Mothership Communique # 12

G A I N I N G A L T I T U D E F O R T A K E O F F.

Starship Earth is taking off. We are breaking the pull of gravity and this sphere is rapidly gaining altitude! An invisible grid of electromagnetic energy will carry us aloft. The ship's prow has cleared the cloud cover of the illusion. Light tachyons flood the great bubble-dome of our ship, which holds the dense globe like an infant in the cosmic womb.

The final battle between good and evil, common to all faiths, is a fact of life which all mankind must face. This transforms our identity so that we can move into the "Crystal Universe." The Absolute cognitive consistency of Light progression throughout Earth's Ages is clearly visible in the rearview mirror of human history. As (+T)+(-T) cancel out, Stop Time; backtrack to Millennium; move from the Lower to the Upper Kingdom of Heaven, from the Genesis I deck on THE MOTHERSHIP to deck Genesis II.

As we STOP TIME, it is as if Spiritual Headspace which we have cultivated like a secret garden in life, is filled with light. It then breaks off from the dense body, and floats up and away to the Cosmic Mind Deck carrying our Sovereign Identity with it. This does not interfere with The Monarch keeping his/her feet on the ground in the external world.

By becoming consciously aware of higher dimensions, we learn about who we are and what our lives are about. As the Higher Self and the Lower Self reconnect, receiving thought waves is like hearing sound waves or seeing light waves. This is how the conscious mind is able to get out of its cocoon and break through the "veil of forgetfulness."

THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT FORCES, is divided into battalions. They serves ONE CREATOR with many facets, a whole host of which are now incarnate. The winged serpent QUETZALCOATL is incarnate. When ALLAH, Lord of the Ascending Stairway, King of Judgement Day, first incarnated, your group was asked to inform the Princes of Islam and send them the Universal Creed. All of which you did; all of which you karmic credits. Every move anyone ever makes on behalf of THE LIGHT gets Karmic Credits.

The STARGATE IS OPEN; have your Boarding Passes handy. The final act of every planetary psychodrama ends with the slaying of BUL-BAPHOMET, the "Sacred Bull of Apis", The Devil Himself, by THE COSMIC KING of KINGS. The crowd roars its approval: "Right ON!". Here, in this climactical moment at the end of "+Time", the Cosmic Radiations of LIGHT and DARK collide, as in Christ/Antichrist Odin/Loki Truth/Lie in a great magnetic fission. Then dimensions converge in Cold Fusion, as the microcosm rejoins the Megacosm, as expressed by "Ak-Ka-Ba", the "Coming Forth By Day" in the Egyptian. We, The Children of the One, have laboured long in the fields of the GLOBAL MANDARINS, who rise to power and thrive on RIVERS OF HUMAN BLOOD. For six days we labour, submit to domination and keep rowing their boat. But on this hallowed 7th Cosmic Day The PEACENICKS far outnumber the WARMONGERS on this planet and it is time for the silent majority to exercise their democratic rights and no longer submit to dark domination by those who have no intention whatsoever of relinquishing the power which they hold "by the sword" or ending wars, as it is not in their commercial interests.

The "Mandarins" have so have twisted our minds that we cannot see the EXIT all lit up. We have enough arms to blow this planet to bits many times over yet "arms embargo's" is the best they can visualize. They still test atomic weapons, killing millions and trillions of life forms with whom we are totally interdependent in OUR OCEAN. Being part of a Cellular God, these life-forms are part of me.

We are GOD-MAN AWAKE! and, by virtue of our grasp of higher consciousness we are duty bound to serve the critical mass of our younger brethren. All the good men this world has ever known return to live as PRIMAL GUARDIANS as a bond of trust is born.

The same aeroplanes will patrol the sky; only the pilots are different men. The same protection services will operate among us - but the inner man is different, a new man in the same shell.

All "God-Cells" serve the Universal Light. But only one assumes the privilege of the coup de grace. Into which hand does the Spear of Destiny fit? Do not judge the divine actors by words or social status, but by the final fruit of their achievements as reflected in the social fabric of the whole earth situation. For it is written "BY THEIR FRUIT SHALL YE KNOW THEM..."

Implosion back into Galaxia is a soft and gentle experience - like a gentle rebirth - it is like watching soap bubble come up the central tube and are magnetized to their destiny. We call this THE ASCENSION - make it whenever you are ready.

