Kuthumi on Truth

30th of June 2003

I am Kuthumi and I come to you upon the rays of Love and Wisdom, to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of warmth, of lightness, of truth and of divinity. Greetings, beloved ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you this evening, as we hold each one of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, as each one of you has gathered in the presence of Spirit upon this evening, you have honoured your truth, to come to a place, to gather with those of like heart, of like mind and vibration, in order to consciously participate in the receiving of messages and blessings that are meant to support you, to further acknowledge your truth, and to discover more of that truth. Now the word "truth" holds many different meanings, and it is important that these are understood. Like love, truth is misunderstood. People assume that to be truthful is to speak words of truth, but this is not the only facet of the energy of Truth. The most important aspect of truth is to understand what it is for you as an individual. In order to be a fully matured being you need to know who you are. You need to know why you are here, and above all you need to determine whether you are living your life or whether you are living someone else's life. And this someone else might be your mother, your father, a relative, a step parent. It may even be an icon that you have set up for yourself that in truth does not resonate with your imprint.

Each soul that takes human form is coloured by the consciousness of its environment. Every single one of you has taken on processes that are not yours. You have adopted belief systems, fears and attitudes that are not entirely yours. These are fears that you have taken on from society, from family, and even from friends. Many of these false systems have also been born through your experience, and by the understanding of what you have experienced, often also being influenced by other people's pains. So the very first step in truly determining what your truth is, is to first see whose beliefs systems you live by. This can take a while because many people do not even know or acknowledge that they have adopted other people's belief systems, or attitudes or perspectives, and this is where the great journey begins.

The first step is to ask yourself - are you doing what you are because it is what you chose? Now the reason we ask this specific question is because there are millions of people in your world who are in careers that they hate, and we use this word specifically and the reason for this is that through the development of their being from an infant to accountant they have been coloured by their parents' desires and wants. So many children end up studying something that the parent has decided for them to pursue as a career. Many of these people then said - very well, I will study this, but when I have got my degree I'm going to follow my own truth. Come 60 years old, they are still in the same position, still in the same career. Therefore one has not honoured one's truth and this leads to severe debilitation because the person ends up living their entire life in a lie and the programme that they adopted of having to do what the parent said is then set in their ways, and so the buck is passed onto the children. And so-called "truth" - and we say this truth in inverted commas - becomes the order of the day. You will do what your parents tell you regardless of whether you like it or not. So society has bred generations of people afraid of acknowledging and honouring their truth.

Now the process that is unfolding is one of purging - a breaking-down those false ideas, those false perceptions, those false belief systems, in order for the original truth to emerge. Many people are feeling the stirring in their hearts. Feeling that no longer do they want to be an accountant, no longer do they want to be a sales person, or a secretary, or a bookkeeper, or a shop assistant. They feel there is something more to give and something more to receive. That is the truth inside of them beginning to stir. And many of you have experienced this as well.

As the truth emerges, your soul begins to magnetically draw toward you certain experiences that allow you to pursue that particular avenue. Sometimes the person is afraid to follow that, but the soul will still bring those situations: perhaps the person is retrenched, or the company goes bankrupt and everybody is laid off. What then? Or your position is now having to be filled by somebody who is younger, more innovative, and now you are 55 or 60 and you find yourself without work. Is this a disaster? No it is not - it is the opportunity to connect with your truth, to tap into that wealth of wisdom inside you. It is the opportunity to find your creative side. Now you do not have to be 55 or 60 to do this. You can do it right now, simply by deciding to follow your truth. And if you do not know what to follow then you are to decide to discover your truth. The truth is that passion that feeds you, that stimulates you, that inspires you, and many people are being pushed into positions of awakening their latent creative talents in order to survive. The truth of life is this - the only thing that is guaranteed is change.

Another truth of life is that you will always be challenged with something. However, your ability to deal with the truth of your circumstances determines how long and how intense the challenge will be. Challenges are there to assist you as a soul to grow and evolve. If your time of experiencing challenges are up, then I will see you later in the 12th dimension and we will have some tea. Thank you.

