Hi, this is the Jennifer Lee report for November 2nd.

Good Sunday everyone!

Today is VERY QUIET! We have not heard one single 'peep' so far. This tells us that many things are going on. This pause seems to be a time for us to be prayerful, to quiet our minds and to 'go inside' for contemplation and rejuvenation, in preparation for this week's passing through this initiation which was started on October 30th, and will end on November 19th. This morning on Transitions Radio Show--this was reflected in a crystal clear way. Today is the birthday of our friend Elizabeth Rose. We wish her a wonderful Happy Birthday! It is very interesting to note that the 'ROSE' is a symbol of Beloved Mother Mary and stands for DIVINE LOVE in the form of The Divine Feminine. Mother Mary is also known as Lady Master Nada, Twin Flame of Beloved Lord Sananda Kumara. We know her as the Lady Master of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn, or 'The Postal Lady' [we call her]. It is Lady Master Nada's special mission at this time to be the 'Protectress' of FREEDOM'S HOLY FLAME on this planet, especially for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And so we celebrate the divine energy of THE ROSE today! As we pass through these 10 days that are leading us toward the 'Water Initiation of the Divine Feminine' on November 8th and 9th, we wish to remind everyone how important it is to use the energies and frequencies of DIVINE LOVE, especially through the element of WATER. So when WE go in nature--seek out the flowing waters, a stream or a lake, or the ocean, and take a moment to 'drink it all in', and feel its power to purify us in every way. Our bodies are composed of 98% water, and the element of water spiritually represents our 'feeling body' which is the doorway that connects us to our SOUL body. It is through our ability to 'sense and feel' that we are able to connect to the SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS and to all living things. It is through the heart that we find DIVINE LOVE, which is the GATEWAY TO THE DIVINE! This most certainly is a time for great purification, not only of the waters on this planet, but also the waters of our bodies, emotions, minds and spirit. So it is time to drink a whole lot of water---at least a gallon a day, especially of good 'activated' water, and to take healing baths. Time to get in the natural 'Hot Springs' as well. If you would like to learn about how to activate water go to www.twilightamerican.com to read about 'Prill Beads' which makes 'Prill water'. .The Muslim holiday of RAMADAN has started in middle eastern countries and will last for one month. This is one of their most sacred times which consists of prayer and purification as well as celebration. Each day there is prayer and fasting for 2 meals--and then, as evening falls the fast is broken, with family and friends gathering around a lovely meal with lots of celebration. We are also being ask in our own way, to find the SACRED during this special time period. As we approach NESARA'S forthcoming ANNOUNCEMENT, which will be happening during 'this window', we see that all of this is falling right 'in-sync' with the 20 days of this 'Initiation of the DIVINE FEMININE' reaching its full crescendo on November 8-9th and then completing on the 19th. We will NEVER BE THE SAME after these events. There is NO TURNING BACK NOW! We have this opportunity to make this 'a very special time' by finding ways in our own lives to connect, and 'get into the flow' of these divine energies, and to USE IT to bring us ever closer to FULL CONSCIOUSNESS, to 'wholeness' as well as 'holiness'. Dear freinds---NESARA is about spiritual transformation as well as the physical transformation of how systems function our world. So let's find a way to nourish our spirts, emotions, bodies, and minds with these wonderful energies---in whatever sacred way we are guided. May we bring the purifying waters of THE ROSE---of DIVINE LOVE, THE DIVINE FEMININE into our lives, and may it flow from our hearts and bless us, and may it heal us and our world. The HOPE of this time is OUR AWARENESS. This is what this woman shared with us this morning who was on the radio show with our friend Elizabeth Rose. This is a great time to use all of these energies wisely--to help move us and our entire planet to that place of DIVINE LOVE. Let's remember that it is through THE WATER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT that we are BORN AGAIN! Oh my! We leave you with this quote from Senator Dennis Kuchinich "We can conceive of PEACE as not simply the absence of violence but the active presence of the capacity for a higher evolution of human awareness, of respect, trust, and integrity ... wherein we all may tap the infinite capabilities of humanity to transform consciousness and conditions that impel or compel violence at a personal, group, or national level toward creating understanding, compassion, and love." THIS IS WHAT NESARA STANDS FOR! NESARA YES! We love you all. See you on the Bridge! NAMASTE