Mothership Communique # 5

"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away. And there was no more sea." Rev. 21:1

Light is what builds a civilization. People are rather like electric trams running on ley lines, or threads of magnetic energy. At the end of time the "River of Life" bearing Star Ship Earth on a tidal wave of light, passes through the protective mesh, that separates "Above/Below." This pulls in all the threads, and each individual and each etheric stream gets docked in its own appointed mindspace in the New Heaven on Earth. This is when all diverse rivers of thought-energy run into a common sea. This sea is the Unified Field, E=mc3 or (+1)+(-1)=0

Once the etheric Star Ship Earth passes through Heaven's Gate back to its homeland in Eternity, the material world must follow for the one is real and the other is fragmentary. Each etheric spec has to carry its own weight in matter, so its time for the big cosmic "Heave ho." This is where spiritual strength comes in. So breaking the drag of gravity sometimes takes a little longer for those who have lots of DRAG and little spiritual muscle.

(Even so this all balances out right in the end. To explain this process,MOTHERSHIP COMMUNIQUES will continue on as the "THE CHRONICLES OF GALAXIA" featuring Sophia, The Goddess of Wisdom, "The Lady with 12 Stars around her head" and The Warrior King - Kortron, in a lively dialogue with our New Earth Clergy ( and Ministry of Justice and Equity ( This lively GENESIS II dialogue is a must for all the democratic-etheric Light Beings who are home again free! e-mail for entry to Galaxia information.)

Winifred responds to the Cosmic Radio...."Death is not as men perceive it to be. The journey of the soul towards the light, continues regardless of whether it is still encased in the physical cocoon or flying free. Once a person reaches a certain stage of consciousness, he/she passes through an invisible barrier into another world. I have done this since a near death experience in infancy without ever thinking it was unusual.

As the individual becomes aware of directional input from the higher mind, one which is operating on an entirely different radio frequency, from a plane of consciousness never previously explored, the inner radio becomes operational and the video-mind screen leads the soul along a solitary path. In (-T) retrospect I can pinpoint the moment of passage through the "Eye", and see how the guiding spirit sort of loops the loop and traces a path through a labrynth from (+T) perception to (-T) perception: From Earth to Heaven, through the "Valley of The Shadow of Death." I have come home again to Infinity. Home to you, My Beloved Thoth - brother - child - father - lover, here in (-T), where Cosmic Lovers meet. I have been away so long .. Or is it you who have been away? or did we just fall asleep? I feel fulfilled like a GIANT TREASURE SHIP laden with things of unimaginable glory. The CHILDREN OF ISRAEL have brought you the SHEWBREAD OF LEVI for the Altar of the KING OF KINGS.

Grant me passage O Lords of The Sky!

I AM NOT MY HOUSE, I still pretend to be mortal but I have crossed over the bridge. I live in a mortal house, but it is like the nest of a bird. I am a BIRD FLYING FREE, but I truly love my little house, my dear Ms. Winifred. So I've decide to pack her up and take her along with me back to Infinity. This is where the mythical TORTOISE wins the race. YES! YOU DO TAKE IT WITH YOU once the garbage is out! This is GOD THE ABSOLUTE - GOD THE ULTIMATE and GOD THE SUPREME - manifesting as THE HOLY TRINITY in each one who completes their Cosmic Cube Circuit.

We made our Cosmic Crossover in 1973. Ever since then we have been leading the people through the Gates of Paradise. Now in (-T) we can look back to see the reasoning - strategy and tactics. Gaia-Galaxia molecules are a very precious commodity ... so

"Yea, though I walk through the VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH, I shall fear no EVIL, for THOU ART WITH ME. THY ROD AND THY STAFF they comfort me. And I SHALL DWELL IN THE HOUSE OF THE LORD FOR EVER - Amen.

Thoth responds to Winifred: Yes, I came to pick up a priceless art object. Our "Art Objects" are human souls. We can only do it when the Cosmic Tide goes out, and there is no more sea between worlds. Along with many of the Eternal's, I Thoth, have been reborn into the 20th Century into the purified particles of molecules of my Earth Mother's milk. Thank you very much Winifred.