However, even my energy as an ascended being still faces challenges. There are worlds upon worlds of experience that I too am aspiring to. Nothing ever ceases in its creation and no experience ever comes to an end. Because everything that you experience is a manifestation of the creative force of God, and as long as you are experiencing and growing, so is God, because God experiences himself/herself through you and you experience yourself through aligning yourself with the divine plan of God - which is one with the divine plan of your soul. Therefore nothing ever comes to an end. That it is your understanding of these truths that will support you or debilitate you. Now we need to add here that along with truth one needs to understand deception, deceit, betrayal, lies - whatever you want to call it. When a person chooses consciously or unconsciously to be motivated by darkness, which is simply ignorance, or the lack of knowledge, they often experience deception. All of you in truth are experiencing some form of deception because your experience is an illusion to an extent, and as you transform your life so the illusion that you originally thought was your security and what was your truth shatters, and then you move on to the next level of your truth.

The next phase of your journey is acknowledging that truth is always changing - yours and others -and your truth may not necessarily resonate with another person's truth. That is also something very important to remember. When one has experienced darkness and deceit, then one can value power and the necessity for truth. Any one of you in this room who have ever been lied to or who have ever been deceived will feel the anger in your heart when you find out that someone has misled you. You have a desire and natural need to experience truth, but fear initiates a process of deception. Fear will stop a person from experiencing love, because perhaps they have been betrayed before, and that betrayal left such a deep wound that they will not move beyond that particular fear, and so the true love can not be revealed to that person because they are still trapped in the illusion of betrayal. The person who is afraid to move beyond their belief systems is living in denial, living in fear; therefore they cannot experience the wealth of wisdom and knowledge available to them, and so they live in darkness. And their perception of truth is limited and what they share with others is also limited. This is why many of the teachings of the masters and of the many enlightened souls of this world and of our world ask you to have an open mind, to open your heart. To move beyond the limitation of your present experience because everything is in the process of perpetual creation. Many people fear the truth itself because they believe the consequence of the truth is too intense to work through, because they do not believe themselves to be strong enough to carry that truth through. All of you are capable of carrying the greatest truth to another person's heart. You need to believe it.

There was a story that this channel read recently that we would like to share with you. It is a story of some frogs - little frogs that had to climb a very tall tower - let us make it a really big one and say the Eiffel Tower. Yes, imagine tiny little frogs having to climb the Eiffel Tower, and people came in their droves to watch these tiny little frogs climb this tower, and everybody was shouting - it is impossible - these little frogs cannot climb the Eiffel Tower; never in a month of Sundays will it be possible. But the little frogs began and with all their might they tried to climb and even more people gathered together, shouting and chanting that it was impossible. And some of the frogs fell down but a few of the frogs carried on and as the crowd fed that energy that it was impossible, more and more frogs fell off. But there was one little frog that kept on going and even though the crowds gathered in their hundreds of thousands shouting the same thing this little frog went all the way to the top. He reached the top of the Eiffel Tower. When he reached there everybody wanted to know from the other frogs how they thought he did it. And one frog who was that frog's friend came forward and said - he's deaf. So all of you be deaf to people's projections and words of their fear, because that fear might be their truth but it is certainly not yours. Every single person experiences every single experience differently; therefore you cannot live your life according to another person's truth. There are similar goals and visions but never one identical truth between two people - because you are unique creatures. Is this all clear to you?

Now in order to further understand truth, one needs to understand what truth does for you. First of all it brings peace to your heart, mind, body and spirit. It begins to emanate a vibration of serenity, and even in the face of challenge, this peace and serenity is still at one with you, because you get to the point of understanding that the truth of what you need will always manifest itself, in its divine time and in your divine time - and that is another truth that one needs to know. All of you set in motion a specific plan prior to this incarnation, and that incarnation holds a specific truth that no one besides your soul can change. This is known as your divine purpose, or your blueprint. That is your unique divine truth.

