Mothership Communique # 3

Welcome to the Universal Community Light Beings. You have everything you need aboard Star Ship Earth to make Heaven on Earth a reality. All we need to add is LIGHT to manifest perfected biotronic man living as one with a perfected biotronic system running on automatic maintenance free specifications.

The Crown of Life awaits each returning Eternal Being as they escape from the drag of the lower kingdom. Come and bask in the golden glow of Self Esteem. This is the garment to be worn upon the completion of your evolutionary journey. Planetary wide, this golden glow increases to envelope the whole planet as more and more of the Children of IS-RA-EL, (ISIS RA and the EL-OHIM), arise from among the dead and sleeping in the external world. Victory for light is simply a matter of going to the END OF THE ORIGINAL THOUGHT.

An Elohim is potent when it occupies its destined function. The Universal unfoldment is an orderly process: A place for everything and everything in its place. Each unique being must complete a specific cycle to arrive in the Eternal Homespace. Each is a neuron in the electrical wiring system of ONE MIND operating on FULL COSMIC INTELLIGENCE to be shared by all neurons.

All life is striving to attain its destiny. Lesser connections cannot satisfy the soul. The unity formula was known as Ak-Ka-Ba in Egypt. It means that you are the Sovereign Master of your own electrical circuit when you choose to cut out interference. Together with man, we, The Elohim, form the Golden Chain of Hermes, which coils into an electromagnetic web, like a giant amphitheatre of light. This web (Galaxia) is occupied by those who stand to their full spiritual height and full MIND EXPANSION, each one, pulsating to the heartbeat of the TREE OF LIFE, while holding hands across dimensions.

Man is the Prodigal Son coming back to the Father after having squandered his share of the fabulous wealth of Gaia-Galaxia - the physical and spiritual opportunities which are the human birthright. Our "younger brother" is the natural world with which we share this heavenly space. The younger brother never left home to go a voyaging in time and space. Turning back to the Parent the adolescent son is greeted with Parental Love, which his/her experiences have led him/her now to understand.

Like the snowflakes, each Star Being has its very own "Star Code" or Bar-Code printed on it. If the One Mind takes so much trouble with unique snowflakes, can you imagine the complications of making unique and perfect human-star beings!. Your New World is the Heaven you yourselves have created over many lifetimes.

Direct access to the Monopole of Light involves hitting a certain scale of vibration - VPS 55x10 to VPS 55 x 10 . For this tohappen the great crystal ark of your infinite selfhood must be ringing loud and clear with minimum noise to signal ratio. This is the vibration known as Limitless Love.

LOVE is always seeking to expand to a higher magnitude, in the same way that the individual human mind is born to expand. The problems of the plane of (+T) forward time, can only be resolved on the higher plane of (-T) reverse time. ie. Children cannot see what makes them tick but adults can: Humans can see what makes them tick but Elohim can. For only in (-T) can man know the scale of Satan - the Great Educator - Lord of Time.

The price of adaptation of a specie runs very high. As the weight of matter clogs the magnetic screen it enhances the scope of the illusion. In mans' denial of ALMIGHTY REALITY and in his clinging to the fragile world of the illusion man self destructs, along with the cherished values of the ancestors.

Around the globe, sincere people endure a bloodbath in trying to seek ethnic justice and cultural solutions. The Global Mandarins are very willing to supply arms to keep the bloodbath flowing. When the common man fights with his fellow common man he is too near sighted to sport his true enemies - the greedy Global Mandarins who live to make money at any cost.

But finally, when the Virgin Universe has fed from the knowledge of EVIL at the very bottom of the "bottomless pit, GAIA, the "Sleeping Beauty" awakens in all her sleeping human molecules, as The Buddha understood when he said "I AM AWAKE." Then the UNIVERSE FLIPS and "The Beast" is revealed as the Great Educator. God The Teacher then moves to become God The Lover of Man - and the SPIRIT and the BRIDE say "Come!"

These messages proclaim a Universal Event which is for all people. Regardless of whether you are floating in "The Cyclopean Eye", selecting new assignments for yourselves, or moving mountains of ignorance in the lower kingdom, see that there are no barriers, no limitations, no more interdimensional obstructions, for many humans are finding the exit. The tesseract in time is no more. You are through the mirror.