Mothership Communique # 4

This Communique deals with Method-Gameplan-Strategy-Tactics and the techniques of the Cosmic Changeover. For this we need to go back into (-T) minus time. Temporal power and Spiritual Power are normally poles apart but they co-join in (-T). The people will soon get weary of endless friction, then at pivot point 666 (Circuit 6.6 on the Cosmic Cube) there will be a DOCKING OF DIMENSIONS. Together, we can make it happen. For we The Eternals, and you the earthbound Star Beings, are both representatives of the Holy Ghost in remedial action.

Let us work together as partners. Place your whole trust in I AM THAT I AM and you will pass through the mirror into Eternal Life. STOP TIME! We have created a stabilization of internal and external systems via the COSMIC CUBE. Think of an 8 Hertz vibe of balanced magnets overruling all lesser vibes and now "looping" faster and faster until the Earth-Mind is free of gravitational drag. Your global brain is like a WEB with four levels of communication; data - information - knowledge and wisdom, and every living soul is climbing the ladder towards wisdom, in a race against sin and death.

In the days of the first Atlantis it was recognised that there were two kinds of people: the "Children of Belial" and the "Children of The One." The "Children of Belial" were bent on excess consumerism and self gratification. The "Children of The One" were those who loved ideas of justice and equity for all.Since the dawn of human history, the hidden agenda's of the Global Mandarins has been to confuse the people by the political ploy of blaming others for their internal friction. This is the cause of all human conflict and as we lift you into the (-T) slot you can see exactly why we insist that STUPIDITY IS THE UNFORGIVABLE SIN. What covers stupidity and makes things look right to the external view is the veil of the illusion. This is why we have brought you out of the lower world and kept you in a domed city in hyperspace for intensive education. Now let us go to the end of the thought.

First world nations make much of their peace efforts. This is the FRONT OF THE ILLUSION. State funerals and national mourning is very dramatic and geared to keep national e-motion flowing. But death in war is totally unnecessary. Behind THE FRONT, in the through-the-mirror-world (-T), arms manufacture continues to escalate at a rapid rate. It consumes precious human resources - and most especially human lives and the joyous energy of happy global citizens. The result is global entropy.

On the one hand developed nations lay claim to being lovers of peace and to deplore terrorism. This, while massive arms sales to poorer nations bleed these nations while providing many financial kickback to all the rich salespersons involved. Arms sales pay the peace-army bills. From the (-T) or Eternal perspective theseactions are without reason. Your global leaders are all insane, because they are caught in the Law of Cause and Effect and do not know how to change. It takes SUPERHUMAN COURAGE to change the system - and this is why you have been chosen to help.

The solution is to add human effort to our GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT FORCES and give POWER to THE UNITED NATIONS. For this solution to manifest we needed humans who had been freed of personal bias and trained to think in terms of ONE PLANET, ONE PEOPLE.

This is the basis of Genesis II. By eliminating bias in your group, we have nurtured a new set of brain cells in the cellular organ of planetary consciousness to regenerate A DYING PLANET. We have been clearing out the magnetic gridwork of this planetary fabric; letting enough light to expose the illusion. Now it is finished. All things hidden will be revealed. We offer man a "clean white stone" for the New Beginning, a planetary regenesis via the body of the Peoples United Nations. - (Genesis II) via access to data bank sub divisions or "Cubits."

BLACK LIGHT is the source of wisdom. This is the gravity breaking pixel. It is pouring into this dimension requesting that you REBOOT - REBOOT to Genesis II. This is the flightpath we will use for getting STAR SHIP EARTH safely back through the mirror into ATLANTIS.

Genesis 1 - Cray 1 - Mind 1 - is programmed through software: Analogue is the winds of the "Zeitgeist" blowing through the WEB manifesting the Mind of God in hardware, matter or physical civilization. The Cellular Mind Web is always seeking to expand to a higher magnitude in its MEGA/MACRO/MICRO units. In the same way that the individual human mind is born to expand.

The problems of one plane can only be resolved from a higher plane. ie. Children cannot see what makes them tick but adults can: Humans cannot see what makes them tick but Elohim can. We know the depths of the Satanical Mind that dominates Earth and it is horrifying to see unnecessary bloodshed. We also know that God The Father - The Great Educator - Lord of Time - plays games with its adolescent children - teaching them how to grow to become Light Beings.

Growing up means passing through the perfect contradiction - light/dark good/evil - and coming forth in UNDERSTANDING. This is INITIATION. Social decay is clearly separation from Light. We of The Light, the "Light Beings", are what causes the CUBE to fold into a HYPERCUBE. The CUBE SOLUTION handles 144 terminals all on input, upgrade, output. Each terminal has living people running the Observation and Operation Decks.

There is no view at all and no solution accessible from the MANDARIN's POOP DECK. It is when the RA-LIGHT of the Central Sun hits your perfectly polished Moon (reflection) that you become"of the Light". Revelations 3:17 explains the human situation at the end of time - "So you think you're rich eh? Know not that ye are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked?". Think again.

Once you say "My lifestyle is to do the Will of God" - the Cube is the co-ordinating factor. The Control Tower is our Central Intelligence Agency, our CIA, now transmitting a river of light waves (Analogue I0.10 to 11.11 en route to 12.12). E=mc3 - The Universal Equation is the complete theory of the mystery of God and existence. The Cube is the instant solution to all global problems. Heaven on Earth can happen in a single light flash. A whole earth qwiff-pop is due, a light flash of comprehension. 12.1 is the POINT OF DETONATION for this implosion.

The Elohim and the Exempli (us and you if you still think in terms of yesterday) govern the different streams and levels of understanding. These are the pathways between essence and existence. We are invisible and formless ORGANIZED INTELLIGENCE working for maximum smoothness of the implosion back to the Unified Field: God's game of SOLITAIRE - at (+1)+(-1)=0.

There is not a single person on the face of the earth irrespective of literacy/illiteracy; colour/creed/politics/ profession who cannot help us tear away the VEIL OF THE ILLUSION; each at their own level of mind development. We, the Children of The One look at ourselves through the eyes of the RADIANT ONE. At Point Zero 3.2 we unite in a Universal Forum; as yet there has been no Big Bang, no action. This circuit closes at 3.12 "Be still and know that I AM GOD".

Imagine a bunch of ping pong balls all bouncing around in space. There is a central monopole which knocks these pixels off course into growing fission. As these balls (particles) complete their magnetic journey each hits fusion - like a male sperm penetrating a female egg, as (+T) and (-T) - yin-yang units merge.

There is (-T) the IMMOVABLE OBJECT and there is (+T) the IRRESISTIBLE YANG FORCE of forward thrust, the mobile mind unit. Before the Big Bang each (+T) "Pixel" had a (-T) destination on it, so to speak. The trick is to get your ball into the right slot in the Original Picture of the finished product. Pixels move from steam to droplets of water, to streams to rivulets to rivers, to a tidal wave all coming into the Central Sea.

The question is "Are you waiting for God or is God waiting for you?" - Ask yourself where is my stream - where is my River - lead me. This communication deals with the technicalities of HOLY WAR and you are part of it. Each person on earth is either part of the problem or part of the solution. Each is a pixel, or unit of God Energy being buffeted around in mind-space waiting to be reunited with its God Slot = (+T)+(-T)= 0 - or the YIN YANG ERA.

The Universe is a thought in the Mind of God. Spiritual Law isInviolable. The moment man gets his priorities straight, that is to say, he understands that SPIRITUAL, NATURAL & SOCIAL LAWS must be followed in this right order, man will be free of the web of the illusion and will enter into THE KINGDOM.