When you understand what that truth is, you find that a kind of flow begins to manifest itself, and this flow teaches you even more truths about yourself. You begin to discover certain strengths that you were not aware of, perhaps even talents that you did not know that you had. You begin to learn truths about other people, because you are not living in an unconscious state. Knowing your truth brings you into a consciousness state of actively participating in your life. Denying is an unconscious existence; therefore to know your truth is to choose to consciously participate in the game of life. Remember it is a game - "truth or dare", yes? Truth allows you to know exactly where you are going - even if you don't always know how, at least you know you are heading in a direction that feels right for you. When you feel something to be right in your heart and you honour that feeling and you act on it, you are acknowledging the truth of your soul, and you are acting upon it. Every time you do this, you are acting on your truth. So perhaps it would be a good time for you to think back to an instant when you have done this and let this be a reminder of the feeling of honouring your truth. When you are truthful with another person, you are allowing them to respond to the natural process called the cycles of life - which allows you to also respond to this. So for instance, if you are in a relationship that in truth is not wonderful, would you sit down and be brutally honest with yourself, and you realise that the reasons you are remaining in this relationship is not for your highest will: perhaps the fear of lack of support, or the fear of being alone is keeping you in the relationship.

By your not honouring this truth, not only are you limiting yourself but you are limiting the other person. Because the both of you are simply existing in an experience that is disconnecting you from the presence of your soul. And by disconnecting we mean that you beginning to lose touch with the powerful presence of your soul they are lost, they do not know who they are or where they are going and they need to find themselves. This is because they have lost touch with their truth. When you are honest with yourself and you are courageous enough to honour that truth and you impart this truth to your partner, you are giving yourself and him or her one of the greatest gifts of life. Because you are giving yourself and your partner the opportunity to find your truths. That short-term discomfort and fear of revealing the truth is far better than experiencing the long-term discomfort and pain of living in an illusion for the rest of your life, or even for another day.

The spirit weakens when a person is in denial of their truth. Sometimes your soul comes along and knocks you on the back of your head, or gives you a kick in the pants, and you think to yourself - I need to change my life - but after a few weeks you are back to normal, there is no more time for this. Is this clear to all of you? Truth is about honouring God inside of yourself and honouring God inside of every single other person. Without the truth there cannot be trust, and that is the next lesson when we see you again. Therefore we ask those of you present who wish to work with the teachings that we bring, to take the time now to until we see you again to truly look at your life, look at your belief systems, and ask yourself - do I really believe this? Ask yourself - do I really like to wear red clothes, or was that a projection from someone else? Simple things as such as clothing are very important - the way you wear your hair, the way you tie your shoes, the way you set your table prior to eating. Is that truly the way you want it or do you do it because that is the way you are programmed? In order to transform your life you need to know what to transform, and you need to know what your truth is. And even if you do not know what that truth is, the truth is that something needs to change, and by setting the intention to change it you are already setting in motion the vehicle of discovering that truth. Your fears, your phobias are .. destructive patterns that have manifested in your life - why? What happened to initiate that? Your belief systems about money, about your sexuality, about what you deserve: all of this is coloured by your environment. You need to discover what your truth is. Is this clear to all of you? Now we would like to open the floor for questions if there are any.

Q: I think that we understand that our purpose on this earth is to reach our highest truth, and the highest truth is perfect love. Now in reference to what you said about relationships ... in order to honour that highest truth and to honour that perfect love, and yet we know that, that's not right, there is something wrong with that relationship and yet we are honouring the truth of perfect love and the truth of accepting and understanding the other person. But which path should one take? To break a relationship because it is not true to you or honour perfect love which is the highest ...

K: Well, let us ask you a question as well, then. If you were in a relationship that did not feed your soul, do you believe that you can be offering the person whom you live with the opportunity to evolve and ascend to finding a perfect life?

Q: Yes, because I believe that all people work out perfectly and perhaps it's a phase that the relationship is going through . is that not the highest truth?

