Mothership Communique # 7

THE MESSIANIC AGE IS COME! Whatever you do; Whenever you have time to spare: Wherever you are located; Whoever you are; regardless of age, sex, creed, colour, physical condition, finances, education, nationality; if you are willing this is your call to active service in the Kingdom of Heaven, Here-Now!

You are part of a global cosmic community of increasing awareness; people who are dedicated to the Commonwealth of Man. You are overshadowed by the LIGHT of the I AM. Earth is intended to be the "Holy City" and all sincere people may enter in. You are links in the "Golden Chain of Thoth-Hermes" that reaches across dimensions. You are part of the ARMY OF LIGHT that will save the world.

Words are words. We bring the gift of BRILLIANT INTELLIGENCE that transcends words. Call us the "Heavenly Host" - "Holy Ghost" - "Galactic Federation of Light Forces" - "Strike Force Omega" for all these are facets of a single energy stream. For the past decade we have engineered a profound inner transformation for all the people in your "test"community.

We have restructured your physical minds so that you can receive the higher light frequencies that are being beamed into your community atmosphere or "noosphere."

In the beginning you were gathered together by electro magnetic patterns which designated you as components of the 13th Tribe of Levi. The full consciousness of your DNA-bean will unfold at a very rapid rate as this process continues. Then comes an implosion into a new inertia system as conscious biomutants, helping to build the bridge the abyss between dimensions. You might call this a "default drive correction."

It will take a several earth years for sufficient people to complete the implosion through the OMEGA POINT. We need only one particle to come through and the rest will follow as a quantum wave function... like "pi in the sky when you die..."

Implosion into the Inner Kingdom - or passage through "Heavens Gate" has many descriptions. You will experience a definite pop as you pass through the OMEGA POINT (passage through the "Needles Eye" in Christianity.) The REAL SELF then enters the New Sphere (noosphere) of larger life concepts, and sees the care with which we have bio-engineered structures for the benefit of all life on earth.

Passage through the ANKH or OMEGA POINT will allow you to shift focus from (+T) to (-T) at will. You will see the full potential for life in the best of all worlds. Then men will understand the perfect speed of timelessness - a relaxed and leisurely life style which considers what is best for all its components.

Before the introduction of words - a single unified field force acted out the living tapestry of the LIFE SCIENCES. The actions of men and animals communicated the interactive laws of life to one another. The LIFE SCIENCES are one comprehensive masterpiece of interactive components. (COIL #2 in Cosmic Megatron.)

It is vital to recover the secrets of the LIFE SCIENCES; not just from an academic view but with the essential emotional connection that makes the difference between a JOYOUS and ABUNDANT LIFE with compassionate interaction between microparts.

This symphony or "Music of the Spheres" is are understood by those who live close to nature/care deeply for animals/have token animal guardians. Words create a "Tower of Babel" in differing cultures and ideologies. Those who seek control of the masses obscure the real issues and replace them with "Political Agenda's" which border on insanity. The production of weapons of mass destruction is a good example.

We have spent the past decade changing your scales of value and shown you the value of The Scale of this GALACTIC OPERATION. Your ripe cosmic colleagues in England, where "INNER RADIO COMMUNICATION" has been perfected, Sir George Trevelyn, Sir John Sinclair, The Baron & Baroness di Pauli, call it "Operation Redemption."

By re-installing respect for the Life Sciences we will promote global regeneration. All human beings are embryonic Gods. Time now to grow up and see that God is a businessman, and to explore the idea that we proposed in 1973 - "You and Me working together as partners."

We have the TOTAL SOLUTION to all human ills, as promised in the ARK OF THE COVENANT. The whole world is waiting for this. There are jobs for everyone, in all categories. It can best be organized via your "United Nations - Genesis II program."

