Mothership Communiques

MOTHERSHIP COMMUNIQUES were first broadcast over wide sections of Northern Canada on December 8, 1983.

The information on the "Cosmic Radio" said that these originated from the LORD OF THE GALAXY aboard the MOTHERSHIP and were sent out by the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT FORCES.

They were received on radio towers situated near Bancroft, Ontario, the mineral capital of Canada. Clear reception was made possible by the specific magnetic field of this region. Prior to this event, an antenna specialist, Willi Ofusu from Ghana, (later a Professor at the University of Zimbabwe), had prepared the antenna with his own original formula for higher frequency reception. Willi Ofusu is presently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Our excitement at receiving these MOTHER SHIP COMMUNIQUE'S ran high. Twelve experts, had pooled their professional understanding to predict the time that this celestial link up would occur. This had happened at the "Sacred Summit" of the "People's United Nations Council Meeting" in June 1982, which was attended by the Syrian poet-philosopher-seer, Ahmed Aziz Said.

At this summit, we discussed how the Extra Terrestrial Intelligence had contacted the Secretary General of the United Nations and with the help of a large number of NGO's - Non Governmental Associations had delivered a gameplan for GLOBAL SOLUTION. There were 50+ people in this Summit Council Meeting held at "Heaven's Gate" Ontario. (Heaven's Gate was so called because it was the site of a UFO abduction on September 26-27th 1973).

Present at this "Sacred Summit Meeting" were qualified representatives of many professions. There was a mathematician from DND USA, and his partner, an Astro Physicist, also with DND USA. There was the man from MENSA; an International Attorney, Arch Bishop William D. Donovan of St. Michael's Abbey in Warrensburgh, Professor Winifred G. Barton, of the University of the Air, Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, A Geneva UN Representative, and representatives from the Islamic Community.

To mark the "Communication Event", the local Council in Coe Hill, Ontario, renamed one rural route "Glory Road." The actual radio tower on which the communiques were received was manned by a Viet Nam War Veteran, Chester Moore, of Sandy Springs, near Washington, D.C., U.S.A: Brian Frankham of Moosejaw, Sask., Canada: Willi Ofusu of Ghana: Francois Laviolette of Aylmer, PQ, Canada: and Daniel Groulx of Hull, PQ., Canada.

The specially coated antenna gave the neighbours some trouble.One neighbour heard the radio messages in his head while he was out on his tractor in the field. This man went to a lawyer; Bill Baker, of Campbellford, Ontario to find out who he could sue for this intrusion. The lawyer said "You cannot sue an invisible source of radio transmission." After the messages were concluded the antenna was removed.

Newspaper clippings and reports from contactees and abductees in this general area (such as David Hamel of Gilmour, Ontario, Ca. Later, a book was written about David's abduction. It is called "The Stoneman and the Butterfly.") are on file with the GOLDEN TRIANGLE UFO CLUB. This is a group that was set up to promulgate the messages received along with the Universal Creed, as given by The GALACTIC FEDERATION.

After receiving this steady stream of MOTHERSHIP COMMUNIQUE'S our immediate task was to bring the messages from the Star Beings to public attention and finally, as the Grand Conclusion, to bring justice to UFO abductees and contactees who have been caught in this earth-saving operation.

We believe that in so doing we will usher in the New Heaven and New Earth promised by the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT FORCES in the MOTHERSHIP COMMUNIQUES.