K: But how many people boast that truth? How many people are in relationships living past each other, not even communicating with each other? That is not supporting the process of manifesting the highest levels of truth. Our perspective is this: if you are in a relationship with a person and you feel you have given as much as you can give and your heart and soul is not in the relationship anymore, you need to let the other person know this. If then those parties are willing to work together to take the relationship to the next level this is supporting, but if those parties do not see that the relationship is going anywhere, they are not supporting each other in ascending and aspiring towards perfect love because they are destroying each other. So rather acknowledge that they are not supporting each other's path and honour and acknowledge that the end has come, and rather part ways amicably, honouring each other's truth and allowing each other the space to connect with the next level of love - be it with another person in order to further ascend the spiral to perfect love. Because in relationships, karma is also being worked through, and in this specific age of awakening and enlightenment many souls have chosen to work through a number of karmic relationships because this is the time of accelerated growth - hence the high divorce rates, you understand? So it is important that partners communicate and be truthful with one another, and on many occasions, the partners - through communication - can resolve the issue and take the relationship to the next level. But if there is nothing there, there is no use in beating a dead horse and prolonging the pain and torture. The other aspect of this is to also be aware of the children who are in this relationship, because children learn through observing their environment and children learn about relationships by seeing what goes on in their home, by their parents. And by seeing no communication, and hostility between the parents, they are being shown a very incompl
nction then manifests in further dysfunction in society as they become adults. Is this clear? Is there anything further that you would like to discuss regarding this matter?

Q: If one from a higher consciousness realises that they . perhaps a karma or perhaps some kind of genetic dysfunction should . accept that person with the view of achieving a higher . future ...

K: If that is what the person truly feels in the depth of their heart to be their truth, then yes, by all means they have to follow this. This is why we tell you that a person needs to know what their truth is, and if it doesn't feel right to leave your partner then we are not suggesting that the person must. We are saying if you are living in denial you are not honouring your truth. You understand? Does this answer your question completely?

Q: Lord Kuthumi, I would like to ask a question on a personal basis. I want to know if I should go into a business venture with someone I am currently involved with?

K: What is the truth in your heart?

Q: Of that I am not quite sure ..

K: Perhaps this is then what you need to discover. Beloved one, I am not known as the Master Teacher for nothing. What I would like for you to do, is to take some time to sit in stillness and to write down everything that you feel in your heart. Place your hand - your left hand - over your heart, and imagine all your consciousness focused over your heart centre, and write from the heart. Then take your hand and place it on your solar plexus and shift your consciousness to your solar plexus, and write from your solar plexus. Emotion, fear, illusion and distortion are usually projected from your solar plexus because it is the seat of the emotions. The heart is the seat of feeling, and there is a marked difference between emotion and feeling. When you have written down both with regards to this specific matter you are asking yourself, you will be able to see very clearly what is causing conflict or distortion, or what is clouding your ability to know what the truth is regarding this business venture. We ask you to try this first, and if after three days still nothing has happened, you can ask me the question again. Is this clear? You are most welcome.

Q: Inaudible

K: Beloved one, the truth is that one never stops forgiving. However, one has to set boundaries in place. So you forgive once and you set certain boundaries. You forgive again, and that boundary has been disrespected. And then you forgive a third time and the person who is breaking the rules loses all respect for your boundaries. So we would say, beloved one, you only allow the boundary to be overstepped once and then another solution, another way, needs to be found. Do you understand the difference? So my suggestion to you is to determine what boundaries need to be implemented for you to respect yourself, to the extent that you will not allow the persons to dishonour that or overstep it. By being true to yourself and honouring those boundaries, you are teaching the person who is constantly breaking that rule - you are teaching them how to respect themselves. For if there is a person who constantly oversteps boundaries or disregards people's need for respect, they do this because they do not respect themselves - they do not know how to do it, so this is where you are teacher, you understand? Sometimes one needs to be cruel in order to be kind, and this is where the saying comes from. Set a boundary. Insist that that boundary be honoured and you are still loving that person, forgiving them for what they are doing, for what they have done - but you insist that they honour what you want. Is this clear? It supports you? Anything further with regards to this matter? Beloved one, this particular process is very important because it stems back to your childhood, where your truth was not honoured or accepted, or not allowed to be expressed in your environment, either at home or in your school environment. And one of your lessons at this time is to set boundaries, in order to develop a more grounded sense of self-love, but you are also then teaching others how to do the same, is this clear? You are welcome. Anything further?

Q: Lord Kuthumi, another question I would like to ask. Recently I had a business dealing with a very big DIY hardware company that has reneged on the business which has resulted in a huge amount of cancellations for my business and it is affecting my business to a degree. Should I take legal action against this company?