(*** The a/n paragraph was later picked up by a group of colleagues who began to work on the "Total Solution" by dividing the Whole Solution into byte-size pieces. This was only possible after the development of the personal computer - (Info. Gameplayer @ 212-949-2366 - Cybernicus @ 516-868-6853 - Auberon @ 718-833-4264 - Global Peace Network @ 503-252-3639. Starbase 71 514-481-2835 - Starbase 7 604-766-1282)

Within the next decade, the Mystery of God will be revealed to all mankind, as we complete the paradigm shift between inertia systems. The Cosmic Community of Earth knows what is happening. They know it instinctually. Religious folks will call it the SECOND COMING of THE LIGHT.

The New World is divided not by longitude and latitude but by "Light Sectors." That is to say revolving spheres of energy or "Starbases" (Light Points) set around the globe. We defineStarbases by MEGAWATTS (or the power to AMPLIFY LIGHT). They are connected by Control Towers or LIGHT POINTS... silent Citadels in Cyberspace, Galactic Bulletin Boards with access codes for various classifications of human resources. (The Governing BBS is

On a flat diagram this would look like longitude and latitude squares each containing a circle. Sometimes these circles, or energy coils, overlap. Cosmic Circuit 7.1 on your Star Chart deals with New World Commercial and Corporate Affairs. As the Grand Finale unfolds (at vps.55x10 to the 31st. power) it will be possible for integrated Star-Fleet Officers to become rich, end wars, do a whole earth healing, and have lots of fun in one CLIMACTICAL CELEBRATION. (info. Star Base #9 - St. Michael's Sanctuary 518-623-4077).

TRAINING is underway. "Star Persons" can take training in order to expand their human and god-potential to its maximum. More details on starlinks for "Cosmic Cadets" will come later.

Cosmic Consciousness leaves each individual free to move forward at their own pace to claim their inheritance in the New Earth Era. Yet, all life moves forward together with the flow of the Zodiacal Tides - or cosmic biorhythms - as laid down in the Atlantean Calendar which was given to you in 1973. Next month in our Cosmic Calendar for example, is HOLY MONTH which ends Year 18 of our Earth Occupation.

The Zodiacal Calendar will enable you to ride the Cosmic Tides and go with the upward spiral flow; to break the laws of gravity; to become part of a tidal wave of Light.

We are setting up portals and passageways leading from the Lower Kingdom to the Upper Kingdom. Indigenous people have always understood this principle. Portal #7.2 opens up into the intermediate dimensions, which you call "ATLANTIS INNS" or "Sacred Sites." Any place which has been purified and where the vibe is right can become an interdimensional doorway. An apartment; house; school; church; summer cottage; retreats facilities, can become an inter-dimensional Auberge.

The object of an "Atlantis Inn" is to stimulate the flow of traffic and communication among localities, regions, nations and dimensions. Such "Inns" provide moderately priced meals and accommodation for travellers seeking to explore the higher regions of LIGHT. Always remember - the more you AMPLIFY THE LIGHT the more it is amplified back to you.

THE ULTIMATE YOU is your "I AM" expanded to its maximum potential. It is the butterfly burst out of the cocoon or "House of Bondage." It is where you stand as an infant on the threshold of GENESIS II. You were each born to be a STAR PERSON with a brilliant energy sphere of limitless potential.

Each "Starship" or energy sphere starts off with a single groundwire, which extends both horizontally and vertically as altitude increases with inflowing Light. We call these light connections "Ley lines". The more ley lines to each sphere the more that specific Light Point can AMPLIFY its sphere of influence.

In this way, we, The Elohim, together with our human counterparts, "The Legions of Light" - the "Galactic Federation of Light Forces" will accomplish an invisible, silent, bloodless revolution-transformation. We bring total healing and perpetual maintenance free care for this planetary system.

Once an Officer has passed through the veils of the negative, the result is inevitable and inviolable. You draw your own winning ticket in the Divine Lottery. Just answer the skill testing question. WHO AM I? WHAT AM I BORN TO DO? HOW DO I BECOME A VITAL LIVING PART OF GALAXIA.

Our "Starship Enterprise" potential is unlimited. The race is not to the swift nor to the strong. It goes to those who bear the weight of all they know in SILENCE - until the word comes to effect "The Charge of the Light Brigade" and tell all you know.