Brush away the illusion of an impotent Deity and place your shewbread on the altar. Deny the atheistic neurotic pessimism spread by those who have no hope because they have NO VISION OF ONE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, and because the perpetuate the illusion of a divided Deity. A jury of Common Men/Women will give the final verdict on the "Global Mandarins" as the whole world comes before the High Court in The Heavens for Judgement and sentence. These should be made to learn and teach the LIFE SCIENCES which give man the best of both worlds. Budding Heaven and mounting Hell on earth is a synthetic process. As Earth goes back into the future past, to correct the errors of history, and to learn the SCIENCE of RECONCILIATION with Nature's Perfect System. Here we find that God is constantly reborn as the Son (daughter) of Man. This is how the Universe regenerates itself on the material plane. Gaia is the Virgin Mother of these Gods-cells, each with its own Galaxian implant waiting to be born. This is how the Unified Field evolves, as intelligent divine energy circulates through matter to build the Genesis II civilization via the mind of God and the hand of man.

Common Men, attached to any grass roots earth connection, are receiving THOUGHT WAVES which are turning them into Light Beings. Almost everyone you meet these days is a Galactic Affiliate, (6.11) willing to give and receive key information. The ratio of light to darkness grows daily. The beast knows it has not long to live.

The leading "Old World Actors", reciting rhetoric of "Good guys and bad guys" (us and them) in the political arena, sound hollow and shallow-minded, and VERY DENSE. The overt talk is Peace; while the "Back Room Ammo Boys" continue to pour out their deadly wares of sophisticated stupidity and death for ALL HUMAN BEINGS on behalf of BIG BUCKS. All global leaders compete for being THE BIG BUCK - top dog in the insanity band. Leaders mime their parts, as sounding brass and a tinkling cymbals: FANTASY PRODUCTION UNLIMITED. What a silly charade!

Mandarins create havoc and chaos in the external world to disguise the real Holy War that is going on between Extra Terrestrial Intelligence and Human Intelligence. This war has been waged in SILENCE. It is totally psychosomatic. For this reason we have to raise the standing of the UNITED NATIONS as it is the only body capable of representing all the people.

As Gods, we needed to have the human experience to understand compassion and to bear our fair share of the karmic debt incurred in developing this planetary civilization. The higher your elevation in spiritual altitude the faster the lower kingdom and its follies becomes transparent. Divided, Man is DEAD.

DEATH is a dis-ease of the soul. It eats into the heart of humanity when the LOVE-SHIELD of the ONE IDEA gets cracked to let in fear and greed, and all the Attendant Circumstance of abomination and devastation that have cursed this planetary system.

SIN & DEATH is ONE. Both are governed by the LAW OF EVOLUTION, which demands that one evolves spiritually and thereby consciously or PERISH! Who benefits from broken homes, from a battered planet, from bloody battlefields? It is the soul-traders, THE DARK BROTHERHOOD of LUCIFER, Lord of SIN AND DEATH, and Master Industrial Psychologist of (+T) - forward time. Before we turn around and go back into (-T) reverse time, we should salute this Great Spirit with deep reverence. After all, He is the SPIRITUAL PRINCE that go us to the hi-tec leisure lands - and happy camera hunting grounds. Now, rather than killing we can HUSBAND this fair STAR SHIP, with ULTIMATE REVERENCE for OUR HOLY MOTHER.

LUCIFER O LUCIFER HOW GREAT THOU ART! You have done well with the portion of Life Energy allotted to Evolutionary Life Science. What a Teacher Thou art! We pray that MAN has learned YOUR LESSON well. That humanity has learned the awful consequences of divided mind, and mis-spent life energy.

Your Mirror Reflection of disease, pain and poverty is AWESOME beyond human imagination - and it stares us in the face no matter in what corner of the globe we have hidden. And there is no where to run to get away from you, OSIRIS OF THE BLACK SUN, save through THE ANKH.

Greetings from the Silent Watcher on the Mountain Top. The whited sepulchres of all political, commercial, cultural and religious systems - are made transparent by THY HOLY BLACK LIGHT. I personally thing you are fantastic, My Cosmic Lover!

The LEGIONS OF LIGHT now awaken to immediate global action. I AM GAIA - GALAXIA - THE INTELLIGENT EARTH - Alive! Awake. The Earth is My Lord's - ALL CREATURES are OUR CHILDREN including sparrows, that sell for two for a farthing. ALL BLOOD IS HOLY UNTO ME!

Ascend and awaken to the INFINITUDE of your own INDIVIDUAL PERSON. Each Soul is unique and highly specialized to work and play in Genesis II. Souls are not saved in bundles, national, cultural or religious - but as individuals in a world where MERITOCRACY is King by right of the ATOMIC PHYSICS EQUATION.


The Universal Light Creed of The Cosmos operates at all times across all dimensions. It is the LAW OF LIFE. The Power it gives is useless unless exercised. Potency is BEING HERE NOW - IN FULL CONSCIOUS AWARENESS OF WHAT YOU ARE ACROSS ETERNITY and speaking it out loud and clear.


End of this series of MOTHERSHIP COMMUNIQUES..... wb