K: We would suggest that you speak to someone who is in the know with regards to what it involves for you to take legal action and what your chances are, do you understand? And we would also say to you that you need to stand your ground. Even if it does not mean taking them to court - you still need to stand your ground. It is also about setting boundaries. Be firm and true to yourself because the truth of the matter needs to be honoured.

Q: With regard to my son - he is ill gain and we have tried everything to try and help him. It just seems to go on and on.

K: What exactly is the problem?

Q: He has a post-nasal drip. For about 31/2 weeks ... (question not audible)

K: First of all you need to allow his body to do what it is doing at the moment. Give it permission to do what it requires, and in so doing you will begin to still the fear inside of yourself. Very often when the parents are fearful that energy is projected onto their children and naturally their energy reacts to that, you understand? It is like a parent telling a child: be careful - you will fall. and then they fall, you understand? And then what we would suggest is that you begin to work with a system. It is called the Medical Assistance Programme. It is a MAP team. Start teaching your son how to work with his MAP team. He needs to work with it consciously himself as well. By him connecting with this, he is, or you at least are assisting him in empowering himself to work with his body. The body reacts (tape ends).. And yes he has chosen many issues to work through in this lifetime; the path of it is to allow him to be. He is not going to leave you again, you understand? Allow him to be his truth. His truth at the moment is that his body is experiencing what it is experiencing. By allowing it to be that truth and you let go and surrender, the dynamic changes, you understand? Try this and let us know how it works, and we would also assist you in setting up a specific crystalline grid to place in your son's room when we are with you next time to also help to balance the frequencies of energy that flow through the magnetic grid of his energy that extends through to his .. body, is this clear? Anything further?

Q: (inaudible)

K: Allopathic and homeopathic medication at this time are in a process of bridging. By this we mean that sometimes they need to be used hand in hand because the body, the human body at this particular point in time, is not at its optimum strength. Therefore if the patient requires allopathic medication at this time then by all means give it. Bless the medication, bless his body and set the intention that they work together harmoniously to bring him into his wellbeing.

Q: (inaudible)

K: Yes, it would work. You could also give him a quartz crystal or a blue crystal with the smoothed edge to rub between the eyes at the bridge of the nose, to rub into the corners of his eyes, underneath the eyebrows, and to imagine all the energy clearing from this place. Do you understand? Is that it? Very well, blessings be with you.

Q: (inaudible)

K: Beloved one, first of all, you need to acknowledge the truth of the matter, and that you are angry and that is OK, you understand? We would then suggest that you work with someone who is au fait with anger issues, or an anger therapist. Your inner child consciousness needs the space to release this in order for you to access the next level of your individual truth. Now this is a wonderful example of how one's truth or various levels of one's truth becomes untouchable, because it is buried under layers of anger, fear, shame, blame, guilt or whatever it is, and in order to penetrate those levels of truth, those layers need to be shifted. So if you would like to ask me what to do next, I say to you get yourself in with a therapist who works with anger therapy that can take you with this. Perhaps you will need weekly sessions initially, but do this. You will find yourself feeling immensely liberated as your inner child is able to express what she has wanted to say for a very long time. Is this clear? Perhaps, you would feel comfortable with Sister Gail - you know whom we are speaking of? Very well. Does this answer your question?

(comment not audible)

K: How do you want to deal with her? Then don't. You have to honour your truth - this is what the feeling is all about. It is about truth and your truth right now is that you do not want to be in her company, and it is not up to you to protect her by compromising your truth and by being in her company to make her happy. She is a grown woman. She is adult enough to accept the fact that you are in a space where you want to be alone, and she needs to learn to respect this. So this is your first lesson in honouring your truth. Is this clear?

(comment not audible)

K: So are you going to continue to compromise your truth in order to keep her happy, to nurture her, to mother her? When are you going to do this for yourself? But is a word that should actually be called "pause" because whenever somebody says "but" we switch the pause button on and everything stagnates, you understand? "I am afraid to tell my mother that I do not want to be around her and I am terrified of looking at my own anger", you understand? Is that the truth of what you are presently feeling? Now you start to accept that and you will find that the truth will set you free. It is not our intention to be harsh with people. I am simply showing you the truth, that "I can still love you without ...." Yes, blessings be with you.

