Mothership Communique # 2

We have not come to speak with the leaders of your political systems but to the common people. We live in the Inner Kingdom - and the wall between our dimensions is disintegrating. The SECOND COMING OF THE LIGHT is for everyone. The Light comes first to those who can grasp the principle of the SUPRA ORDINATE FACTOR of consciousness, which is Love. This is the Universal Superconductor now in operation using your Control Tower in Bancroft to begin pumping enlightenment, "The Water of Life" to the people of Earth.

The Supra Ordinate Factor is The Pump; the Universal Heartbeat; the Feminine Principle of THE ONE. We have come to realign the magnetic field of this planetary system. As LAW & LOVE align we will turn Chaos to Cosmos. This is the secret of the dual aspects of One God - YIN-YANG - We are here to bring in the Yin Yang Era at (+T)+(-T)=Timelessness. This equation represents perfect balance - the end of the phallic Patriarchal Era, the restoration of planetary equilibrium...

A flashback now to September 1973, when an invisible portal opened, and we hit a (-T) minus time slot to come into the inner Kingdom. This is the story of an abduction which took place on September 26-27 1973 - to members of The Bartonian Metaphysical Society at the Lester B. Pearson Peace Park in Actinolite, Ontario. In hindsight we can flashback on this story of a group of human beings who were taught to build a Citadel in Hyperspace which was known as HEAVEN'S GATE. This first established STARBASE was served by 176 human and countless superhuman personnel (11.11) after an initial abduction on a Star Ship took us through the doorway into a higher dimensions.

Here we encountered a bewildering set of cosmic classrooms in which we each had to figure out the game and go to the end of the thought. In the Hindu this effect is called the "Dance of Shiva." It is where all opposing factors to LOVE cancel each other out. It is the Chaos to Cosmos death dance of the gods. At the end of this dance, mortal shrouds drop off and ones' Spiritual Principle would is born. This is where the human being flips from fission to fusion within the CENTRAL MONOPOLE OF LIGHT.

The nature of this MONOPOLE OF LIGHT is such that It is indescribable by human intelligence, only visible to the educated heart, primed to spiritual perfection with the knowledge of "Good and Evil." Each person in the Lester B. Pearson, United Nations test-group had a personal Guide. There was also a Commanding Star Fleet Officer" - L. RA KAHN. This Light Being had spent a decade in preparing a core group to handle this UNITED NATIONS REGENESIS event, which deals with global passage through the "Needles Eye" or "Ankh." It is what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and his Companyof Omegan's call THE OMEGA POINT.

The language of the COSMOS is CHARADE. The living holograph of the unfolding whole earth play is as the "writing on the wall" spoken of in the Old Testament.

RA KAHN is a COSMIC MASTER from ATLANTIS. He can occupy the "shrouds" of human folks at will. In modern times he serves the LORD OF THE GALAXY and wears the uniform of a 5***** Five Star General in the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT FORCES.

In preparation for the final "Battle of Armageddon" the war between darkness and light, numerous core groups had been abducted and taken through the veil to the Eternal City. Our role was to facilitate the COSMIC CHANGEOVER. From the paradigm of (-T) it appears that the abduction was but one steps in a pre-destined chain of events which would later transpire. Each of the participants in the "Heaven's Gate" drama surrendered his or her Free Will, (something these people prized dearly), to become puppets - compelled by the Will of The Master. At this time our group was told we were the 13th TRIBE OF LEVI - or the Levitation Platform for the Cosmic Changeover.

Before taking off from the "Old World" they taught us now to make a return circuit - so that we could penetrate back into time and space again. This formula was laid out in "Blocks of Stone" - namely multiple books, literature and magazine in which we TRULY CLAIMED WE HAVE FOUND THE SOLE EXIT TO THIS DIMENSION!

The Outer World authorities didn't like this announcement one bit. But light was penetrating matter like shining mist, like a silent thief in the night. Then at TAKEOFF TIME would move like a streak of light, with each Spiritual Principle knowing exactly what to do.

It is as if we were living up in this Star Ship which is anchored just above our physical homes in the "Enchanted Forest." The GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT FORCES - laid out this plan which we swore to abide by. We entered Window 4.1 - as Neophytes in the Galactic Federation, sworn to Absolute Obedience to THE ONE.

All the "Gods" represent functions of THE ONE. Allah, we were told, is the is Lord of the Ascending Stairway; Lucifer, BLACK LIGHT, is the LORD OF EVOLUTION, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, he leads mankind to the end of its thought, of Good and Evil, to the resolution of the paradox - and so to Bilan, the ultimate accounting with The Almighty One.

The reflective charade of this writers own mind indicated that I was The Silent Observer on the hilltop watching the play going on. My (-T) Minus Time Self was really shining through.

At the bottom of my scale I was experiencing the charade of allthe horrors of hell that go with an "Egyptian Initiation" in the quest for expanded consciousness. After some practice, My BTCA, (burning tip of conscious awareness), could slide up and down the tube or Central Monopole of Light at will, depending on whether I took a positive or negative viewpoint of any situation. However, in the final analysis there was a resolution of the paradox which is the function of Thoth-Hermes.

Before GALAXIA - The Feminine Principle - I AM THE ETERNAL LOVER. I AM ALL IN ALL. I Am the Living Universe (as reflected in the COSMIC CUBE). There is nothing else. See "I AM THE BOOK OF LIFE" (Barton 1978) p.1 for further explanation.

I have implicit faith in the COSMIC CUBE to manifest THE SOLUTION. There are many witness to how it was presented. Each of the witnesses was fully aware that the sin of silence killed the first Atlantis. Each one knows that separative thought is ego-stuff and our return to the Unified Field is resolution.

We are no longer dense matter but grounded Elohim. Science, Religion, Psychology and Philosophy is one in the New Earth Era: It is called METAPHYSICS. Technology, and in particular technological democracy is designed to be the servant of all.

INNER RADIO IS REAL; telepathy is tomorrows' telephone. Its is just a matter of cutting out roof brain chatter and tuning your noise to signal ratio down low. The Play was finished before the Author set events in (+T) motion. The SOLUTION to the Mystery of God lies in Cubit Circuit 4.1

We rejoice in Our Greatest Challenge of ALL TIME. HEAVEN ON EARTH IS HERE NOW - AMPLIFY THE SIGNAL - Scan you sphere of influence and move to LIGHT SPEED - to become ONE WITH THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.