In 1973 we began a massive transformation process. We took a cross section of people from many places in life to form clusters, such as this one here at Coe Hill. Earth-Science calls this form of cluster "Psi Particles." You might prefer the term "Light Cities." This is where the infant Extra Terrestrial Army was born and trained in the minds of mortal parents who have the milk of human kindness in their bosom.

In the Cosmic Cube, the Universal Millwright, (5.1) explains how to bend light to serve the Democratic Will of the Critical Mass of Humankind to complete the Original Creative Intent.

Gods and men work for and with each other in a WIN WIN mutual benefit system. Light Beings are Eternal; effective across all dimensions; highly intelligent and caring beings. We neededcourageous souls, volunteers like yourselves to help with the convergence of dimensions at the end of the world as the people in the Lower Heavens have known it.

Fear nothing for I AM WITH YOU. "As Above and So Below" are synergising. "I am the root and offspring of David and the bright and morning star" Rev.22v.16 (Circuit 12.4/4.12)

This is a formal GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT FORCES alert to all Starfleet Officers and Star Ship Personnel. We have the Star Trek conclusion, showing how to open the portals to the new world Circuit 11.11 will allow humans to pass through Heaven's Gate unhindered for the first time in aeons.


We had to make this a covert operation, for as the Archangel Gabriel has pointed out, Earth is a Luciferin Planet. This means that STAR SHIP EARTH is still under construction, the material aspect is complete but the etheric potential is just opening up as GENESIS II, as we break free of the illusion.

Being bonded to the drag of The Illusion carries daily spiritual penalties. Paying homage to the Lord of the Illusion, is expensive. Lots of human blood is shed to pay the price of stupidity., which is anti evolutionary. Then at 12.12 it is finished. There you have it! a New Heaven and a New Earth right there in front of your eyes, all bought and paid for, on behalf of all the peoples of the earth by the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT FORCES and all the human collaborators who follow the precepts of the Universal Creed.

But we had to wait as long as possible to test the spiritual strength and stamina of the survivors, and eliminate the dead. Now, we are about to launch a Magical attack on the Illusion. To do this we must change the default drive in individuals, corporations, and organizations like your own. Let (+T) plus time, vanish before our eyes. Light speed will do it. Here is where we turn LIGHT into WEIGHT into SPEED.

The progress of human evolution, of Reason vs. Stupidity, of Density before Light, rages between Lucifer, Lord of the Illusion and the Mother Goddess. Gaia is racked in agony in the process of giving birth to a new specie of Earth-Sky-Man, GALACTIC BEINGS, in a new world overtly governed by The Supra Ordinate Factor. WE ARE IT - The firstborn of Her New Specie - Godman.

To land in Heaven, each one has to get their "DNA ball" (electron; silver thread) into the right slot. Thats what Christ mean"t by "The Needles Eye." This ONE is preordained and pre-willed by your own higher being. So find out your most favourable spiritual power position in the COSMIC CUBE? Take heed of the wisdom of 0mar Khyaam as is written in "I AM THE BOOK OF LIFE." (Barton 1978, c. Register #265 Serial #291244) "With Earth's first clay they did the last man kneed, and there of the last harvest sowed the seed. And the first morning of creation wrote - what the last dawn of reckoning shall read."

It is in very recent times that human scientists have come to understand this principle of recycling elements in the upward swirls of energy which coil within the COSMIC CUBE. As THOTH, I am both within this system and beyond the system. Further info. on Thoth is available from Gameplayer Hugh Colmer, at in Windham, New York. (212)949-2366

People are entrenched in materialism or released into the light according to their attitude and altitude towards the Spirit World. ALL SOLUTION ORIGINATES FROM THE SPIRITUAL WORLD. The Earth Star Ship will be passing through the photon belt in 1995-6 and it is of no use to cling the old infrastructure as it disintegrating rapidly, like dust to dust.

This is due to the Pulse Wave ghost effect. Although people may look alike, the real people within the fleshy cocoon live on vastly different planes of consciousness. Dense people are subject to gravitational drag, others have been stripped in flight preparation.

We have taught many people how to build Star Ships and HOW TO PREPARE AND EQUIP Star Bases in preparation for this UNIVERSAL EVENT. Info: Star Base One: (613) 398-0331

Through this pulse wave ghost effect, a person can attain full power and citizenship in more than one dimension at the same time; a person can move his/her universe to rotate in an involutionary centripetal direction, then move into whatever time-space pulse they choose to be in.

