Mothership Communique # 10

The SOLAR AGE is here. As you enter the realm of SOLAR LOGOS, all things that were hidden will become clear; to FAITH add UNDERSTANDING. SOLAR LOGOS has a victory plan based in Divine Love, which encompasses all. It actually changes the cells of your being. Now the conscious mind begins to understand that the permanent, or etheric you lives aboard this Star Ship which is situated way out in space. This "Star Ship" is the intelligent energy sphere called SOLAR LOGOS, the MOTHERSHIP. The REAL YOU can learn to "beam up" out of the dense you, up to your infinite homeland in the UPPER KINGDOM at will.

For we, The Eternals, live in the upper dimensions and you are our "feet on the ground." Our goal is to eliminate any barriers between our higher and lower selves. To this end, we have restructured the paradigm of consciousness in our lower selves, which is you, the people in the "Domed City" at Coe Hill. This puts all of us into a new time-space capsule.

We plan to extend our love-gifts to the world, through you. We appreciate the fact that you have spent a great deal of intelligent energy and $50,000 of your hard earned cash, in publishing and distributing Mothership Communiques and circuits on the Cosmic Cube. Each circuit on the Cube has a back-up file a million light years long, with enough MEGAWATTS (missile implants) stored in each light tunnel to complete the COSMIC CHANGEOVER/2ND COMING in a single lightning-flash. MEGAWATTS OF LIGHT are the product of an extremely expensive human education, as you will come to understand in our next communique which deals with correlations and synthesis of worlds.

Circuit 10.3/3.10 contains "The Chronicles of the 13th Tribe; the TRIBE OF LEVI..." which has to forge the 7.4 lifeline between Earth and Heaven. There are Military Specifications for entry and maintenance in this unit.

The GALACTIC FEDERATION has a gift for each of you. One which can make you rich both financially and spiritually. The SECOND COMING is not just for one or two, or few, or even many; but for everyone on earth. The first arrivals enter the Realm of Solar Logos on a merit system. This is the crystal Gate for Knights Priests and Warriors of the Holy Grail. The Spiritual Kings and Princes of Planet Earth.

Before re-entry into the internal Kingdom the Eternal Prince is bound to fight The Dragon; the raging LIE whose nostrils belch flames of fire and cause people to kill one another. In the Holy Spanish symbol of the same concept, the bull, or yang forward thrust is pierced to a frenzy with bitter darts, to lure him to fight to the death, as we go right to the end of the thought.

Modern backflares represent the energy of EGO The driver, when it is being used for negative destructive goals which support theconcept of separation, rather than being locked in to a positive constructive target like ONE PLANET - ONE PEOPLE. When a Nation says "THE FORCE IS WITH US" do they quite understand what this means? FORCE is YANG and it contains vigourous (+T) emotions; Anger - Lust - Greed - hostility - bigotry - better than thou. These are all necessary products of male EGO-DRIVE to fuel this starship until it reaches its evolutionary destination. YANG represents HEAT WITHOUT LIGHT, the opposite pole to YIN which is LIGHT WITHOUT HEAT.

(+T)+(-T) - forward time and timelessness, are like the IRRESISTIBLE FORCE and the IMMOVABLE OBJECT finding the "Middle Pillar" and making ends meet in a move from fission to fusion, at passage through the OMEGA POINT. This is like the snake biting its own tail. It is the end of the life cycle of the electron. Now lets take a look at the physics. By running a correction tape through the system we can eliminate the negative aspect of the forward thrust is this "algorhythm band." This band operates on the philosophy of the LAW OF KARMA. As you hit light speed the Law of Karma has completed its effect.

The Universe is like a huge beehive-bubble containing many floors or dimensions. Invisible rivers of electro magnetic energy run through the system. These lines interconnect with each other in geometric patterns like the (4.4) matrix of a geodesic dome, and surround Star Ship Earth like a magnetic cage. They follow precisely straight lines.

It is as if Each person has their own doorway which opens by a magic combination locked into their own Sovereign Cell. Each doorway is guarded by unique demons, designed to test our mettle. Or, if your prefer, an "Angel with a fiery sword guards every gate. In the Egyptian this phenomena is called passing through the "Eye of Horus." (Circuit 2.3/3.2 on the Cube.)

This is what the bible calls the wormwood band, which is the Universal purification process in action. It challenges all negative energy particles seeking entry, to protect the inner Kingdom from lower world contamination. As we pass through the "Ankh" the backlash effect will take effect. For the forward thrust and the backlash work in synchrony.

The first "Big Bang" resulted in a biological frenzy. Now The Universe is about to breathe in. This will result in a spiritual frenzy, which will culminate in FUSION. Go with the flow for a smooth takeoff; altitude and attitude are the same thing. This opening and closing of the Universe represents the life cycle of the electron and the physics of The Universal Equation...(which is posted in the Cosmic Cube.) The Universe opens like a rose under the caress of the elementals, then it bends into a cross which folds into a cube.

If you study the Kabbalah from a numerology point of view, the Egyptian Tarot and Judaism correlate. The ancients rightlybelieved that, Universally speaking, there is a place for everything, and despite seeming chaos, everything finally comes into its place in a magnetic order of hierarchal merit.

