Commander Korton Toltec - Star Knowledge & Direct Divine Intervention
06-28-2004 - 7:20AM PST
Received by Henry David Stites (

Greetings Beloveds in the Light Most Radiant! I bring you smiles and love
from your family in the ships now around, and about, your planet Earth. We
are very active at this time, and are stepping-up our measures to contact
humanity and enlighten the race.

I AM Commander Korton Toltec, greeting you a second time through this one.
Some may wonder why I have come, why this "Korton"? Who is he? We of the
Command *thank you* for asking these questions! Please question us! Please
use your discernment and accept only what resonates to you. Some are not
meant to do what others are meant to do, so a completely valid message may
be totally incongruent to what you are led to do, but not so for another.
If you of Earth can all honor each other's choices and respect positions on
the path, there really need be no problem here.

Truth Stands. Truth Remains. You shall find the Great Light! It alone
survives all transitory manifestation.

I Korton come through this one because I am the one he is most receptive to
in the Ashtar Command, besides Beloved Lord Ashtar. Ashtar is not only Head
Commander of the Command, but a spiritual arch-angelic being. He is a
Council member for this Universe of Nebadon, and a great Light for your
galaxy and many others. This is why so many can reach him (and his Twin
Flame Athena-Ashtar), because he is not just a Star Brother but an elder
spirit of immense proportion (spiritually).

This one is most receptive to me next, for I am his dear friend beyond
present incarnation, and I am the one overseeing him from my position in the
Ashtar Command. We have so many starships and commanders just in the
Command, not to speak of the Galactic Federation, that every Lightworker on
Earth is watched over personally by we of the Star Brother/Sisterhood. We
pray this revelation (not new to many here) will inspire the opposite of
fear, which many with affected knowledge about UFOs and ETs would feel. We
are not the negative Grays! We are not the negative Reptilians! Do we have
grays and reptilians in the Federation? Yes! In the Ashtar Command? Yes!
These ones are not, we repeat, not the negative ones - and you can see this
clearly by the light in their eyes, radiating from the same heart as you
have, unified with their Higher Selves as is your sacred goal.

And these are just your names for them, Beloveds. Their races have long and
colorful histories just as your Earth Human race does. They have their
highs, their lows, their amazing triumphs and humbling mis-steps. They are
one with you Beloveds, and that is one reason factions of their races have
been so involved with Earth and Humanity. You are connected, and it is your
destiny to come back together as one in love and compassion. It is only a
small contingency of Grays and Reptilians whom are negative, just as it is
for humanity on Earth. But that small contingency gets most of the press,
so to speak, just as you usually only see the bad on your controlled news
media. Not only does this speak of the tendency of those on Earth to focus
on the bad and forget about the good, but it also shows how the Illuminati
hope to use your fear and judgement of the negative to imprison you, in
fear, in short-sighted judgement about races more complex than many are
presently capable of understanding.

There is an amazing, huge, multi-layered and multi-dimensional story to your
race, planet, galaxy and universe. You would do well to educate yourself
about the Orion Wars, the histories of various Star-races, and the
complexities of the Heavenly Hierarchy. Of course, the Truth of Love, Light
and Oneness is as simple as a child's prayer, but the intricacy of how The
Creation is structured is just what re-awakening Gods and Goddesses need at
this time, for Earth Humanity has graduated from 3D school! You are in that
transition and acceleration now, and though you may be impatient to see
these changes manifest in a concrete way that all on Earth can see, know
that MASSIVE changes on the higher dimensions are taking place, as well as
on the 3rd.

I shall make a bold statement, and one which we of the Command and
Federation make with the humble pride of the Victorious Christ. And that is
that we could "throw the switch NOW", but we do not because we see it is
better in our interests to wait for the karma of man to be sorted out to our
advantage. When I say "our" advantage, I mean to the advantage of all
Good-hearted Beings of Light in all galaxies and universes. We of the
Command and Federation have been shown this by the Divine Creator, and we
follow His/Her lead in this as in all things.

It is to our advantage, yours and mine Beloved, for we of Higher Dimension
to not directly intervene yet, for your calling us in is doing more than us
forcing ourselves upon you could ever do. As I said in my first
communication to you, the transformation of the consciousness of man is THE
first priority. You must be allowed to do this on your own time and
free-will, which is in Truth the Creator's perfect schedule. Have faith in
the Creator, in the Divine Plan, and in mankind and your star family. We
are winning, can you not see? We wait because it is to our advantage. We
wish to intervene in a most dramatic way, but now is not the time for that.

Why do I focus on this point now? Because many of you Ashtar Commanders on
the ground, and enlightened angles who remember Higher Worlds, are
frustrated that we do not show up and do something. Some things to
remember: 1) We HAVE shown up! 2) We ARE doing something! and 3) You are the
mid-point between what we would like to do and what we are allowed by the
energies of the NOW and Creation to do. If you feel you are doing all you
can and why do we still not intervene, then we say that it is time for you
to spread the word about what you know and do for the Light. The majority
of Earth must be re-awakened before more actions can occur. More awaken
every half-moment, Beloveds. It is exponential now. You have been
incredibly successful to this point, and you are continuing on and it shall
not be long until that bright new day breaks for the eyes of all on Earth to

That is the grand plan Beloveds, and it WILL happen and IS happening NOW!
But as in ages past, the drag on the progress is the stagnant energy of
darkness infecting the mind and heart of mankind.

You can see how praying for your fellow man's enlightenment and happiness
makes all the difference now.

Beloved One, We Love You. Never forget the multitudinous help available to
you behind the thin membrane of the veil over your Blazing Galactic Christ
Consciousness. I am Korton Toltec, sovereign Commander, lighting the way as
an example to all ready for the next step in their mastership of all things
of the 3D Earth. The difference between me and you Beloved is that I
remember who I am. Allow me to awaken you to YOU, Commander!

In Light I AM Always of Service Unto You.