­ those Souls embodied as women ­ will be elevated to a place of equality, of appreciation along with the male principal.


Q: Were you and Yeshua married?

MM: Yeshua and I were married in a rabbinical tradition. In the gospels they report that Yeshua turned water into wine at a wedding ceremony. What they failed to mention was that the wedding was ours. It was known.
There are two paths that sometimes overlap.
One is initiation and one is marriage. Initiation is entering a higher threshold of understanding and ability. Initiations are given to solitary individuals. Those in Sacred Relationship step into this through their mutual intention.



"For me, this journey is of my spirit and heart."

I was raised in the understanding of magic. My father was from Mesopotamia and my mother from Egypt. Before I was born she prayed to Isis to bless her with a child. I am that child. And I was known as Mary Magdalen.

When I was 12 years old I was sent to study with a secret sisterhood of initiates, under the wings of Isis. I was trained in the secrets of Egypt, the Alchemy?s of Horus, and the Sexual Magic of the Isis Cult. When I met whom you call Yeshua, I had passed all my initiations. I had prepared for the meeting with him by the well.

The gospels recount me as a prostitute, for all initiates of my order wore a gold arm bracelet that was a serpent, and it was understood that we practiced sexual magic, and in the eyes of the Hebrews we were whores.

When I saw Yeshua and our eyes met, I understood that we had been destined for each other.

What I am about to tell you has not been known, except by those who were with me. Many legends abound as to what happened. But for me it is a story of deepest love. That Yeshua had a vision of the world does not touch me. My story is a love story.

Many people followed Yeshua. And the opportunities for us to be alone together were very few.

It is not written in the gospels for no one knew, only the closest to us. Before Yeshua went to the garden of Gethsemane, we conceived a child, and her name was to be Sar?h.

I still find it ironic that the gospels report that I was at the well when Yeshua arrived, but those many nights when Yeshua and I were alone, he came to my well, to draw from me the powers of Isis, to build and strengthen himself.

The church would have you believe I was a whore, but I tell you now that the church is the whore, for she would have you believe that woman is tainted and that the sexual passions between a man and a woman are evil. Yet it is here, in the magnetics of passion, that the womb of ascension is created.

For those who wish to know the physical journey ? after Yeshua?s crucifixion, I and his mother Mary, Joseph of Arimathea, his twelve-year-old son named Aaron, and two other young women set off from northern Egypt.

Our course took us ironically east before we could turn westward, and we had to stop for provisions along the way, as our boat was very small. Our path took us to Malta and the tiny island of Oudish, from there to Sardenia and to the tip of what is now the Cinque Terra, finally landing at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and making our trek Northward through Rennes-le-Chateau into northern France, and across the cannel into what is now England. We settled in Glastonbury for several years, until Sar?h was twelve.

Upon her twelfth birthday, we set off for the place among the reeds where we had landed. There, as close to Egypt as was safe for us to go, I initiated my daughter into the Cult of Isis and bathed her in the waters of the Mediterranean in accordance with the teachings I had been given.

We then returned to Glastonbury, until Yeshua?s and my daughter Sar?h wedded at age sixteen. She married into a well-known family whose heirs became the Templars, although at that time the Templar Knights did not exist.

This family bloodline, through Sar?h, would be carried into the Templars themselves. When Sar?h was married and secure in her new life, I headed north for Wales and lived in a small stone cottage by the sea for the rest of my days.

Behind my cottage there was a stream that came out of the hill, and I would sit there many days. For there was a time when this stream split in two and the two streams followed each other, and then one veered off to the left and one to the right. And I would sit there, in between them, thinking about the stream of my life and the stream of Yeshua?s, how, for a while, our lives flowed together and then parted.

I turn now to my beloved sister, my sister in spirit, mother of Yeshua, also known as Mary.

Mary was a high initiate in the Cult of Isis, having received her training in Egypt. That is why, when she and Joseph fled the king?s wrath in Israel, they took flight into Egypt, for she had safety there, among the Priestesses and Priests of Isis.

Mary, the mother of Yeshua, when she was quite young, was recognised for her purity of spirit by the great Priestesses of the Isis Temples. She was trained as an initiate and reached the highest levels. But rather than becoming a Priestess, she was trained to become what is called an Incarnate.

To be an Incarnate is to be a highly advanced Soul and requires undergoing tremendous spiritual training and discipline. In a final initiation, Mary became the holder of an energy stream directly from Isis herself. In this regard, she was an embodiment of the Cosmic Mother. It is as if there were two, Mary the human, pure of spirit and heart, holding within her a direct portal into the Great Mother, the Creatrix of all matter, of all time and space.

When Mary underwent what the church refers to as the immaculate conception, she was a witness to a Celestial and Galactic insemination process, by which the Father Principle, or Spirit as we understood this in the Isis Cult, transferred his essence into Isis, the Mother that receives the seed of the Father. Matter receiving the impulse of Spirit. And this highly refined and potent spiritual energy took root in Mary?s womb and gave birth to Yeshua.

Mary was with the apostles when they came upon the well. She immediately recognised me as a fellow initiate by the gold serpent bracelet I wore on my arm and by the Seal of Isis which glowed within my Ka body, for Mary was quite clairvoyant and psychic.

Mary recognised me and my status, and passed her son to me in that moment by the well.

For Yeshua, each union with me was a means to strengthen his Ka. This is why I said earlier that he came to my well, for the well that the woman initiate offers to the male is an endless well of magnetic potential. But it is only opened when the female feels safe and loved. Only then will the practices work. For the practices without the nurturance of love become just techniques and will not give the result required or desired.

I tell you now that within the heart and the mind and the body wisdom of the feminine lie some of the greatest secrets and greatest powers.
All of it is laid open by the touch of another.

I was content to remain here with his essence that I carry in my heart and mind, but Isis herself came to me and said that now I must tell my story, that the lies of the last two-thousand years must come to an end, that the feminine is returning in balance to the male, that the Cosmic Mother is revealing herself at the beginning of the ending of time.

And so it is that I reveal one of the lost secrets of the ages, that Spirit, the male principle, in order to return to itself through it?s journey into matter, requires the assistance of the feminine principle, the intelligence of matter itself.

But from the solar light filled perspective of the masculine principle, the feminine principle carries within her a dark, moist and dangerous abyss. The solar principle feels threatened by the darkness of the lunar aspect, but it is in the joining of the Sun and the Moon, the joining of the masculine and feminine principles in equilibrium, in energetic balance, that true illumination is attained.

The bottom line:

no guilt, no shame, no regrets