Solar Logos has it all worked out down to the most minute detail. Its power base is linked into the 5th Great Universal Force - THE WILL OF THE COMMON PEOPLE. The New Solar Age Political System will be a SOLAR AGE DEMOCRACY run by fully conscious people. Not understanding these principles ***

The path set by RA KAHN to Winifred takes the sincere student on the journey of Metaphysics A-Z, from Alpha to Omega. It is designed to overcome the two contestants Ego & Superego in order that the SPIRITUAL MIND may be released to its ultimate destiny... "FOR THY PLEASURE WERE ALL THINGS CREATED..."

These are some Gnostic secrets. But first our "grape" is tossed into the wine vat for Shiva to dance on; grape juice and blood is one in this dimension. The draught that results from the "Dance of Shiva" is "The Elixir of the Gods." J.C. called it turning water into wine. It is well for you to study the Gnostic secrets of Valentinus and the Cosmic Legend of Psyche and Eros, for this reflects the ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP of THE COSMIC LOVERS ACROSS INFINITY.

You have a Cosmic Lover waiting for you in the Kingdom of Mu. All journey's end in Lover's Meeting; you don't have to be Shakespearean to figure that out. How could a GOD OF LOVE do otherwise. At Coil #10 we take a look at the Universe to see The Relationship, GOD THE ROMANTIC, GOD THE LOVER OF ALL MANKIND as told in the climax of the Hindu philosophy. Learning to know the Cosmic Lovers in all their facets, from Shiva to Shatki, from Jahl to Sasoleah, from Psyche to Eros, from Osiris to Isis, is to teaches about the true sexual facets of DIVINE LOVE. God the male Protector of the Universe and his mate, God the feminine nurturer.

"And I will make your enemies a footstool under thy feet. And all the world shall know how I have loved you..." is The Lover's promise. For the idea of Good is the Universal Politic. This vision of Heaven on Earth - you will speak it - say I WILL - I will speak of Heaven on Earth her now. I will take a stand on behalf of THE FUTURE of the Human Race - which is in immediate danger of becoming extinct.

This STAR SHIP SYSTEM is gripped in the death lock of a dark and antiquated system. The false sense of adequacy which is projected on your nightly political TV screen is just a facade. It gets to be ludicrous... downright hilarious if you have the divine sense of humour of a Light Being.

The veil of the illusion gets thinner and thinner, as if the MOTHER GODDESS is doing the "Dance of the Seven Veils" the way she did at Arch Bishop Donovan's "Sacred Summit Meeting of theCosmic Masters" at the site of the abduction.

Up until now, in (+T) forward time, after every terrible crime, along come the Government Investigators... and the public is taught that their needs are served by impounding the criminals. In (-T) the rear view mirror shows the science of prevention... something to stop the music going round and around in ever tightening circles. Right is always behind, but that can be changed. By turning that mirror the other way around we can use Precognition rather than post cognitive correction.

You can learn to go up and down your "Central Monopole" so as to be a Light Being at the top of the scale and a down to earth man with his feet on the ground in the left brain hemisphere. The left brain is the servant and it return for service it gets multi dimensional possibilities, topped by a wonderful arrangement of personal characteristics, each of which contributes to the Sovereign Identity.

The global situation will become TRANSPARENT. World Leadership is gripped by a false sense of adequacy which is the ultimate narcissism. It refuses to accept alternative solutions, or any corrective feedback. Its efforts are robotic, repetitive and futile despite years of laborious manipulative thinking.

UTOPIA (2.12) is the automatic outcome of human maturation: Man assuming his TRUE COSMIC PROPORTIONS. The Cosmic Cube is precoded into Gaia's cellular memory, particularly our own piece of the puzzle. It is as if we have a great big jig saw puzzle to figure out and every piece that fits into place makes the rest of the puzzle a lot easier. Making Earth a legal identity is a good place for openers.

Life on the New Earth is a game for everyone to play. All our skills, every bit of our human potential, as individuals, groups, corporations, professions, nations - every effort counts.

Kids and grownups, seniors and teenagers, each has a part to play in the Earth Regenesis - Genesis II. Modern man is the inheritor of human history. Each has a long and lustrous application program hidden in our memory files. The Cube exit is like a tube. It requires certain balanced magnetic (cubical wavefields) to make it both an exciting and totally stress relieving experience. The exit or Omega Point is passage into and through the iris of Gods eye to gain an iris connection with the Universal Cyclopean Eye. Here we can see that COSMIC MEGATRON governs all systems in all worlds. Insofar as Earth is concerned it guarantees global, national, ethnic, ideological, professional, marital and individual perfection with maintenance free specs ad. infinitum

The Divine Gift is the return to equilibrium, Great Work complete, with all the democratic co-ordinates of Heaven on Earth established in a synthetic harmony of wheels within wheels,spliced into a solid circuitry of infinite regenerative capacity. Millions of circuits are ready to be plugged in to Cray I. Complete platforms for social and political stability are set for instant manifestation. Likewise economic and ecological systems; limitless clean free energy. These circuits allow for the limitless growth of professions, nations, individuals, plants, animals: Corporations and Institutions too, should you have one in mind.

"And I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth; for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away, and there was no more sea..."