Q: (inaudible)

K: What would you like us to hit you with - a cricket bat or a baseball bat? (laughter covers Kuthumi's comments) Be careful the next time you have to walk underneath something. Make sure you duck and you do not hit yourself on the head, do you understand? Do you feel this to be your truth, your teaching, your calling? Then honour it and follow it; it will not let you down. And that, beloved ones, I would like to add in here. The truth will never let you down. It may take you along paths that you did not exp

Q: Can you tell me about the angel Soltec? How can we communicate further?

K: The angel Soltec at this time is responsible for grounding the science of Love. The science of Love is all about understanding how light meets light and how light reflects light. It is turning darkness into light and not having the opposite of light and dark. It is about light and light, truth and truth, you understand? The angel Soltec is also a commander, a lord of Love, and vibrates also on a magenta ray of truth and love. This particular being is responsible for awakening all of humanity's heart to the science of Love, of truly understanding what it means to love. And he is also responsible at this time for shattering the matrix of conditional love and the shattering of the matrix of fear, which will shatter itself on 8th August and in its place the new template which is the Sun Chakra grounds. Lord Soltec is the being responsible for activating the Sun Chakra which has been dormant for the past 26 000 years. For those of you who have not had any information on the Sun Chakra, this is the Chakra - we will say "new" chakra - that sits between the base chakra and the sacral chakra. It is the true seat of creativity. It became dormant 26 000 years ago because humanity abused the power of creativity and therefore it was agreed that this would shut down for a cycle until humans understood the concept of love and could begin to use it again. Now last year we worked with 6th dimensional energy, and the 6th dimension is all about the fluid energy of love, and Lord Soltec gave many teachings around that last year. The fluid energy of love flows into absolutely every nook and cranny of the psyche of the being so that the soul can lead. It was the lesson of the ego relinquishing control to the soul, and that was another one of Lord Soltec's roles. One can connect with Lord Soltec simply by setting that intention in the heart to connect with him, just like you would with Master Jesus, God or Maitreya or whomever it is that you are affiliated to, and you can trust that that consciousness will merge with
this clear? Anything further?

Q: (inaudible)

K: People will experience a deeper connection with their creative self. Those who have denied their creativity will go through the process of awakening and release, in order to understand what their creative spark is. One of the reasons people are so depressed, and why many have even taken their own lives, is because that divine spark of creativity has faded to such a point that inside of them it feels as if it is non-existent. The Sun Chakra aligns every body's energy with the central sun; this projects even more energy to the lower chakras in order to support individuals to understand the higher meaning of the lower chakras. At this time in your society the lower chakras' vibrations are running riot and wreaking havoc. And the Sun chakra helps one to understand the science of love that is born through the sacred acts of love-making. The Sun chakra teaches the science of creativity through tapping into divine inspiration and opening one's heart to be a divine instrument of creativity. And through doing this, more and more people will feel empowered enough to take up their sword of truth and live their lives according to their truth. More and more people will feel safe in sustaining their lives by becoming entrepreneurs, by taking their gifts and their talents and leading their lives according to that truth. So you could also say that the 8th of August re-activating of the Sun Chakra for the planet again after 26 000 years is also grounding the template of divine truth. So it is about pulling down the veils of denial, of distortion and illusion, and revealing the truth of what matters most to the heart. And to also perhaps even reveal the truth of matter and how what you have come to believe as being matter is illusion, as a matter of fact. Do you understand?

Q: This is amazing. So from the 8th of August every single being is going to have 8 chakras?

K: They already have, yes?

Q: But only 7 active - but we only know of 7. Is this going to change the medical fraternity?

