Mothership Communique # 9

TRUTH sets both the individual and the planet free. The SECRET MANDARINS are well aware that POWER is INFORMATION IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE, and they employ dark armies of security people to suppress the spread of LIGHT. The "Dark Forces/MIB" will go to any lengths to prevent this ET and UFO information getting to the public.

Therefore it has been expedient to mass blocks of SOLID EVIDENCE: Irrefutable stuff. Fortunes have been made - Earth's Global Mandarins are sustained on SECRET INFORMATION - that has been passed down in silence across the generations of man. To break the silence is death. This is accepted as the ritual of the members of the hierarchal "Dark Brotherhood" if a man and his family are to enjoy the special privileges of being party to the secret rituals and secret information.

The SIN OF SILENCE killed the first ATLANTIS, where we lived as brethren in the State of Undivided Mind. Warmongers will destroy this planet unless we break the silence with THE TRUTH that sets man free. There are parallel worlds of Mind and Matter and one is subject to the other.

The CHRIST was the Exemplar - "I am The Way" he said. In each one, the Christed Self is nailed to the cross of mortal opinion, until it breaks "The Curse" of ignorance... or DARKNESS of the MIND. Greed causes the Global Mandarins to promote a seriously flawed logic structure, one which constantly judges others rather than actualizing the whole "totem pole" of human potential to synergize at the glorious magical summit of its Divine Destiny.

The light body side of you is waiting to get into the show. We might call it your NIMBUS or AURA - it is the invisible electromagnetic body of the REAL YOU! For you are made in the image of your MOTHER EARTH - She has a NIMBUS - or ETHERIC BODY too. Then you have your "Physical Component" - so does Earth. She recycles this aspect of Herself in the endless process of EVOLUTION to which ALL LIFE IS SUBJECT... so do you!

Making the flip from mortal impotency to God-Potency involves transmutation. As each cell vibrates at higher frequency it gives off LIGHT. This is how - at 5.12, we can speak of ZARG AWAKE. Mind cells expand with the light from finity to infinity. The veils of the negative hide God from view. These can only dissolve when you truly have 9.1, Harvest Desire as an over-riding frequency.

Harvest desire is an internal feeling of intense magnetic attraction to complete of your Spiritual Destiny, as the inner urge seeks the opportunity for manifestation. There is a heaviness in the shroud of the old snakeskin; a weariness with the old world - a longing to have the dynamic tension of your life rejuvenated. Are you waiting for God or is God waiting foryou?

People are enlightened or dense according to their attitude and altitude. Higher altitudes are attained upon letting go of yesterdays infrastructure. This is due to the Pulse Wave ghost effect. Although people look alike the dense people have gravitational drag; they do not respond to the compelling forces of the light; they trust neither God nor man.

Through this pulse wave ghost effect you can attain more than one dimension at the same time. Once the old umbilical cord is cut you can move your universe into centripetal rotation. Then move into whatever time-space pulse you want to be in. But the Mothership itself never moves - it is the great cosmic womb.

Life support suspension for all dimensions is drawn and regulated through the electromagnetic field. The Black hole is held within an electron magnet. It is like the plug at the bottom of the bottomless pit. Once you surrender your lower world the cord is cut and your old self lets go and drops off the bottom. All the good is saved; what you loose is the dross or "placenta".

Though the tempo of the times may change from age to age, the Great Initiation changeth not. Whether reading from the Egyptian "Book of Coming Forth By Day" (Book of the Dead) or Revelations wherein a personage with "hair like white wool and feet as burnished brass as though they had been in a furnace" the concept is the same.

To separate the essence from the shroud which drops off into the Black Hole (the Universal Anus - or God-placenta bucket so to speak) - the initiate must abandon all that they hold dear; submit to the most fearsome ordeals of outer darkness; suffer emotional, mental and physical torments. Bear the destruction of most cherished ideals and beliefs; even let go of sanity itself - clinging only to faith in GOD'S LOVING OMNIPOTENCE.

This system works. Revelations 2:v.26-29 "Anyone that overcometh and keepeth My Works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers; even as I received of My Father."

God's word is inviolable - The MOTHERSHIP is loaded with kegs of DYNAMITE - (concentrated LIGHT BALLS) to spotlight the corruption which dominates our planetary system. "...And I will give him the Morning Star (12.4). He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit sayeth unto the churches."

The message is surrender to Spirit or get sucked into the Black Hole of the second death. "Two shall be standing side by side, one saved the other lost..." means that in these end times if you don't let go you get sucked into the Universal compost heap which is the purpose of the bottomless pit. There is a three phase inversion-conversion system; paradigm 1, 2, and 3 in scientific terms. 11.1 HOLY HOLY HOLY is the key. The Children of ISRAEL are those in tune with ISIS (The Mother of All) RA - (The Father of All) and the ELohim - our older brothers and sisters of the Universe. It is in this way that the individual initiate becomes part of the Holy Trinity - or Unified Field Force at E=mc3. CUBE WINDOW 9.12 has the details of HOW!

During the period when your old structure crashes, pulses and pulsars are frequently changed to adapt to the negative energy fields which separate dimensions. These negative energy fields do not exist as a permanent structure. During your "Cosmic Changeover" while establishing your true position in the magnetic field you achieve non-existence (a weird feeling only recognizable in retrospect) - but still exist.

You do not want to take up the space of being matter in the higher dimension, or indeed to affect the perfection of the Unified Field in any way. You appear to be real and photos can even be taken (I, Winifred, have photos taken in which my body was absent) It is much like being a droplet in a bucket of water. The moment you attain the Holy Holy Holy note you get grace. This is a rapid Photon Bombardment to take you from fission to fusion. The new-born Elohim then immediately commences its own Photon Bombardment into Outer Darkness.

Before initiation false self esteem is based on pleasing mummy-daddy, and the programmed social law of Super Ego who says "How good I am" and judges God incessantly. The MAGICAL KEY = ONLY GOD IS GOOD ! ! ! The POWER STRUCTURE FLIPS. Break through the 7 veils of negativity. The photon bombardment starts this week. Who stops judging god and fellow man will experience intense light. Those who continue to judge will experience continued outer darkness. Physics is the backroom-boy of Applied Metaphysics and New World Magic!

"Like the meridians as they approach the poles, science, philosophy and religion are bound to converge as they draw nearer to the whole..." Pierre Teilhard de Chardin