Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

24th August, 2004

Greetings! We come before you today with more to tell you. At present, Mother Earth continues to react to the various geological and pollution problems imposed on her by your last cabal. Her magnetic and electrical fields continue to weaken, and her tectonic plates have also begun ever so slightly to alter their interaction with one another. Her diameter also is shrinking by miniscule amounts. These preparations on her part demonstrate her desire to move into full consciousness when you do. Many of your scientists are worried by these signs and believe that the planet is either ready to flip her poles or start a climatic cycle toward a new ice age. In fact, Mother Earth is bringing to a close, as gently as possible, the world (reality) that you have all known since birth. A secret and privileged minority controlled this planet, but this time is now at an end. Your destiny, and indeed your present experience, is no longer to be ruled by their manipulations. During this special period you will complete your transition into a glorious future.

Mother Earth's changes are also affecting your Moon and causing his orbit to shrink slightly. This is in preparation for this artificial satellite's return to the jurisdiction of the soon-to-be-reconstituted trans-Martian planet which we have renamed Bellona, after the Roman goddess of war. In anticipation of this reorganization, we have set up the future orbits of Mother Earth's two original Moons, which will be restored when she is permitted to become fully conscious once more. As you know, she is using this time to re-form her upper atmosphere. These transformations will create a series of deeper, ionized layers that will act as boosters for the special energies employed in maintaining and stabilizing her two firmaments. These will gather into two enormous cones at the poles that will allow vehicles and galactic energies to enter your inner realms. The planet's special crystalline core will absorb these energies, and vehicles will be directed to their designated spaceports in inner Earth.

These changes in your home planet are similarly affecting the rest of your solar system. As we explained in past messages, the grid around your solar system is controlled by Mother Sun, and she is now sending out the electromagnetic and gravitational waves needed for the extensive rebuilding of the system. Contrary to popular lore, this special yellow/white star is not aging any faster or slower than intended by the divine plan. The changes now taking place are part of a complex process to alter not only your solar system, but also the very nature of your galaxy who is herself preparing to shift into a globular configuration. This is simply part of this galaxy's natural life cycle. This maturing process affects each star and every element that is a part of her. The crucial component for this alteration is the galactic core. To understand this, it is important to consider so-called 'dark energy' and 'dark matter' as inter-dimensional Light and as essential accompanying inter-dimensional forces. These dark aspects have a cycle within them, called inter-dimensional Time. When appropriate, this internal cycle is activated by the divine plan.

The central core is constantly receiving energy messages both from physicality and the divine plan. These signals act to orient this galaxy on the many grids (which comprise the whole of physicality) and to define where it belongs in the divine time plan of the Creator. Divine Time is regulated by the divine plan, and from time to time these plans have been forecast in ancient calendars. Indeed, many highly accurate movements of distant stars and unseen planets have been included in the mathematics that the calendars are based on. Much of this math and the use of the 'golden section' have been lost. An example is the Mayan calendar that originated with Tehuti, the Anunnaki timekeeper, who bequeathed it to the ancestral tribes of the Mayan (the Olmec peoples). This calendar was not based on the movements of Mars and Venus, but on those of certain stars and planets in the Pleiades and within the multi-star system of Sirius.

The Pleiades and Sirius are the twin celestial overseers of this solar system which is why the Mayan and Egyptian calendars' New Year (like many other ancient calendars) begins on the helical rising of Sirius. This is when the star Sirius rises at dawn with the Sun. This moment was chosen to indicate the importance of Sirius in the establishment of humanity on Mother Earth. In like manner, a number of important yearly cycles began on the helical risings of certain fixed stars in the Pleiades. Again, this was done to pay homage to the important role the Pleiadeans played in bringing much needed knowledge to humanity's lost, but not forgotten, ancient civilizations. Thus, these calendars are not merely heavenly timepieces, but in fact reflect the venerable history of humanity on Mother Earth. This history can also assist you in better understanding your galaxy. Much more than merely electromagnetic and gravitational fields, she is a living Being.

This living Being is above all a vehicle filled with a multitude of life that is playing out an extensive cosmic drama. We have now reached a point where certain crucial elements in this drama are to change. These ancient calendars reflect these changes by delineating the physical movements of certain pivotal stars and the influence of dark energy and dark matter upon them. They are based upon foreseeable experiences and the emotions resulting from these experiences. Their goal is to inform you about the intertwining of your life with the great whole that is this galaxy and, finally, about the beauty that is Heaven. That is why these calendars seem greatly complex and foreign to you. Nevertheless, it is vital to know that Time is much more than a mere pacesetter, and that these calendars foretell not only the future, but also what is happening in the present.

Time is also the adjuster of space and, hence, the divine creator of physicality. The ancient Olmec and the ancestors of the Egyptian civilization both stressed this in their calendars. Also Tehuti, the Anunnaki in charge of calendars, time, and prophecy, emphasized these facts. He placed these elements into one of his greatest creations: the Great Pyramid of Giza. In his lifetime as Thoth, he constructed this massive monument to be, among many things, a predictor of many future events and to reflect and ratify the ancient calendar of Egypt as a written celestial mirror of these same events. The ancient Olmec were also given a similar calendar that was another, very accurate indicator of these coming events. Tehuti was showing humanity that its period of servitude had an ending and that a new golden era was destined to envelop them.

This connection between ancient monuments and ancient calendars can be found throughout your globe. When the Anunnaki were serving as your dark overlords, Heaven informed them that indicators of the eventual change from the rule by the dark to the return of the Light needed to be produced. The result was a series of calendars and stone buildings designed to leave these notices in full view of humanity. However, the way in which Tehuti and his family accomplished these tasks left some confusion as to their original meanings. Nevertheless, their intention was to inform humanity of its auspicious past and foretell its most glorious future. This was imparted to a few chosen adepts who wrote this mystery in the sacred literature of numerous ancient civilizations. This data is now being recovered and constitutes yet more proof of these sacred Truths.

Today, we have recounted how your glorious and inevitable destiny is preordained to appear in this moment of your history. We ask that you remain committed and focused upon using your great abilities to help us in these endeavors. Just know that a truly remarkable period in your history is starting to manifest its many miracles. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)