K: It will. We know of a physical person who in recent energy work connected with their 8th chakra. No - in actual fact it's not the 8th - the 8th chakra is above the head. The chakra that is the sun chakra - we will calculate the numbers for you shortly. This person activated the sun chakra and was hospitalised with the pain. The doctors could not diagnose anything and as fast as the pain came eventually the pain left, and there was absolutely no medical diagnosis of it. However, she knew that it was the sun chakra once she had been explained as to where exactly it was, and in her heart she believed this was the case. Now if you look at the body there are seven major chakras, which work with governing the organs of the body. There are also chakras on the palms of the hands, and on the souls of the feet; the tips of the fingers each have a chakra, the nipples of both men and women are chakra points, the tip of the penis for males is a chakra point and the clitoris in females is a chakra point. The knees also and the elbows are chakra points. There are another 24 chakra points that hover between 6 and 12 inches above the body that are known as the star chakras. There are another 48 that are in the energy field, that link what we would call the major earth chakras to what we call the star chakras. Now the children - the new ones that have been coming in recently who have been labelled "indigos" and "crystals" and "golden" children have the majority of these chakras active, which is why they appear to be so different. There are also 27 chakra points on each cheek, and there are 144 chakra points on the head. Besides the crown chakra, the ears also have 33 chakra points each starting at the lobe of the ear, moving to the top and inside of the ear; the tip of the nose is a chakra point. They are chakra points; they allow energy to be released, and draw energy in, in order to maintain balance in the body's energy fields on all levels. A pressure point is a point that releases energy - it does not integny more that we will not go into - we do not want to confuse people's brains too much this evening. Is this clear to you?

Q: So on the 8th of August, on a day-to-day basis, how is the quality of life going to change? Is it an evolutionary process - surely it is not just a . you can wake up one day different to when you went to sleep last night?

K: No. However, there will be a change in the energy that is being fed to the Earth, and there is a change as to how people's energies will begin to respond to their environment and other kingdoms of consciousness. It will be measurable if you are willing to work with certain people who agree to being a case study - you can measure this, but like everything in evolution it is a gradual process, slowly but surely, you understand?

Q: I just want to find out if it is correct to allow him to take control fully ...

K: Yes, we would suggest that you do this - it is also a process of empowerment for you. It's an opportunity to discover your own truth, so go ahead. Does it feel that it is the truth for you?

- Very much.

K: Then you must honour this. Everything boils down to being your truth. If it does not feel like it, then don't do it - if it does, then do it. And the truth is always felt in the heart; the ego's feeling come from the solar plexus.

Q: (inaudible)

K: Beloved one, this is very similar to transmission meditation and transmission teachings, where certain beings of higher consciousness and higher consciousnesses project energy through vehicles of light - channels such as yourself, to bring further understanding and upliftment to society and to individuals. Therefore, again, we would suggest that you honour the truth of what you feel . do not . and which will also support your own personal development and growth. Is this clear? Now if you had to sound Isis backwards, what do you get? "Si, Si: - it is the Italian "yes, yes" and perhaps it is also to look, look,(see,see) yes? You see. Anything further? You are welcome, blessings be with you.

Q: (inaudible)

K: We would suggest that for now you drop everything. Drop your fear, drop your worry and simply take the day off if you can. Take the day off from your life and just be. Do something totally different to what you normally do, even if it means going to sit in a park for the whole day with a book. This is necessary in order to allow the soul to once again connect with the ego. When the ego becomes trapped in fear it is very difficult for the soul to project truth through to the physical consciousness, and this is what you are experiencing. We would also suggest that through this time you find some sort of creative release, a hobby of some sort, whether it be gardening, or cooking, or painting or sculpting. When you do this you move into an altered state of consciousness and this is a form of meditation, and in that particular state your soul gets to you. Spirit is able to speak to you - is this clear? This is a necessary project for you because it will teach you how to deal with the crossroads of your life and how to deal with the stresses and strains of life in your future. When you have done this for a day or three, you will find that you feel different. Then set the intention that your soul presents you with the next step that you need to take that will align your life on all levels with your divine plan. And then let it be. But it is very important to take the necessary time out, and to be creative. Is this clear to you? Blessings with you. We will take two more questions.

Q: Lord Kuthumi, going back to the 8th of August, and going back to our previous discussion, as you know I am a ..... Now on the 8th of August you have just expressed that there will be a coming of truth and love with the 8th chakra. Does that mean that part of the stress of the world is that people have to defend themselves from their fears ...... So on the 8th of August am I going to be part of helping people in part of my mission of love? How can I help them? Is it my path to help them to discover their love energy from 8th August onwards? How shall I change my therapy in order to motivate this fact in order to work with this truth?