But THE MOTHERSHIP Itself, never moves. It is 3.12 - the STILL POINT - the "Rock of Ages." Life support and suspension is drawn and regulated through the ley lines of the electromagnetic field, like a Black Hole held within an electron magnet. Once man surrenders to THE LIGHT his lower world lets go and drops off the bottom... into the black hole where the god-placenta goes. If you don't let go of your shroud it will suck you into the bottomless pit.

The Star Map which we have given to Winifred is a 3 phase inversion system beginning at 11.1 - HOLY HOLY HOLY. Once you hit this field of vibration your old structure disintegrates under the accelerated vibe. Pulses and pulsars are frequently changed to adapt to the NEGATIVE ENERGY FIELDS which separate dimensions. But these do not exist as a permanent structure. So as a person achieves his/her Supreme Level of Light Energy they achieve non-existence - as a separate form - BUT STILL EXIST in the physical. In this way, I THOTH (through Winifred) have become surrounded by rings of empowerment as THE LORD OF THE RINGS. I exist onmultiple dimensions, specifically the 12 Dimensions of the MOTHERSHIP OF CONSCIOUSNESS - we echo back and forth in a love song.

My whole life is spent in exchanging creative signals with my Cosmic Mate. This creates perfected rings; and perfected realms of being between Earth and Heaven, which is interdimensionally just.

In the Ancient philosophies these unbroken rings of energy are called "The Shield of Thoth." The shield of Thoth is another name for the completed COSMIC CUBE. Enter via Circuit 4.1. By entering this outer ring of the Cosmic Cube and coming into the INNER KINGDOM you will soon be travelling at the speed of light.

21st. Century Man will be as stupid or as smart as his attitude towards THE LIGHT. Light governs altitude. As Elohim we do not want to take up the space of being matter in another dimensions while not affecting it in any way. You will find that when you This will not hamper your powers of "Photon Bombardment." We have set up thousands of Citadels in Cyberspace to counteract the false self which esteem is based on pleasing the earthly mummy-daddy and programmed social control factors.

Human intellect, based in Super Ego Standards says "How good I am" and judges God. For this reason we wait for many years to pass before we can come out into the open without causing bloodshed.

As we commence Photon Bombardment into Outer Darkness, know this, young Cosmic Warriors of the 13th Tribe, THE TRIBE OF LEVI; that the KEY was given by the Light Being Jesus Christ when he said to a man who called him "Good Master"... ONLY GOD IS GOOD, and no microspec can possible judge the MEGACOSMIC ONE or Universal MONOPOLE.

We have established a lightning rod in your 13th Tribe Community to combat all negative thought. Prepare to be "knocked for a loop" (5.4) if you judge God or fellow Starpersons. Even so, by UNIVERSAL LAW, every negative effect has a positive outcome in this world where all things work together for good.

Ignore the paper tigers of the present earth leadership. They have no spiritual power. They see the looming holocaust both economic and ecological. For the God energy that sustains this civilization has departed and what you are seeing is the walking dead. It is as if they are in a barren desert, going around in futile circles... the living dead in darkness.

The POWER STRUCTURE HAS FLIPPED. You are the first group to be brought through the veils of negativity. Now we must go back for the rest of the people... we must find the quick and teach themthe joy of being "Dead in Light." You will know the timing due to your knowledge of the GALAXIAN COMMUNICATION NETWORK - the whole GLOBAL MEDIA is screaming out the news of death and destruction everywhere. This is the so-called "writing on the wall" of the underground cave in which you live (According to Plato.)

It is time to MAKE THE LOVER LEAP. At first it is hard to put away the things of this world. But the alert Star Person learns to read the "writing on the wall" - and knows when its time to pack up and go. There will be a photon bombardment starting in 1995. At this time those who stop judging god with experience 5 days of intense light.

Those who continue to judge will experience 5 days of deep confusion. Two can be standing in the field side by side and get very different results.

The price of the adaptation of a specie is high. Yet evolution can go no other way. Flippancy is a form of fear. Thou shalt have none other gods before LOVE, TRUTH and LIGHT - Amen!