Mothership Communique # 6

The DEATH GRIP on earth today is THE LIE. The Lie of leaders who smile and show their clean hands, saying "Peace peace, see how generously we send out our peacekeepers..." while these same nations are turning out ever more sophisticated death weapons for profit. Rich nations even lend poor nations the money to buy deadly weapons. Yet, the "clean hands" look hurt when decrying terrorism and "atrocities." How ridiculous; who makes the guns? The TRUE enemy is THE CONSTITUTIONAL LIE that people are living. It is impossible for an arms manufacturer - or anyone in associated professions to be a true human being. Those who say they are CHRISTIANS but are not Christians: Those who say they are JEWS but are not Jews: Those who claim to be MUSLIMS but are not Muslims: Those who say they are objective SCIENTISTS but are not scientists: Those who claim to serve the LIFE SCIENCES - but instead serve the LUST SCIENCES of social acclaim. All these are socially and financially biased into serving the Law of SIN AND DEATH. They can be easily identified.

Earth has both an etheric and a material body; one of which is firm the other is flexible - subject to decay and renewal. The magnetic grid of Earth is the key to the quantum teamwork of life forms which have not been separated from the Unified Field of collective Gaia-consciousness. But only man can share in Her Galactic Consciousness. These facts were understood by the ancient wisemen. Birds and animals travel along invisible ley lines in their migration passageways. The Star Bases of the Elohim are built along the same gridwork and use the same modes of communication.

LIGHT excites energy molecules (3.5/5.3) bringing about a brilliant intelligence within the form, which transmutes matter into the infinite light-substance of a STAR BEING. All is Light-Energy and the closer man orbits around the Universal Monopole the brighter he becomes. This is how we will move into the first level of harmonic convergence of dimensions in mid-August 1987.

Like the UNIVERSAL MOTHERSHIP, The Earthship is geared to run on maintenance free specifications ad. infinitum, while at the same time being flexible enough to include all new ideas, but ALL WAYS - ALWAYS within The Law of Balance/Equity, in a Universe that rests in Perfect Yin-Yang Equilibrium.

For you who have overcome MEST the solution is obvious. Man may never break the Golden Chain of Hermes but he can s t r e t c h it. As the human mind expands the WEB expands - and EXPANDS - each of you helps E X P A N D I T... like a balloon.

The Ancients called this limitless expansion phenomena ATOUM (ATOM in modern terms). Atoum is the central intelligence core (Kore in Tarot) to which all else is relative = E=mc3 = THE RADIANT ONE = I AM ALL IN ALL + I AM THAT I AM. This is the endof the illusion of separation; the end of "the curse".

Once the SQUARE ROOT of the TREE OF LIFE is ESTABLISHED its identical but unique branches are LIMITLESSLY DUPLICABLE. First we have built this Canadian "Starbases." There is another in Sussex, England, and one in France. From these Light Beings can hold hands around the world. In this sense the TREE OF LIFE is flexible in that its branches will each be geared towards local remedy but the SQUARE ROOT - is the common denominator.

The New Earth Spring is bursting out all over. Think GESTALT - that is to say each learn how to find your PERSONAL DESTINY or 5.5 Kingdom out of the enormity of the COSMIC HYPERCUBE which contains the parameters of your common DNA Destiny to Global Unification. The Cosmic Cube we have brought you is like "Heaven's Gate" - "The Gateway to Mu."

Universal geometry, maths and music are easy to understand. They are governed by two major forces. The weak nuclear force is the force of entropy, the falling away from The Light. The strong nuclear force is the force of stability, attraction to the One Light in the YIN-YANG ERA of perfect equilibrium. The Great Day is come! *** To catch the ongoing "Chronicles of Galaxia" tune in to newsgroup **

1982 is the climactic year. Limitation is self imposed. This is the Year of The Emergence of the Glorious Race: The year of man's coming of age into a new relationship based on a new covenant with God. The consciousness of physical worlds expands with light magnitude. The "Children of Light" You will find it is great to live in the Age of Reason. It is the realm of pure intelligence delightfully individualized, and packaged in various forms, animate and inanimate.

Deformed, malignant, barbarian alien beings attempting to enter THE CUBE do so at their own risk. The Blue-Green wheels of Heaven are set on interlock. The Yellow red are in a simultaneous move to fusion. See diagram in "I AM THE BOOK OF LIFE" (Barton '78) channelled by the Feminine Principle of THE ONE.

Key Star Beings now run the Control Tower of this MOTHERSHIP. Signals flash back and forth as the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel - Primal Guardian of The Four Corners of Heavens Gate proceed to distribute Boarding Passes to the critical mass of The People.

The Upper Kingdom is protected by 12 RINGS OF POWER, called the "Shield of Thoth." In your modern computer terminology it means access codes for the protection of the purity of the Upper Kingdom - and is what enables Heaven to become manifest on Earth. The travellers guide through these "Rings of Power" is through magnetic ley lines which encircle the earth and have vortex entrances set in key positions called "Sacred Places." To decodethe last mystery of your DNA and find the Magic Paradigm of who and what you really are: and your relationship to Who's Who and What's What in the Kingdom of Heaven, tune in to the next MOTHERSHIP COMMUNIQUE - at 23.00 hours - Earth time....