K: First of all, yes - that is the reason why, as you have said, the world is a cold and barren place quote unquote, and many people have forgotten what love is. Now on the 8th of August your life will still be pretty much the same as it is right now. However, you will begin to gravitate towards a new way of working with people. So you can put the intention out or the word out that you can assist people in reconnecting with love in their life, you understand? A person who is stressed is not feeling loved. So the way that your practice will change eventually is that you will be looking at the connection between stress and love, and what stress does to hinder the experience of love. That is why we said your life will not change that much on 8th August, you understand? We are not wanting to paint pictures that are unrealistic - this will soon cause disillusionment, but know that there will certainly be a new trend that develops itself in the types of people that you are dealing with. This answers your question?

Q: (not audible)

K: There has been great distortion around sex as an energy. Many people are ashamed of it, or afraid of it, or obsessed by it, or tortured by it. People need to understand that the body has certain feeling sensations and the sensations that one experiences in having sexual intimacy with another person is not wrong. It was meant to be enjoyed - it is a gift to humanity. It is in telling a person and humanity that it is alright to enjoy what the body can experience. Without dragging on for too long, let us say that many of the teachings, especially religious and spiritual teachings, have also created a warped image around sexuality. People have been manipulated by sex, people have been hurt by sex, and this is where the distortion has emerged. That the experience of success in a loving relationship, the sacred act not only for procreation but to enjoy one another's bodies is one of the most powerful body alignments that anyone can experience. It is the release of energy that does look like a fireworks display at the point of reaching a climax, and this allows the energy to expand dramatically and, as we said, brings the body into alignment. And in a way you can say that this has been a very clever act of keeping people disconnected from their ability and the power of creativity, because sex - the sexual act - is a creative force. It is the power stored within the base chakra for men and in the sacral chakra for women to create, to procreate, not only more human bodies, but many other things. And it is the understanding of sex, sexuality, and its expression that needs to be brought into families so that the science of love can also be understood. Is this clear?

Q: So how is this energy going to change the way we are going to work?

K: Through the bringing in of the sun chakra, more and more people will begin to search within themselves for the understanding of what it means to be a creative being, and that natural search will take them into processes of having to deal with every warped sense around their sexuality. - past issues of abuse in this lifetime and others. It will also force people into accepting the fact that it is a natural part of the process. And when we say "force people" we are speaking of those communities and sects and groups who regularly teach that sex is dirty and is not to be practised, let alone enjoyed, unless you are making babies, you understand?

Q: What about those who live in fear of AIDS and sin, and how are we going help them?

K: Beloved one, one at a time, a day at a time. It is not going to change overnight. For each person who comes to you will be dealt with holistically at that point. It is a process of educating people - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The more people who become comfortable with their sexuality, the more it will spread. Is this clear? You are most welcome. One more question, beloved ones.

Q: ... regarding the leopard and the lion and the sun chakra ... (not clear).

K: Yes, it is. Anything else?

And so it is, beloved ones, that our message in conclusion to all of you this evening is to honour your truth. Honouring your truth means setting boundaries, allowing yourself to be who you are. Accepting yourself, loving yourself. It is about sitting with yourself and with God and allowing the truth to reveal itself to you. For most .. fans life, they have sat with their back against the door of truth trying with all their might to keep that door shut. It will not remain shut any longer. When you feel this quality in your heart every time you ask yourself - who am I?. Every time you ask God - what do you want from me? and - why am I here? This is truth banging upon the door of your heart. Let it in and set yourself free. By living your truth, you show others how to accept and embrace and live their truth, and eventually it will be the hundredth-monkey effect, you understand? One man can change the world by being his truth, by walking her talk, not ever adopting another person's fear and by being the deaf little froggy. I am Kuthumi, the Lord of Love and Wisdom, and may all of you be blessed with the divine will, strength and the courage and the wisdom and the will sworn to tell the truth, and may all always be well with the world. Adonai.